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Who Are We?

Fishing! You may be pursuing it as a profession or for leisure,  whatever may be the purpose, having the right set of fishing equipments always comes in handy. There are many resources online providing information about fishing. But, we feel these resources fall short in providing comprehensive information. This is what we faced when tried finding information a few years ago.

Hence, we,  a group of fishing enthusiasts decided to build a resource with comprehensive information. This how Catskillfishing was born, aiming to be the one-stop resource any information related to fishing. To ensure we do not miss out of any topics, we have divided the website into three sections.

1) Fishing Kayaks & Boats

Having the right fishing boat or kayak comes a long way in helping you in your fishing experience. There so many factors you will have to consider while choosing boats or kayaks. Not all Kayaks are suited for fishing and it is important that you understand. Which is why we have made buyer guides in different kayaks and boats suitable for fishing.

2) Fishing Gears

The most important gear when it comes to fishing is the fishing rod. The different types of rods in the market makes it difficult to make a choice. In this section, we have covered all the types of fishing rods and have given ample information so that you can make the right choice. In addition to this, we have also covered fishing lures, fishing lines, and other fishing gears.

3) Fishing Accessories

While having the right gear is pretty important, having the right set of fishing accessories will aid you in the process of fishing. Fishing accessories range from waders, hooks, sunglasses, boots etc, and we have buyer guides for all these accessories, just so you do not end up picking the wrong one.

Our Resources

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