How Much Is A Lifetime Fishing License & Why you need it!

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Thinking of going to fish regularly? The process is not as simple as it is perceived; you will have to purchase a fishing license first. It is illegal to fish without permits and you need to obtain a license from the state you reside in.

You have a variety of options to choose from when you go to buy a fishing license. These licenses are available as per your requirement, be it a certain number of days, annually, or for a lifetime. The wisest investment of them all is of the lifetime license. Not only does it save you time, but it also contributes to preservation efforts.

Now, you might be wondering, how much is a lifetime fishing license and whether you require it or not. To answer these crucial questions, there is a detailed description of many aspects to think of before setting out to fish.

So, dive into this article to get a better understanding of the cost as well as the effectiveness of lifetime fishing licenses.

What Are Fishing Licenses?

You could be a person who has just started fishing and spends time pushing a kayak onto the bank. On the contrary, you could launch a high-end bass boat with a lot of experience in fishing. Both these situations call for the most important thing to carry while angling–a small piece of paper.

The small piece of paper is the fishing license and is issued as per your state. The price and types of these licenses vary from state to state.

Anglers of ages 18 to 64 all are obligated to have their license always in handy. Many states have a requirement of senior citizens and juniors to purchase a license too. These are available at a lower price in comparison to regular rates.

Alternate choices of license required are as vast as the water bodies you utilize for fishing. Each state has its separate rules and regulations in terms of price and period covered by a fishing license.

Some of the most commonly witnessed licenses in the states are annual fishing licenses, licenses for a lifetime, or a specific period. You might find the annual and specific period licenses to be an affordable option but this will cost you time and money over the years.

Why Do You Need A Lifetime Fishing License?

As you research various states and their fishing license application, you will notice more than just one category.

Going back to the 19th century, there weren’t as many people around and there was no license for fishing. As the population grew, the fish population ran a risk of being endangered in case of overuse.

Paying a license fee does nothing but ensure that you are successful in your fishing endeavor and capture an ample amount of fish. And face it, if just anyone could fish, there would be a scarcity.

Not only do fish get protection from hunting, poaching but license fees can help support research as well.

So the next time you fuss over having to pay a fishing license, remember that by paying the fee, you are paying to be successful in your fishing endeavor.

When it comes to a lifetime license, I suggest you go for it and get yourself one.

If you have just moved to a state and want to enjoy fishing over the weekends, this is a cost-effective deal. You should go for a lifetime license rather than purchasing an annual or a multi-year fishing license. The amount spent annually will end up costing you much more than the lifetime fishing license, proving to be non-profitable.

There are added advantages that some states provide along with a lifetime fishing license. For example, Washington also protects their lifetime license holders from any future price increases in license rates.

So, why wait? Apply for a lifetime fishing license today and fish from your boat without a worry in the world!

The Price And Process

Now you may be wondering, all this information is fine, but how much is a lifetime fishing license? Well, it isn’t as affordable as you think. However, it is a smart investment, and there’s an explanation for it.

The fee for a lifetime fishing license varies from state to state. Some states have the same rate for all age groups or some use age as a factor to set the fee.

Arizona charges five different fees for the respective age ranges. The license is available for ages from 13 to 62 and over. On the other hand, Maine offers a license exclusively to residents older than 65 and younger than 15 years of age.

New Hampshire and Georgia are known to provide senior citizens with a no-cost lifetime fishing license. Furthermore, in Oklahoma adults over 60 enjoy a lifetime license at $225 whereas other adults pay $625.

In California, a lifetime fishing license costs $548 for ages in the range of 40-61 and only $370.50 for seniors. Comparing this to New York, the cost is $460 for all ages up to 69 and a mere $65 for adults older than 70.

As you can see the rates fluctuate according to state but are usually above the range of $300-400.

Now, while the normal annual rates might seem like a cheaper option, on calculating the total cost over the years, it is a different story.

Taking the example of California, the annual price is $49.94 for residents and the lifetime license costs $548. Say you are 40 years old and fish for another 20 years, you end up spending over $998.9 as a grand total. Much more than you expected right?

You should understand how smart it is to invest in a lifetime fishing license. All that extra money could be spent on fishing equipment like sturdy rods and reels instead of an annual license.

If you can’t afford a lifetime license right now, I recommend that you save up for it. As it will benefit you in the long run, saving your effort and money.

After getting your answer to “how much is a lifetime fishing license”, I hope you are motivated to purchase it. I suggest you rush online or to fishing or convenience stores to apply for this wonderful deal!

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