A Simple Guide on How To Store Kayaks: Follow These 5 Steps

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Storing a bulky kayak always comes off as a challenge. Keep it carelessly where the temperature is too hot and it will warp and bend out of shape.

You can also not put it just anywhere. A kayak needs a dedicated space for storage and the right conditions as well.

Buying good and durable kayaks is an investment that can cost a lot and that is also a reason why you should store them carefully.

It is important to store a kayak properly to maintain its quality and prevent it from any damage.

It should be kept in a safe space where it can be accessed conveniently too.

In short, there is a lot that you should consider before storing your kayak just anywhere.

If you are wondering how to store kayaks in a way that will retain their best state, keep reading on.

Decide Where and How you want to Store it

Before hurriedly putting your kayak away wherever there is some extra space, you need to consider certain factors.

If you don’t plan, you can end up with guilt and regret.

Think about how often you are going to use the kayak before storing it.

If you go kayaking every other weekend, you would want to store it at a place where you can access it easily.

Likewise, if you only use it occasionally, you can store it at a lesser accessible but safe place.

Next, you would also have to think about whether you want to store it indoors or outdoors.

Storing it at a safe and protected place outdoors will save you a lot of time and effort pulling it out if you use it frequently.

However, keeping the kayak indoors will guarantee protection from not only weather but also theft.

You should also plan about whether you want to keep it on the ground or mount it safely on a wall.

Create Space

After having decided the potential location of storing the kayak, you need to create space for it.

Make sure that it is an open area where the temperature remains neutral as hot temperature can cause your kayak to warp.

Storing your kayak in controlled temperature will prevent it from damage and getting brittled.

Ensure that the space where you wish to store your kayak is clean and dry.

Clean the Kayak Thoroughly Before Storing

It is essential to clean the kayak thoroughly inside out before storing it away.

Use an all purpose cleaner and a sponge to rid the kayak of any dust, dirt, grease and smudges.

After giving it a cleanse, rinse it out once with clean water.

Next, wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth or wipe.

Make sure that the kayak is completely dry before it is stored.

Cover It Up

To protect the kayak from getting layered with dust if it is being stored for a long time, it is important that you cover it up.

You can easily get a kayak cover online or you can use any drape to cover it up.

This protective layer will save you a lot of labour as it will prevent it from getting covered in dust. Now you know how to store kayaks while ensuring that they stay clean and dry.

Store the Kayak

There are three ways to store a kayak:

1. On the Ground

You need to decide whether you want to store the kayak horizontally or vertically on the ground.

The kayak should always be stored on a levelled surface and not a bumpy one. It should always lean against a solid structure like a wall.

If you are storing it horizontally, make it lean against the wall with its cockpit facing out in the open.

Kayaks are solid and will not dent easily resting against the wall. However, just to be sure, flip it over to the other side once every month.

You can also store it vertically at an angle against the wall with its cockpit facing out.

Note that there is always a danger of it falling down when you are storing it vertically.

To prevent this from happening, you should pace some padding beneath it. It will keep the kayak stable and in place.

An important thing to remember is to never place the kayak face-down or face-up on the floor. This can put stress on the kayak and damage it.

2. Mounting on the Wall

Another way to store the kayak is by mounting it on the wall.

For this you will need to find a sturdy wall that can hold the weight of the kayak.

You will have to fix a mounting system on the wall. A rope or bracket storage system will hold it well on the wall.

You can also invest in a kayak hanger. It can be installed easily and will protect your kayak from falling down.

Once you have installed the mounting system, you can hang the kayak on it.

Make sure to hang the kayak only in a horizontal position with its backside lying flat against the wall. Also, never hang a kayak by its handles. It can easily break down that way.

The kayak should be properly balanced on the mounting system to keep it secure and in place.

3. On a Rack

You can separately buy or build a kayak rack using PVC frames.

Your kayak will fit vertically on the rack.

The bow of the kayak will stay fixed on the base of the rack and will hold it securely.

Storing it on a kayak rack is a safe option and you will not have to worry about it falling off.

How to store kayaks – Conclusion

These are some ways to store your kayak safely.

Even the most durable fishing kayaks in water can get weather-beaten just by being stored in the wrong place for a long time.

Time and temperature are the two factors that affect the build and quality of the kayaks. Pay special attention to these factors while planning the location of storing your kayak.

We hope that this article has provided you with some useful insight about how to store kayaks.

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