Best Fishing Pliers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Piscifun Aluminium 2. Kastking Cutthroat 3. Plussino

Fishing pliers do sound like an interesting piece of fishing accessory, right? Let’s see what these products really are before moving on to some of the best fishing pliers. Fishing pliers, also known as the workhorses of any fishing trip, are useful tools which allow you to remove hooks, cut lines, tighten knots, and also flatten barbs.

They may be considered indispensable, and you must ensure that you invest in a pair which lasts longer and does quite a decent job. The first step from your side should be to make sure that these fishing pliers are made from a rust-proof and corrosion-resistant material such as aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium.


It’s worth keeping in mind that needle-nose jaws are usually the best and highly efficient for reaching deep into the mouth of fish to remove the hook. While carbide cutters coated with tungsten are the sharpest in the market, they easily cut the braided fishing lines whether they’re mono-braided or of other types.

Obviously, carrying a good pair of pliers with you is essential and many fishermen may have probably been in a situation where they could have done the job better with something that actually proves useful. So when anyone needs to crush the barb to get the hook back, they only deserve the best of the best.

But how do we know which is the best fishing plier? As there are lots in the market, it is difficult to find which one qualifies as great. But there is an easier way to find the best fishing plier, which is by understanding the factors that increase their performance. Let’s go forth and check them out.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Fishing Pliers

1. Material of the Fishing Plier

While choosing the best fishing plier which suits your style of fishing, you will first need to make sure that it can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. This criteria has to kept in consideration most of the time as this is where a majority of fishing pliers differ from each other.
Many are fabricated from stainless steel, which is an excellent material. But you must also ensure that this material is coated with another layer that gives an increased resistance to rust and corrosion. In most fishing pliers, the stainless-steel is always wrapped around with a titanium layer which boosts durability even when used for saltwater fishing.

Another material you find is aluminum, primarily the predominantly-used aircraft-grade anodized aluminum which helps in protecting against depletory effects such as corrosion and rust while also providing increased strength and durability.

With fishing pliers that are not specifically designed for all kinds of situations, a wet and humid environment can prove disastrous for pliers and also lay down many hurdles along as the moisture causes them to rust. If not dried properly, they may become fused shut and hence permanently unusable..

2. Attractive and Versatile Features

Fishing pliers are supposed to be super versatile, which is the ability to cut through all types of fishing lines, whether mono braided or multi-braided. They must also serve as a crimping tool which allows for the creation of joins and has the ability to remove hooks.

You may also find some fishing pliers with attractive features such as spring loaded handles which are helpful when used single-handedly. This can also be particularly significant if you’re using these fishing pliers repetitively and frequently, decreasing the chances of fatigue on the equipment.

Even the nose length can be a significant factor while choosing the best fishing pliers, as the more longer and narrower it is, the easier it gets for you to remove deeper hooks stuck in the body of the fish. So long-nose or needle-nose pliers are often a good choice for saltwater fishing experiences or even when you’re fishing for larger catch.

Another attractive feature of a fishing plier is the side cutter. These are useful whenever you need to cut hooks or stronger wires. Most fishing pliers have line cutters on the sides which helps in cutting different types of braided lines. But you will find that some products incorporate both types for cutting hooks as well as braided lines.

In addition, there are chances of finding another added feature – the split ring tool combined with a small hooked end present on the nose of the plier which assists in letting open a split ring in fishing braided lines more easily.

3. Light-Weight, Handy and Secure To Use

A prominent feature anyone might want to look out for is the ability to be used under different conditions. Can it be easily carried from one place to another? Mainly, does it meet the criterions of its usability while being portable enough?

The lightweight falls into place in this category here. If the fishing plier is light in weight, it won’t be a burden to carry around when stacked with your already-heavy fishing gear. This also helps in having a fun and enjoyable fishing trip.

Choosing fishing pliers which come with a protective sheath and lanyard might also be a perfect approach to purchasing the best fishing plier, most importantly when you’re heading out in a kayak or a pontoon boat.

In case you are able to spot all these extra tools and functions, such as knives or lights which can be very convenient for light packing, then such a multi-use fishing plier will significantly reduce the number of items you need to take with you to your fishing destination.

4. Line Cutting

Despite the fishing pliers being great as a gripping tool, a majority of anglers or fishermen mostly use them for line cutting. So you must always look out for a good pair of line cutters lodged into your fishing pliers. This helps you immensely in cutting tag ends, leaders, main lines, and other types of braided lines.

A decent pair of line cutters can easily slice through braided lines without causing any problems with heavy-duty lines or wires used for the purpose of fishing. You may also need versatile and sharp cutters as it becomes a tiresome job to carry several pairs of cutters for the various braided fishing lines available. Fishing pliers with cutters on the top are the easiest to use and more of a preference.

5. Protection and Storage

A superior pair of fishing pliers can really boost your experience of fishing. This also means that you need to take care of them to ensure that they’re always up to the job and helping you with your fishing purposes to their full capacity.

As a fishing enthusiast, you must take care of the maintenance of your fishing pliers and keep them in a cool and clean condition. You also need to look out for the features which help the pliers protect themselves from damage, dirt, grime, and other unwanted elements.
Such protection can extend the lifespan bring out an enhanced performance. So for these scenarios, it is better for you to look around for a pair that comes with a case or protective sheath.

These accessories also store the fishing pliers without leaving them exposed and provide a handy loophole for carrying them in your belt or bag.

Lanyards are an often-overlooked commodity in fishing pliers and go a long way towards preserving them. If the plier shoots overboard or gets lost down below due to a free-fall, you won’t need to swim to its rescue.

The main disadvantage of a few of the best fishing pliers is that their durability adds to their weight, making them heavier. So they most often sink if they slip from your hands. Having a lanyard in such cases will keep your fishing pliers safe and secure in your hands, or can tie them to something on the pontoon boat or a kayak.

6. Sturdy Grip and Lengthy Jaws

Usually, a pair of pliers with a handle which is slippery is considered worthless as it decreases the functionality quotient of the pliers to zero. This is one of the reasons, why grips are probably one of the first things you must take into consideration before buying a pair of fishing pliers.

You must always keep in mind that the fishing pliers do not handle you, instead you handle them, which means it’s always recommended to have an exceptional handle. Since the handles typically make up for an important portion of the weight of the pliers, most of the manufacturers use high-quality materials such as aluminium to ensure that the handles are high in strength and light weighted.

In consideration with the shape of the handles, most of the people do like to have shaped grips which are wrapped along with a plastic or a rubber cover. Even in these cases, some people prefer additional cushioning for increasing their comfort level, whereas the other people like going minimalistic. You must always remember that the force is always applied with these handles, which means your grips must to be close to perfection.

Most of the premium fishing pliers consist of jaws which provide excellent grip and a variety of crimping sizes and dimensions. These jaws usually come in deep or shallow variations and help in offering the appropriate fit for different kinds of rings, wire, hooks, and more.

To keep it short, these jaws are nothing but shaped spots which are present on the inner side of the cutter and are often utilized for various purposes like stretching, holding, unhooking and molding. Besides this, the jaws are also composed of premium and high-quality materials which call for added strength and durability. These jaws are also that part of the fishing pliers which help in enduring the difficult functions of the tool and also in withstanding maximum force.

7. Lanyards and Sheath

Keeping this in mind, most of the manufacturers who produce good fishing pliers come with an option of lanyards. What are these lanyards? Lanyards are nothing but rubber or nylon ropes which aid in the efficiency of carrying the fishing pliers. You can almost consider this as an attached keychain on your fishing pliers. These lanyards can be easily attached or hooked to your vest, bin, or clothes.

Although these lanyards are a non-compulsory addition, but is is very useful as it easily helps in grabbing your tool and storing it quite simply and easily. Besides, hooking up the fishing pliers and keeping them closer, these lanyards also offer a convenient feeling which essentially helps you believing that you never lack of any options while fishing.

A sheath also helps you in storing your fishing pliers in a more efficient and simple manner. Basically, by definition, a sheath is a holder for fishing pliers which helps in storing the tool efficiently and also assists in keeping it safe while you are fishing.

Since most of the fishing pliers are usually made with razor-sharp edges, it can result in the risk of getting your cloth or skin cut when it is stored appropriately. A sheath also helps you in protecting by eliminating unwanted scratches or cuts. This sheath can be easily attached to your belt or any other accessory of your clothing which calls for a convenient usage when the fishing pliers are needed.

Top 10 Best Fishing Pliers of 2021

1. Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers

Piscifun Aluminium Fishing PliersThese fishing pliers are enclosed with powerful and durable titanium-coated stainless-steel jaws which are manufactured with life-long anti-corrosion properties. The Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers also make it super easy to remove fishing hooks, making it one of the best fishing pliers available in the market.

They consist of fully-replaceable tungsten carbide cutters which are sharp enough to cut through tough braid fishing lines, such as mono lines, fly lines, and backing lines.

All fishing pliers manufactured by Piscifun come with a retractable coil lanyard and sheath which improve performance and help in swift fishing. These fishing pliers are also very convenient and safe to carry around wherever you travel.

Its rod is made up of high-quality aircraft-grade anodized aluminum which increased the strength and durability of the product and also greatly improves the anti-corrosive ability. These fishing pliers also ideally adapt themselves to both freshwater and saltwater fishing purposes.

The ergonomic design of the machine-cut aluminum handles provide a comfortable feeling. The aircraft-grade aluminum also helps in reducing weight, which makes the pliers convenient for long-duration fishing trips. This material also delivers excellent corrosion resistance, which helps greatly for long term use without showing any signs of oxidation and rust. In addition, the CNC-cut handles offer an extremely light feeling and enhanced durability.

The spring-loading arrangement employed in the fliers keeps them open freely, and also makes it super easy to use just with one hand. The titanium-coated stainless steel jaws of these pliers also come with a split ring tip, which is strong enough for removing hooks and splitting rings.

Also incorporated is one of the sharpest tungsten carbide cutters which are also fully replaceable and make it easy and simple to cut even the strongest braided lines that include the heaviest mono leader, fly lines, and backing lines.

These fishing pliers come with a nylon sheath, coiled lanyard, and belt loop clasp which render the pliers extremely convenient to transport around and keep securely. The Belt Loop present on the back of the sheath makes it extremely safe when being attached to the belt.


2. Kastking Cutthroat Fishing Pliers

Kastking Cutthroat Fishing PliersThis fishing plier is made from corrosion-resistant stainless-steel and coated with teflon for added protection. The stainless-steel material makes this product 46% harder than those employing aluminum and is nearly 3 times stronger than the bending strength of aluminum pliers. Designed for long-term performance, the Kastking Cutthroat Fishing Pliers are ideal for both freshwater and harsh saltwater environments, making it one of the best saltwater fishing pliers.

Enclose super-tough tungsten carbide cutters perfectly slice through mono-lines, fluorocarbon lines, or braided lines swiftly and with ease. They are also provided with side-mounted anvil cutters that assist you with cutting your tag end as close to the knot as you desire. The raised surface behind the blade also ensures that your line always remains in the cutting zone.

Furthermore, multi-function serrated jaws help you in grabbing and removing any fish hook. You can take advantage of crimping slots to secure a split shot weight or build a steel leader. They also allow you to cinch down a knot quickly and safely, which enables you to insert your hook into one of the holes provided in the jaws for a tighter knot.

Available in both in straight nose and split ring nose designs, these fishing pliers comprise ergonomically-designed and textured rubber handles which provide extreme comfort and control. In addition, a thin-grip profile combined with spring-loaded jaws allow for easy one-hand use without worrying about the chances of slipping out of your hands.

These pliers also include a custom-molded sheath combined with a belt clip to ensure that your investment is protected from the consequences of normal wear and tear. You can use these fishing pliers by clipping them on to your belt or the waistband of your shorts for quick access while fishing. When a fish is on the line, the coiled lanyard makes sure that your pliers don’t fall overboard.


3. Plussino Fishing Pliers

Plussino Fishing PliersDesigned for multi-functional usage, this particular brand incorporates a simple design with their tungsten carbide fishing line cutter and split ring. Also, the rod is made of a titanium-coated stainless steel fish hook remover which takes out captured fish easily. Because of such excellent qualities, it is extremely easy to cut even the heaviest mono leader lines, fly lines, or backing lines.

These are truly one of the best fishing pliers owing to 430 Stainless Steel coated with titanium, which helps in greater corrosion resistance capabilities and long term usage with no signs of oxidation and rusting.

Being light in weight with superb ergonomics, these pliers comprise a spring-loaded non-slip handle which leads to a more comfortable fishing experience and proves to be a helpful tool for fishermen.

They are easy to carry and can be secured perfectly in your hands. This conveniently-sized plier features a coiled lanyard and a belt sheath which help in quick access and also in facilitating an easy reach while wading, surf fishing, or bank fishing.

Much-loved by customers, the brand ensures that their fishing pliers are user friendly.They also come with a 1-year warranty, so in an unlikely event that you encounter a problem, you may contact the manufacturer directly, and their friendly customer service professionals will address your concerns with utmost professionalism.


4. HJJS Fishing Pliers

HJJS Fishing PliersThese fishing pliers boast desirable qualities such as anti-rust and rigidity. The material comprises space-grade aluminium alloy which provides better rust protection. It also helps in making this product lighter in weight and obtaining an enhanced performance that’s suitable for both sea and freshwater environments.

An upgraded lanyard and sheath add to the durability prolong the usable life, making this one of the best fishing pliers available in the market.

The idea of one-handed operational capabilities was adopted from an ergonomic point of view. The lock is so well modified that its mechanism can be handled efficiently just with one hand.

Designed for a multi-functional usage, these fishing pliers possess a wide range of capabilities that include taking out fish hooks, cutting the fishing line, and many more, making theman ideal tool for both beginners and skilled experts.


5. Booms Fishing Pliers

Booms Fishing PliersThese are made of aluminium and are corrosion resistant, which means that they can easily be used for saltwater as well as freshwater environments. There are no chances of rust or corrosion or any other unwanted setbacks in the equipment, making this one of the best fishing pliers when its quality is taken into consideration.

These pliers are comprised of replaceable high-quality braided line cutters that incorporate 70+ HRC tungsten – perfect for slicing through tough braided fishing lines. Inset jaws made from stainless-steel are coated with carbon and increase strength and durability. They also help the serrated jaws grip tightly for the purpose of removing hooks and at the same time protect your hands so that you don’t get hurt by the triple fishhook.

Being easy to use and carry, the provision of a spring-loaded handle brings in an easy one-handed use, which combined with a steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon holster keeps this handy tool within reach and promotes a secured handling.

This brand promises you better quality and provides a comprehensive guarantee. A total length of 7.87 inches makes this offering a lot longer than other fishing pliers. In addition, the wire-coiled lanyard has a maximum withstandable tension of 40 lbs, while most others can only afford just 12 lbs.


6. Zitrades Fishing Pliers

Zitrades Fishing PliersThese fishing pliers boast an ergonomic and strong finish. The body of the gripper is made of specialized deluxe aluminium which improves upon durability and strength. This product easily qualifies as one of the best fishing pliers out there.

It comprises a high-density skid proof handle which decreases the chances of accidental slippage from the hands in humid conditions and provides easy handling. The handle also makes sure that the fishing pliers are made increasingly portable.

The bright colours part of its design grab more eyeballs and make it an attractive feature while maintaining the status of essential fishing equipment.

A holder with a belt loop and lanyard means that you’ll never leave or forget it on a beach or your fishing destination. They also help in giving more grip for holding items, which is quite ideal and perfect for removing hooks.

The stainless-steel jaws provided attain more durability and power, which helps in easily removing different types of hooks. A holster-style sheath and lanyard keep this equipment within reach and a black sheath prevents the fishing pliers from being scratched, essentially making it a scratch resistant product that’s easy to carry around. The coil lanyard enclosed in the design also safeguards the pliers from being dropped and lost.


7. Wolfyok Fishing Pliers

Wolfyok Fishing PliersThese fishing pliers are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and comprise corrosion resistant properties which offer greater saltwater resistance capability. This makes it one of the best saltwater fishing pliers while being devoid of elements that deplete the quality of the material, such as rusting and corrosion. This is also why it’s best for both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Jaws made of durable stainless-steel are coated with titanium to make it more durable, and the split ring enclosed in this design helps in providing easier removal from bait or hook.

These pliers also consist of tungsten carbide cutters which are replaceable. These are super sharp with an exceptional cutting potential. With them, it is extremely easy to cut the strongest of braided lines and even the heaviest mono leader fishing lines.

One of the main attractive features of these fishing pliers is that, you get an finger inlay for the provision of a smooth and comfortable grip which is also combined along with a raised curve present at the end. The main purpose of this raised curve is to help you get that extra push which is required when the hook is struck awkwardly.

Features such as a special anti-slip and spring-loaded handle make to cut a fishing line and simplifies the removal of the hook. Also included are shaped handles for a secure grip, which is a very helpful tool for fishermen.

It also comprises of a metal braided lanyard and a hook. These pliers do the most unconventional thing here, by placing the line cutters on the right side of the fishing pliers. Though most of the fishermen wouldn’t expect it, but they won’t complain about it either as it works perfectly. The pliers also come with a hook extractor end piece which is coated with black color.

You can never lose this fishing plier anywhere on a beach or leave it behind at your fishing spot thanks to bright colors that provide enhanced visibility. It also comes with a wire-coiled lanyard and a woven nylon sheath, which proves extremely convenient for the fishermen to store and use safely. The nylon sheath featured in this product is scratch resistant. Finally, the manufacturer offers one-year warranty from the date of purchase.


8. T-Reign Prosheath Fishing Pliers

T-Reign Prosheath Fishing PliersYou would absolutely love having these with you while you go fishing. Why, you ask? Because they’re really the best fishing pliers available in the market. They are perfect for bass and musky fishing, which is what most fishing enthusiasts do. It is crafted using one of the highest-quality materials and is built solely for increased performance and durability. The retractable tether of is so tight that even if you drop these pliers, they only fall a few inches. So it is quite to grab and place them back on the sheath.

The sheath enclosed within the product has closed belt loops that protect the equipment from depleting effects such as corrosion, rust, oxidation, and many more. The belt loops enclosed in the design allows you to be nearly 100% sure that you won’t lose your pliers on any fishing expedition.

The line cutter on the side is outstanding. It cuts every type of line you could imagine fishing with. Another advantage is that both the blade and cutting surfaces of the line cutter, as well as the gripping parts of the plier, can easily be removed and replaced in case the eventual wear and tear happens. These fishing pliers tend to be a simple yet effective utility for most of the fishermen.

If you fish often enough, you might lose your valuable equipment unless they are attached to you somehow. This is exactly what these specially-shaped hooks help you with. You can easily attach them to your pockets or trousers. All-in-all, these quality pliers are assured to last for a longer time and serve their intended purpose well.


9. Sanlike Fishing Pliers

Sanlike Fishing PliersThese pliers comprise anti-corrosive properties and are made of aluminium. The aircraft-grade material brings with it excellent corrosion resistance against both saltwater and freshwater and shows no signs of oxidation and rust, making this product one of the best saltwater fishing pliers.

Consisting of spring-loaded enclosures with jaws of stainless-steel, the springs in this design keeps the pliers open automatically for easy operation with one hand. The jaws are also coated with titanium and a sturdy split ring tip helps in easy removal of rings from lures or hooks.

These fishing pliers boast extravagant features such as the inclusion of carbide cutters made of tungsten and anti-slip handles that provide an everlasting grip. The tungsten carbide cutters are so sharp that they’re able to cut even the strongest braided lines and more. The special wave-shaped anti-slip handle ensures a firm grip and makes cutting fishing lines and the removal of hooks so easy.

You can use this product also as a portable lightweight fishing kit as it comes with a nylon sheath, a coiled lanyard, and a belt loop clasp. Being easy to carry around and use at any time, these fishing pliers are super handy and can be secured with you. The hollow design makes the equipment lightweight and a must buy for all those who love to fish.

An attractive offer that comes with the purchase is a full money-back guarantee and an exquisite 1-year warranty and lifetime replacement for all its parts.


10. Manley Professional Fishing Pliers

Manley Professional Fishing PliersThese fishing pliers are spring-loaded and a great piece of equipment for removing small hooks and gripping on fishing lines quickly. Being 7.5 inches in length, they offer the perfect grip for every fishing enthusiast. The advanced surface coating provided helps in protecting the tool from salt water exposure, thereby maximizing durability and proving it as one of the best saltwater fishing pliers.

This great fishing gadget encloses carbide cutters coated with tungsten which helps you in cutting braided fishing lines with stunning precision and ease. In addition, a kit includes a free sheath and lanyard which prove to be handy tools whenever you need them.

These fishing pliers also house sturdy aluminium & stainless-steel fishing rods that can be used whenever you need to handle fishing lines, hooks, and other gear. The product also comes with a specially-coated surface which ensures this multipurpose tool never rusts or comes under the effects of corrosion. Thanks to a free lanyard and holster, these fishing pliers can be attached to your clothing or other gear so that they’re always with you and ready when you need them to be.



In this article, we’ve learnt what a fishing controller is and how it is used for all types of fishing and recreational purposes. We also witnessed the exquisite features of fishing pliers and how they come in handy for beginners who want to learn fishing. These, however, can only be experienced by making a purchase, giving novices an exposure to the type of fishing plier suitable for their style of fishing and the location they visit.

So what are you waiting for? Just read those reviews and pick the fishing reel which you think fits your needs the most. After all, an enthralling journey of fishing requires only the best of the best.

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