Best Fishing Hooks 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Fishing Hooks

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageGamakatsu
  • Closed eye design
  • Well barbed to prevent fish to escape
  • Forged steel makes it durable to last long
  • Ultra point technology means sharp and durable hook points
  • Offset patterns feature no-nonsense tempering for the strongest
  • Incredible sharpness without compromising strength
  • Fine wire forged shank
  • Offset super needle point
  • Ideal for rigging small live baits
ptsntbl-table__imageLazer Sharp
  • Designed for quick and deep penetration
  • Circular design hooks more fish than standard
  • Made to last long
  • Extremely sharp, offset ponit and special barb hooks
  • Strong high carbon steel hooks won't bend easily
  • Barbed design offer high penetration to fish at any size

A fishing hook is probably one of the most important fishing accessories besides a fishing rod and a reel. This is why anglers are very particular about the kind of fishing hook they keep in their tackle bags.

To select one of the Best Fishing Hooks, you need a firm understanding of the different hook types and sizes. In this guide, we will be covering the basic information with regards to fishing hooks; the types, various sizes, factors to consider before buying, best knot for fishing hook, etc.

In the last section of our guide, we have reviewed 20 of the best fishing hooks available on the market today to help you shortlist and make the selection process easier. Nowadays, hooks are made from high-carbon steel, stainless steel, or steel alloyed with vanadium.

The kind of raw material used depends on the application and the type of fishing hook. Many good-quality variants come with an anti-corrosion coating to increase the life of the product.

A corrosion-resistant coating is required since after using hooks in saltwater, anglers tend to store them inside. While they are stored, they may get rusted and damaged as a consequence.

Hooks which are designed to be used in freshwater are applied with a clear lacquer. Some are also coated with gold, nickel, tin, etc.

Before we move on to the types of fishing hooks, it is important for you to know the basic anatomy of a hook. The first part is called the point – the sharp end which spikes the fish’s body. The projection that extends backward from the point is called the barb; it makes sure the fish stays hooked.

The loop at the end that joins the fishing line with the hook is called the eye, and the sections which connect the point and the eye are called the bend and shank. Furthermore, the distance between the shank and the point is known as the gap.

These basic parts of a hook are important to know. When different types of hooks are described, this terminology is often used; for example, wide gap, long shank and bend, hollow point, etc.

Top 15 Best Fishing Hooks 2021

1. Gamakatsu Octopus Hook-Pack of 25

Gamakatsu Octopus Best Fishing HooksThe first product on our list of the best fishing hooks is by a Japanese brand called Gamakatsu. This brand is popular for manufacturing stellar Octopus hook types, which are specially built to stick in the corner of a fish’s mouth. These hooks are a great choice for anglers using live bait and for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

Gamakatsu makes hooks using high carbon steel, which are then forged through a distinct tempering procedure. This unique process results in extremely strong hooks with fast penetrating points, great for tackling tough species of fish.

This is a closed eye, a barbed fishing hook made of forged steel. It comes in a black nickel finish and is very strong, sturdy, and easy to handle.

As it isn’t slippery, beginners can comfortably handle it. You can use it to catch a variety of fish. While it is extremely sharp, there are few cons though. Firstly, the red metallic coloring may come off after a few uses, and its size 10 doesn’t come in bulk packets. Moreover, it is difficult to find this piece in local retail stores, and the brand does not make a size 12 in this model.


2. Mustad UltraPoint Demon Perfect in-Line Circle 3 Extra Strong 2X Extra Short Shank Fishing Hook

Mustad UltraPoint Demon Perfect in-Line Circle 3 Extra Strong 2X Extra Short Shank Fishing HookThe second model on our list of the best fishing hooks for the year 2021 is by a brand called Mustad. This company offers the best wire technology, and its non-tempering process furnishes hooks that weigh much lighter than other products while being up to 20 percent stronger. It employs UltraPoint technology to create sharp, reliable hook points that can resist rolling and stay as good as new for longer periods.

This UltraPoint finish also resists corrosion, thus making them suitable for saltwater bodies. This specific model has in-line patterns which have been awarded an endorsement by Billfish Foundation for its brilliant design specifications.

This hook is ideal for catch and release. Offset patterns feature no-nonsense tempering, so you get the most durable and best-performing fishing hook for live bait.
It is a circle hook, so you can only catch specific kinds of fish. It is very sharp, can tackle big game species, efficiently settles in the corner of a fish’s mouth, and doesn’t necessitate a hard hook set.

The only problems are that it may become dull after some time, and its thick gauge wire may kill live bait. If you try fishing for large saltwater fish using this hook, chances are that it may bend.


3. Owner’s Mosquito Hook 5377 Black Chrome Pro Pack

Owner's Mosquito Hook 5377 Black Chrome Pro PackOwner manufactures hooks designed for saltwater use, with strong forged shanks and sharp points. Its hooks are a great combination for binding streamer designs for big-game fish. The brand offers a huge variety of bass hooks which work well for all kinds of bass baits and rigs. They also feature a straight eye for coherent in-line hook sets and a black metallic finish.

This specific model comes with a well-forged shank, an offset super needle point, and a black chrome finish. It is great for tucking small live bait or nose hooking soft plastic baits, like floating frogs. This hook can therefore be used to catch a variety of aquatic dwellers.

Unlike the previous model, it does not bend when tackling heavy game fish. It is extremely sharp and is made of quality materials. A few cons are that it may become dull very quick, the size can be off on a few hooks, and the packaging count can be unsatisfactory.


4. Lazer Sharp Circle Hook Assortment, Platinum Black

Lazer Sharp Circle Hook Assortment, Platinum BlackThis one is another popular brand which offers an excess number of hook styles. A lot many novice anglers begin fishing as a hobby or career using Eagle Claw hooks. Some never even switch as they get so used to them.

Eagle claw hooks are popular because they are easy to handle, deliver great performance, and are inexpensive. These hooks work well whether you’re aiming for bass or looking for a treble hook for varied kinds of baitfish.

This type is great for all kinds of anglers. The brand is trusted for its reliability, performance, and durability, and this specific product has passed diverse quality and field tests to make sure you get the best. It costs $10 per pack, and each set contains about 85 hooks. It is important to note that although you get plenty for a couple of dollars, they are low in quality.

We recommend this to beginners who’re just starting out with fishing. Once you develop your hobby, you can move on to other better products. These hooks also come in handy when you go fishing in groups as you can take the whole pack.

You can buy them in bulk as these are very much affordable and readily-available in every other retail store. The only problem is that they offer poor quality as compared to other models and thus may rust and dull quickly.


5. Jshanmei 150pcs/box Circle Hooks 2X Strong Customized Offset Sport Circle Hooks Black High Carbon Steel Octopus Fishing Hooks Size 1-5/0

Jshanmei 150pcs box Circle Hooks 2X Strong Customized Offset Sport Circle Hooks Black High Carbon Steel Octopus Fishing Hooks Size 1-5 0These octopus fishing hooks by JSHANMEI are an amazing choice for any fishing enthusiast. These come in a single extra-large pack containing 150 hooks of six different sizes. There are 25 pieces for each fishing hook size, and the different sizes are 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional angler, these fishing hooks will work really well since they’ve been quality and field tested. These are made of high-carbon steel and hence are anti-corrosive in nature.

You can use them in both saltwater and freshwater bodies to aim at carp or catfish. Its points are not that resistant to saltwater though and may damage after a couple of immersions.

You can hook your favorite fish easily because of the efficient design. These are specially-made for a lower fish mortality rate and have a closed swept back eye, circular bend, dramatic inward bending point, and shot shank.

All these features help anglers with hooking and tackling more fish. The barb may be a little small, but it is enough to handle fish and keep them alive till you reel them in.

The whole purchase also comes with a reusable plastic case, which has six sections to keep all the differently-sized hooks separately and well-organized. Just tie the best knot for fishing hook and you can catch whatever you’re aiming for.

These hooks are a great value for money, are made of high-quality material, offer a variety at an affordable price, and are quality and field tested for durability and strength.

There are a few disadvantages. For instance, the steel may not be strong enough to manage long-term saltwater immersion. The small sizes are also limited in the packing and aren’t very successful at self-hooking. Moreover, large hooks are tough to fit in the case, and some of the eyes of the hooks are not closed properly, which can lead to disruptions in knots.


6. Offset Circle Fishing Hooks Kit – 180pcs 2X Strong Saltwater Freshwater Fish Hooks Sharp High Carbon Steel Octopus Fish Hooks, Size 1-5/0

Offset Circle Fishing Hooks Kit - 180pcs 2X Strong Saltwater Freshwater Fish Hooks Sharp High Carbon Steel Octopus Fish Hooks, Size 1-5 0This is another set of octopus-style fishing hooks that work well for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The pack contains six different sizes of circle hooks and 180 pieces in total. The sizes range from 1/0 to 5/0.

All the hooks in the pack have undergone quality and field tests to validate their durability and strength. They come with a dramatic circular bend, a short shank, a sharp point, and a ringed eye to make it easier for you to snell a fishing line.

These hooks are made from carbon steel and come with a corrosion-resistant coating. You can use them to tuck live bait and catch either bass or catfish in a lake, creek, pond, or sea. If you find the product is damaged after it is delivered, don’t worry because Shaddock fishing offers a 20-day refund and exchange policy.

These hooks are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant carbon steel and can be used for catching both small and large fish, like bass, rockfish, or yellowtail. They feature a sharp, sturdy, and durable design and have a ringed eye for easy snelling.

The pack comes with a reusable box to store all hooks. The only problem, however, is that in some hooks, the eyes are either not fully closed or small in size.


7. Mustad Classic 2 Extra Strong Treble Hook (Pack of 25)

Mustad Classic 2 Extra Strong Treble Hook (Pack of 25)This another contender for the best fishing hook set by Mustad, a famous Norwegian fishing hooks brand which manufactures hooks for both freshwater and saltwater as well as traditional fishing needs. They are designed to take the place of other full hooks on crankbaits, minnow baits, shiner baits, artificial plastic baits, and spoons.

These are made from durable steel and employ the brand’s amazing wire technology and non-tempering process. As a result, the hooks are both lighter and stronger than their counterparts.

These are designed for rough use and can resist regular wear and tear. The Durasteel coating makes them virtually immune to corrosion, while the metallic and shiny surface entices fish. The treble hooks come with a robust shank, and the barbs are sharp while the points edgy.

The ringed eye makes it easy to tuck bait into the hook and tie the best knot for fishing hook. It comes in a pack of 25, containing four different sizes (1, 4, 6, and 8). It is a heavy-duty design with double treble hooks and barbs, the only con being that the hooks are not extra-sharp. Plus, only limited sizes are available.


8. Goture Jig Hooks Set Kit with Fishing Tackle Box Fish Head Hooks

Goture Jig Hooks Set Kit with Fishing Tackle Box Fish Head HooksIf you have an exciting fishing adventure planned with your mates, this Goture 50-piece set is an ideal choice for you. It is a versatile angler set consisting of jig hooks which you can use for live bait to catch big game fish.

These high-carbon steel hooks are fit to use in freshwater as well as saltwater bodies. Carbon steel gives them heavy-duty strength and makes them resistant to corrosion.

It has mechanically-sharpened barbs and points which make sure that the hook deeply penetrates the target and enables a lower mortality rate. If you find yourself fishing someday in murky waters, the shiny metallic color can easily be spotted by fish.

The brand offers this product in seven different sets, which include a huge variety of hook sizes from 3 to 12. The largest set includes 500 pieces in total.
Once you have baited the hook and are ready with your fishing line, you just need to chill till a large fish bites. The hooks come in a plastic storage box that has separate compartments to store differently-sized hooks.

What makes this set one of the best fishing hooks is the large range of sizes. A few customers, however, complained that the packs sometimes miss a few hooks.


9. Owner’s SSW Super Needle Point Black Chrome Hook

Owner's SSW Super Needle Point Black Chrome HookThis is another fishing hook by Owner that’s apt for those anglers who engage in live bait fishing applications and is ideal for catching salmon and steelhead. But you can also use it to capture walleye or panfish in ponds or lakes.

If you go saltwater fishing, rig crabs and shrimp will work best as baits. On the other hand, if you opt for surf or bay fishing, blood worms will suffice.

You don’t need to worry about durability or performance because this needle-point fishing hook is made of strong steel and comes with an attractive black chrome finish. It boasts a forged shank, and the design of the eye makes it easy to attach to your bait. Once caught, your fish won’t be able to escape thanks to its bent needlepoint and extremely sharp barb.

The brand also offers fishing hook packs which include both small and large hooks. These are ideal for live baiting and have a reverse bend point and sharp barb. They’re also available as single hooks or in packs containing sets of various sizes.

These hooks are a bit expensive though, as they can cost up to $30. So you may have to consider your budget and finalize accordingly.


10. Sougayilang Fishing Hooks High Carbon Steel Worm Soft Bait Jig Fish Hooks with Plastic Box

Sougayilang Fishing Hooks High Carbon Steel Worm Soft Bait Jig Fish Hooks with Plastic BoxThis 50-piece fishing hook set is by another renowned brand called Sougayilang and is a great choice for any kind of angler, be it professional or beginner. The jig hooks are made of carbon steel with a rust-proof coating.

These have a closed eye, which makes it easy for beginners to snell a line. They also offer a wider gap and offset point to increase the tensile strength and make sure those hook-ups are consistent.

You may completely rely on the sharp points and barbs as the fish will stay stuck on the hook when you pull the reel in. These hooks can tackle large fish since they’re made of high-quality material and come in a compact plastic container which can fit inside your jacket’s pocket or your backpack. The brand offers the product in five distinct sizes (2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0).

They also come in different colors, like red and black. Not just this, but you also get a choice of different hook shapes, like nautilus circle or ctopus circle.

Some customers have complained that the sizes are way too small. So if you want hooks with a bigger size to catch big game fish, you should perhaps look for other sets that offer larger sizes. These are also a little pricey, and the whole pack may cost anywhere between $16 and $20.


11. Nykkola 500pcs Small Size Black Freshwater Fishhook Fishing Hooks Set

Nykkola 500pcs Small Size Black Freshwater Fishhook Fishing Hooks SetWhat makes this fishing hook set one of the best fishing hooks is its low price and high quality. A single box contains about 500 pieces of varying sizes ranging from 3 to 12. These hooks also come in a bright silver color which attracts fish.

The whole set costs less than $8 and is great for anglers who are looking for smaller sizes. The hooks come packed in a reusable plastic container, which has ten separate compartments to organize all the different sizes.


12. Bassfront 156Pcs Circle Hooks 2X Strong Offset Point Fishing Boat Hooks, 90 pcs Octopus Inline Point (Not Offset) Straight Eye Circle Hooks, in Assorted Sizes Tackle Box

Bassfront 156Pcs Circle Hooks 2X Strong Offset Point Fishing Boat Hooks, 90 pcs Octopus Inline Point (Not Offset) Straight Eye Circle Hooks, in Assorted Sizes Tackle BoxThis octopus circle offset hook set contains 156 pieces in six different sizes. There are 26 pieces for each size, which ranges from 1 to 5/0. This product boasts great value for money since it offers a variety of sizes and hooks made of reliable materials. The hooks are also a combination of self-setting circle kinds and classic offset octopus designs.

These hook the fish from the mouth instead of the gut to keep them alive if intended. Its turned eye and offset point maximize the potential to catch hold and set larger baits when required.

They are made from corrosion-resistant, high-carbon steel with a nickel coating in black and are suitable for freshwater as well as saltwater fishing. You can also use them for deep water boat and inshore fishing.


13. Fishfunn Premium Fishing Hooks, 50PCS Special Barb Fishhooks with High Carbon Steel, 10Pcs Fishing Lures Bait Worm with Plastic Box, for Freshwater

Fishfunn Premium Fishing Hooks, 50PCS Special Barb Fishhooks with High Carbon Steel, 10Pcs Fishing Lures Bait Worm with Plastic Box, for FreshwaterThese fishing hooks are made from carbon steel and are anti-corrosion. They work well for both saltwater and freshwater environments and feature a special barb design for a lesser mortality rate. This configuration assists with locking the fish’s retreat so that they don’t escape when pulling the reel.

The fine workmanship makes sure it doesn’t rust and stays sharp even after many rounds of saltwater dips. You can attach worms and even artificial plastic rubber baits. It certainly qualifies as high-quality fishing equipment for all anglers out there who’d like to catch big game fish.

These come in a compact packaging that can fit in your pocket or inside your backpack. You can travel to any fishing spot and comfortably take these hooks with you.
The packaging contains 50 pieces in all – 10 pieces for each size. There are five different sizes in the box, which is divided into separate compartments for each. The brand also offers a full refund or return if you aren’t satisfied with the product.


14. Plusinno Punch Shot Rig Kit, Fishing Hook Kit, Interchangeable Hook Fishing Accessories, Carbon Steel Fishing Gear

Plusinno Punch Shot Rig Kit, Fishing Hook Kit, Interchangeable Hook Fishing Accessories, Carbon Steel Fishing GearThe second-last product on our list of the best fishing hooks is by PLUSINNO and the whole set includes ten punch-shot rings with an equal number of EWG hooks. All the 10 hooks are of the same size, about 3/0. The set does not include plastic baits or weights, and the fishing hooks are made of high-carbon steel, are resistant to corrosion, and have sharp points.

This fishing gear is made using high-quality components so you don’t need to bother about its durability. It won’t wear out after a few uses as its hooks and split rings are put together well.

It promises to deliver excellent performance as the hefty split ring allows you to employ any kind of hook to match any soft rubber bait. It also has attached roller swivels which prevent your line from twisting and enable your bait to swing freely about the weight stem.

The brand offers a 12-month warranty on all of its products. If you aren’t satisfied with the delivered product or in case of any quality issues, you just need to directly contact their customer service within the given time to get the hooks returned or replaced.


15. Topfort Punch Shot Rig Kit, High Carbon Steel Crank Hook Attached Roller Swivels 5g Sinkers, Interchangeable Hook Fishing Accessories, Carbon Steel Fishing Gear(3/0 EWG Hooks)

Topfort Punch Shot Rig Kit, High Carbon Steel Crank Hook Attached Roller Swivels 5g Sinkers, Interchangeable Hook Fishing Accessories, Carbon Steel Fishing Gear(3-0 EWG Hooks)The last product on our list of the best fishing hooks is by TOPFORT. The whole kit includes 12 punch-shot rigs with razor-series EWG hooks. There are 12 hooks in total, sized at 3/0. These hooks are easy to rig, and you just need to add weight onto the stem wire and flex the wire upward to secure it. Just attach your plastic bait and you are good to go.

These fishing hooks are not suitable for attaching live baits. They feature wide gaps for boosting strength and are made of carbon steel while being extremely sharp.

There is no doubt that these punch shot rigs deliver excellent performance. The best part about them is that the hooks are versatile, meaning that you can catch anything from a largemouth to a smallmouth.

Its split ring allows you to use the included hooks or any other to attach your bait and fish. The joint roller swivels and prevents the line from twisting. Moreover, the hooks work great in shallow as well as deep grass, murky waters, dock pilings, etc. No other product is as versatile and affordable as these punch shot rigs.


Important Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Fishing Hook

There are a few factors you need to keep in mind before purchasing some of the best fishing hooks. Some of them are listed as follows:

1. Quality And Dull Resistant Pointed Tip

It is always better to invest in good-quality hooks since they’re something you will be using regularly if you happen to be a professional angler or just fond of fishing. That’s why we believe that one should never compromise on quality.

When shortlisting a model for yourself, select a hook that is made of good-quality material and has a dull resistant pointed tip. This will eliminate the need for regular sharpening.

2. Strength And Flexibility

Look out for a hook which is strong enough to tackle all sorts of pressures and flexible enough to assist you in catching the fish you want. Strength and flexibility are important as they make sure that the hook doesn’t break or tear out of the fish’s mouth.

3. Form A Budget

Another important thing to do is to form a budget depending on what your pocket allows and what all features you necessarily require. Sometimes, professional anglers need to buy a lot of hooks at one time, while beginners may start off with a few depending on what they specifically wish to target. Some of the best fishing hooks are not that expensive, so we suggest you to never compromise on quality.

When it comes to quality, you receive what you pay. Hooks can cost anywhere from about $1 per dozen to @1 each. It’s just a matter of how much you want to spend.

4. Know The Species Of Fish You Will Be Targeting

Before selecting fishing hooks and finalizing upon any, it is important that you consider the species of fish you will be aiming at. As we’ve already discussed different types of hooks in the earlier section, you probably know that different types are designed to help you catch different fish. For example, jig hooks are great for catching walleye, punch bait hooks are ideal for catfish, etc.

5. Know The Kind Of Water Body You Will Be Fishing In

Some anglers tend to ignore this factor, considering it irrelevant only to regret it later. You need to be aware of the fact that fishing hooks are designed differently for saltwater and freshwater.

Those which are made to be used in saltwater bodies come with an anti-corrosion coating to prevent them from rusting and suffering from any damage. This coating also increases the life of the product and toughens it up.

Hooks designed for freshwater use are coated with lacquer. Some may also be coated with metallic colors like tin, gold, nickel, bronze, etc. So if you end up using a hook in saltwater which was in fact designed for freshwater usage, you will damage the product in days. This way, you will end up wasting your money.

Now that you’re aware about the different types of hooks, the various sizes they’re available in, and important factors, it is time to move on to the next section of our guide.

This section contains a list of the top 15 best fishing hooks available on Amazon. We’ve tried to cover the different kinds of products and vast price ranges and styles. This list will, therefore, give you some idea about what to look for in fishing hooks and what to avoid.

Common Types Of Hooks

A lot of hook styles are available today, which can make the selection process difficult for a beginner. So we’ve made a list of a few of the most popular hook types to help you through. It is also important that you match the size of the hook to the bait you will be using and consider the size of the fish you plan to target.

1. Baitholder Hooks

Keeping sticky, slippery live bait on a hook is quite tough, but manufacturers have been developing several designs to make the hooks more efficient. Baitholder hooks, as the name suggests, are specially designed to help you hold on to your baits well. They come with long shafts, which are often lined with barbs to keep the bait securely hooked.

These are also available as snells, already tied to the line that’s looped at the end and all set to be attached using a knot or snap. When you’re fishing for walleye, using a live bait with snells sized 8 or 10 are usually preferred. On the other hand, bass anglers use 1/0 to 2/0 hooks for minnows.

2. Worm Hooks

As the name suggests, this hook is meant for worms of the plastic persuasion and is typically employed by bass fishermen. Since bass anglers are strong fighters, worm hooks are made to be sturdy to increase durability and support deep penetration.

This type is mainly used for Texas rigging. It refers to a technique in which the point is planted in the worm’s flesh for a weedless presentation.
With the point of the hook embedded in the worm’s body, you can use it in heavy vegetation where lunkers hide.

The benefits of using this type are that differently-sized worms can be used and that the hook can be planted easily. The most common sizes are 2/0 to 5/0. You need to match the hook’s size to the size of the plastic bait and bass you most likely will be targeting.

3. Double Hooks

This hook design is like a treble hook but has two points instead of three. These hooks are ideal for use in a trailer-hook setup. They are also used for thick but soft plastic baits, like floating frogs. It ensures a top lip hook and makes it tough for the fish to spit out the bait without being hooked.

4. Treble Hooks

A treble hook has three legs which are molded together to form the eye. It supports multiple J hook points (usually three), which help in providing a better grab and holding. These hooks are used on crankbaits and bucktail jigs used to catch muskie or pike.

If you’re using crankbaits for targeting walleye or bass, you’ll need a treble hook size of 1 to 2/0. Sizes vary according to the size of the lure, and these hooks are easy to snag and can penetrate deeply into a fish’s mouth. However, they aren’t a good choice for catch and release.

5. J Hooks

J hooks work really well when the target takes the bait slowly, does not leave off after one strike, or keeps moving forward after a strike. They are perfect for catching panfish or bass as these fish do not move off instantly after eating, which means that you will be pulling up the hook with the fish’s body.

This hook is ‘J’-shaped and is the oldest hook design used by anglers at present. It certainly is one of the best fishing hooks if you troll live lure behind a moving boat.
The ‘J’ shape of the hook as well as the configuration of the barb (which doesn’t point inward) make sure you end up setting the hook and catching your prey. It also improves the likelihood of the hits you get to catch a fish.

The only problem with this hook is that when it isn’t accurately matched to the size of the target fish, it may lodge itself deeply or get swallowed by fish, which results in death. It is further divided into two types: non-offset and offset.

6. Circle Hooks

These are made for the hook point to penetrate the corner of the fish’s mouth after it tries to eat the bait. You do not need to set this type of hook, and just reeling in when you see fish striking the bait is more than enough. It requires no jerking and is specially-designed to rotate in the fish’s mouth and strike the corner of the jaw.

These hooks are ideal for catching reef-dwelling fish. These are also divided into two kinds: offset and non-offset. Non-offset ones have the point aligned to the shank, while the offset types are positioned at an angle to the shank. A circle hook is also ideal for catching catfish, pike, or muskie.

Fish usually swallow the bait as well as the hook even if you take your eyes of the rod tip for a few seconds. When you feel that a fish has struck the bait, you immediately need to lift the rod tip and start reeling the line. This enables the hook to slide backward till it pierces at an angle where the jaw rises upwards to form the lip.

7. Octopus Hooks

These hooks have a short and round shank and bend, though not as circular and dramatic as circle hooks. They are used for bait fishing when a minimal hook weight and size are crucial for a natural presentation. These are also ideal for hooking a leech as bait through the sucker.

The product comes with a little variation termed the mosquito hook. It is suitable for rigging cut bait for catfish, salmon, minnows, bass, pike, and walleyes. In addition, it’s a great option when it comes to making crawler harnesses.

Available in different metallic colors, like gold, tin, silver, etc., the Bass Pro Shop’s XPS Octopus hook is a popular example.

8. Weedless Hooks

When fishing amongst heavy cover, like logs, stumps, weeds, and rocks, this type can help you save both time and money. You will come across different methods to make a hook weedless, and they all work quite well. But it is important to remember that they are weed-less and not ‘weed-proof’, so you will still have to work carefully on your lure.

A weedless hook comes with a light wire enveloped on the shank in a loop that wraps the point of the hook. This enables fishing in weeds, logs, trees, stumps, and rocks. When a fish strikes the lure, the wire crimps expose the point of the hook.

9. Aberdeen Hooks

These are made of a lighter wire than other hooks and are usually used for bait fishing. The thin metal helps in hooking the bait easily with little to no damage for it to stay alive. The light wire makes them a great option for fishing for crappie in timber.

When jagged, you can bend the hook at times and pull it free after applying some pressure. Finally, such hooks are ideal for catch-and-release as they do not penetrate a fish’s mouth.

10. Siwash Hooks

These support a log shank and a straight eye to make sure they fit properly on bait and are usually employed for single-hooked baits, like the spinner kind. They are also a great substitute for factory treble hooks on spoons and other lures.

Siwash hooks can definitely replace treble hooks on hard baits when fishing in an area that limits the hook points per lure. As treble hooks have multiple points, they are illegal to use in certain areas.

11. Jig Hooks

Jig hooks are those formed using lead or other heavy metals. They come in various shapes and are used for special applications. With dual functionalities, they can be used for both live bait as well as soft plastic ones.

You can use them to tuck minnows and crawlers when catching walleye. Moreover, jig hooks are also suitable for catching crappie and bass using plastic baits.
When using plastic baits like worms or twister tails, pick a jig with a molded collar placed behind the jighead. The collar is equipped to securely hold plastic baits and ensure you force the lure onto the collar.

12. King Kahle Hooks

These are large hooks which hold live bait or cut pieces of any kind. With a unique shape, their bend prevents live bait from getting off the hook and keeps the point exposed. These need to be set like J hooks, and because of their strength and structure, they are ideal to haul catfish.

13. Shiner Hooks

These hooks a little smaller than King kahle hooks and are ideal for catching largemouth bass by hooking baits like minnows and shiners. The size of the hook depends on the that of the shiner being used as bait.

The average size is 5/0. These hooks support a larger gap between the eye and hook point compared to other types. Some companies even term them shiner hooks, while others dub them Kahle hooks. Remember that both terms are correct.

14. Punch Bait Hooks Or Stink Bait Hooks

Punch bait hooks, also known as stink bait hooks, use treble hooks but flaunt a unique device which holds soft, sticky baits (like those used when targeting catfish). These are used by anglers who often catch catfish since they’re easy to rig. Punch bait design allows anglers to simply push the hook into a bucket containing catfish bait and pull it out using a fishing line.

The hook can firmly hold the bait without slinging it off while casting. These are available in different sizes, thus making them popular among catfish anglers.

15. Swimbait Hooks

These hooks are used to keep swimbaits erect in water and on the hook. They usually have lead in the screw near the eye or in the shank. The increased weight due to lead helps your bait drop more naturally inside the water and maintain some form of balance. These hooks also need to be set as J hooks.

Different Types Of Hook Sizes

Before we move on to product reviews and factors, it is important to know different hook sizes which are available on the market. Now that you are aware of the 15 basic hooks types, it is time to move on to hook sizes.

Smaller hooks are hard for fish to find but easier to swallow, can be pulled out from their mouths easily, simpler to set, least affected by current, and can cast longer distances. But they also break easily. Also, they can be used to catch both small and large species of fish.

We recommend you to choose a hook which easily sticks into a fish’s mouth in accordance with the species of fish you’re aiming for. When picking amongst hook sizes, you should know that these are numbered backwards. For example, the smallest hook sizes are numbered on the higher end, like 20, 30, 32, etc., while the largest hooks are numbered from the bottom starting from 0, or in increasing sizes of 0, like 5/0 or 20/0.

The smallest standard size currently is 32, and the largest is 20/0. The slash (/) symbol indicates a hook as grouped within the ‘aught’ measurement system; the greater the number, the larger the hook. A size 2/0 is greater than size 1. These slash numbers ascend depending on their increased size. For example, a hook size 6/0 is greater than 2/0, but a single number 6 is smaller than a 2.

Hooks are made from different materials and their wires vary in thickness and length. The gauge wire can be thin, thick, or extra thick (for example, 2X heavy, 3X heavy, and higher). It is also important to learn that each brand follows its own hook size.

Hook sizes are not the same across all manufacturers. Fishing hooks also differ in sizes depending on the type of hook. For example, a 5/0 shiner hook is different from a 5/0 jig hook.


1. What Is The Ideal Hook Size For Bass?

Most anglers who catch bass prefer the sizes 1/0 or 2/0 when attaching minnows or shiners. Those who catch walleye get lure hooks as snells already tied with the line and relatively smaller in size (about 8 or 10). Aberdeen hooks are another type which also attaches live bait in order to catch bass.

2. What Is The Best-sized Hook For Trout Fish?

When you are fishing for trout in lakes or ponds, it is recommended that you use any size ranging between 4 and 8 (with added weights). Small split shots will work too, which weigh about ¼ oz.

3. What Is The Best Size To Use?

The hook size depends on what you are aiming for; big game fish or small species. It also depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you go for eagle claw as it offers different styles and sizes of hooks, and is also quite affordable.

Circle hooks are also preferred by novice anglers since they are easy to set. But these are only suitable to catch fish with softer mouths. To haul sport fish and bass, j hooks work well, but you have to set them.

4. What Is Fish Hooking?

Fish hooking refers to the act of fish striking or biting bait that has a hook inserted into it. As the fish takes it in, the hook is caught in the fish’s mouth or gut.

5. What Size Of A Hook Is Ideal For Catching Redfish?

To catch redfish, you need bigger hooks, ranging between 5/0 and 8/0. It also depends on the size of bait you will be attaching.

6. What Is A Circle Hook?

A circle hook has a dramatically sharp and curved back in a circular shape. It is becoming more and more popular among anglers nowadays as it doesn’t need to be set up and fish rarely swallow it.

7. What Is An Ideal Hook Size For Striped Bass?

For striped bass, you need larger sizes, ranging from 5/0 to 8/0. You can also use live eels, cut baits, or clams for catching them.

8. What Is The Best Hook Size For A Texas Rig?

Texas rigs can be used with a variety of sizes ranging from 3/0 to 8/0. You can also use 4/0 EWG for attaching beaver baits or 5/0 for flipping tubes.

9. What Is The Best Size Hook For Drop Shot?

Usually, anglers prefer size 1 and 2 for drop shots. You even need to add weights, and those ranging from 1//8 to ½ ounces work the best.

10. What Is The Best Hook Size For Largemouth And Smallmouth Bass?

For largemouth bass fishing, sizes ranging from 1/0 to 6/0 work the best. For smallmouth bass fishing, you can rely on any size between 1 and 4.

Best Fishing Hooks: Choose The Right one!

The size and type of hooks you choose depend on the technique you employ. You need to consider a few things before finalizing the size and style of the hook, like the method you will be using, the bait or lure, and the type of fish you will be targeting.

Keep the important factors in mind before sealing the deal. You may also check other products which suit your needs or shortlist any from our list of the best fishing hooks.

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