Director & Staff

Jim Krul

Executive Director

Jim Krul, an Oswego, NY native now residing in CT, has been an active flyfisherman and flytyer since taking his first trout on a dry fly in Barnhardt’s in 1975.

Since then, Jim has been exposed to every facet of the fly fishing community. A resource to many fly tying and fly fishing books, you will regularly find his articles in FlyTyer, Fly Fishing New England, and The Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide and other magazines. Associated with numerous fishing clubs and organizations, including an executive board member in The New York Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock, Jim has been an active member of the CFFCM and previously Interim Executive Director. As the previous owner of English Angling Trappings for over 20 years,  President of Flyfishing University and producer of The World of Flyfishing and The Arts of the Angler shows, he is also an industry consultant, provides fly tying and fly fishing clinics, escorted trips, and slide presentations. His fishing passion is the pursuit of wild brook trout on the dry fly, but he has been known to take advantage of any fly fishing opportunity offered to him.

Erin Phelan

Erin Phelan

Assistant Executive Director

Working at the Center has given her the ability to be at the center of the sport and she likes to say that she gets to work and play in fly-fishing. She has taught fly-fishing, fly-tying, and entomology programs at the CFFCM and for the past ten years. Erin has served on the board and been an instructor for the New York State Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock (NYS BOJC) for the past five years.

Erin has spent the last 25 years intimately involved in the sport. Her initial involvement in fly-fishing led to a passion and love for it, something that even surprised her! Erin began fishing as a teenager with her now husband, Jeff. Early on, she fished to spend time with Jeff and did not expect for it to become a passion or vocation. Together, they have raised two daughters in the sport, now both championship distance casters, and as a family have enjoyed fishing in Alaska and Colorado. As with all life’s passions, Erin is now moving from the world of collector to builder, taking the Bamboo Rod School at the CFFCM and completing her first bamboo rod.


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