Carp Fishing Tips

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Several historians refer to the carp fish as “the queen of rivers.” During the Spring season, the carp fish dominate the waters completely. Some people do not like them because they go on eating everything in their way. However, sports anglers consider carp fish a prized catch because it is one of the most difficult fish to hook.

Consequently, you require a lot of experience and great fishing skills to catch carp. In this article, we shall give you some carp fishing tips that will help you in mastering the techniques to catch them.

Use A Back Lead

A back lead is a second lead present on the fishing line that keeps it under the lake beds. In carp fishing, using the back leads becomes important when you need to conceal the fishing rod. Moreover, you should always use a back lead only after assessing the lake’s contours and calculating the distance you want to cast a fishing line. As a general rule, always allow the fishing line to sink in the water for a few minutes before you use the back lead.

You might wonder why concealing the fishing line is so crucial in carp fishing. Experts suggest that carp fish are among the most evolved aquatic organisms. They are accustomed to various types of fishing lines, and therefore, anglers need to deceive them into being successful.

Choosing A Fishing Rig

There are always new fishing rigs coming out in the market that confuse anglers more than helping them. Carp fishing is much more complex than any other type of fishing. Selecting the best rig for carp fishing can be challenging at times. While anglers face difficulty using the new fishing rigs, using the old fishing rigs is sometimes useless. It is because there is a high chance that they will be picked up by the fish easily.

If you face this difficulty, always use the fishing rig with which you are most comfortable. Most anglers prefer using the multi-rig for carp fishing. However, it entirely depends on your style and technique. Preferably, choose a rig that is easy to tie and has a big bottom bait.

Crucial To Feel The Line

You can be successful in carp fishing only if you feel the underwater tapping on the fishing line in time. Frankly, it takes years to master this skill. However, once you select a fishing rig and know how to tie the back lead, you can learn it faster with practice.

Carp fish are found in different locations, swimming under rocks, gravel, sand, etc. You must experience how it feels when the fish tap on the line in all these conditions. If you master this skill, catching all types of fish will get easier.

Always Use Gripper Leads

Since most carp fishing takes place during tides, it is good to use gripper leads. Gripper leads are special sinkers with a wide grip. Sinkers or leads help you identify any obstruction underwater. The usual bear fishing leads do not have a good grip and are unable to latch on to rocks or debris.

Moreover, gripper leads can hold onto low lying weeds in the water. These weeds have special bloodworms that attract carp fish. Therefore, by using a gripper lead, you will know if you are searching for the fish at the right spot or not. You can use the seawater gripper leads, which work best for a three-ounce depth.

Using Scented Fluids

Using fluids for carp fishing is a traditional technique. Carp fish rely on their sense of smell rather than vision, for migrating. Thus, by adding scented liquids at a spot, you can attract carp fish effectively. Sometimes it is good to add liquids if the water is murky, as it helps in enhancing visibility. As stated before, carp fish identify fishing lines, leads, etc. quickly. So, you need to use such techniques to set up a trap and catch them.

Choosing The Baits

One reason for the evolutionary success of Carp fish is that they can survive on anything. Carp fish readily eat any carbon-based organic matter. Therefore, anglers do not have to worry about the baits that they need to use to catch them. However, many misleading claims have been made about special fishing lures and baits that can help catch carp fish faster. Even the simplest bait is good enough to catch carp fish in large numbers. You should select baits that are readily available and cheap.

1. Corn Baits

Everybody thinks that corn is an outdated fishing bait option. However, in the case of carp fishing, it is highly efficient and available at cheap rates. Also, the corn baits available in the market strongly adhere to the fishing line and cover the hook completely. Corn Kernels are easy to use as fishing bait and do not create any mess. They are the best bait option when you want to teach kids how to fish.

2. Bread Baits

Plain bread can attract Carp fish in large numbers. It is rich in sugar, another carbon-containing organic compound. It is advisable to use stale bread because it floats in water for a longer time. Just like corn kernels, it is cheap, and you can buy it in abundance.

Selecting The Reel

While the average weight of a Carp fish lies between eight to ten pounds, these fish can be as heavy as 85 pounds. Therefore, you need robust fly fishing reels with a great crank power and a sturdy fishing line. Generally, anglers prefer using a 5,000 size fishing reel to catch carp fish.


So, these were some carp fishing tips to catch more fish in less time. Carp is called a rough fish in the United States. Therefore, you need to do a lot of research and understand their behavior to catch them successfully. You must work on your fishing skills before you venture into the rivers to capture them. Be attentive during carp fishing. You can miss an excellent good opportunity because of small distractions like phone calls. If you practice the techniques diligently and search for carp fish in the right locations, you can catch plenty of them, especially during the Spring season.

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