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Whether fishing is a hobby or your profession, it is crucial to have adequate information about fishing equipment as well as fishing techniques. The few existing websites on fishing have failed to provide readers with a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of various fishing-related topics and products. At CatskillFlyFishing, we aim to build a resource that is helpful for fishing enthusiasts. 

The website is divided into three sections- fishing kayaks and boats, fishing gears, and fishing accessories. If you are fond of fishing, visit our website to learn more about this lovely art.. 

About the Founder:

Donald Platt, our founder, is a fishing enthusiast who has almost 10 years of experience in fly fishing. His love for fishing comes from the fishing trips he would often take as a child with his father. The duo would spend days camping and fishing by the lake in their town. As a grown-up, Platt continued fishing occasionally with friends and colleagues. 

He decided to create this website for fellow fishing enthusiasts who wanted to learn more about fly fishing and other fishing related topics. While Donald works hard to put up the most informative articles, he still keeps his Sundays free for a quick fishing trip. 


Meet our writer and editor at CatskillFlyFishing- Roland Nieves who is a kayak and boat enthusiast himself. Roland has been a rower since his time at college and has always loved the sport. He would often read up on boats, kayaks, their inner workings, , their different elements, and so on. At this website, he saw an opportunity to write articles on topics he has a great interest in. Roland’s work is well-researched at all times and he works dedicatedly to provide the readers with the most authentic information.

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