What Is Magnet Fishing?

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What is magnet fishing? It is exactly what it sounds like. Find out more about this interesting type of fishing in this article.

The What’s and How’s

Most types of fishing, including bow fishing, spinning, and fly fishing, are a way for anglers to bring home food or land exotic fish. However, Magnet fishing or Magnetic Fishing is a little different.

Magnet fishing is emerging as an attractive hobby for a lot of people. Even the famous English Rugby player James Haskell has adopted it.

If you have been looking into it too, then you’re at the right place. This article will cover the answers to the questions about what is magnet fishing, how it’s done, what is the gear you need for it, and how dangerous can it be.

What Is Magnet Fishing?

A technical answer to ‘what is magnet fishing’ will be – It is a search of ferromagnetic objects in the outdoor waters using a strong neodymium magnet.

In simple words, magnet fishing is exactly what it sounds like. It is the art of fishing with magnets. There is nothing more to it. You tie a magnet to one end of a rope, throw it into the water, and wish for it to stick to something you can take home.

The practice of magnet fishing is a mixture of environmentalism and treasure hunting. The magnets used are big and strong enough to pull out heavy debris from the water. People find discarded bicycles, coins, car tire rims, safes, and even guns and bombs. Unlike normal fishers, magnet fishers are looking for trophies in the disguise of rare and valuable items.

To our surprise, magnet fishing was initially used by boaters to recover fallen keys from the water. Today, it is illegal in some parts of the world to magnet fish in the water bodies they own.

How To Magnet Fish?

Now that you know what is magnet fishing and the great possibilities of finding incredible stuff ‘below the surface’, you might have developed an interest in how to do it. To be honest, this is the easiest and the most inexpensive kind of fishing.

1. The Gear You Need

A magnet fishing kit will cost you less than 50 bucks. It is very affordable and something anybody can try.

a. The Magnet

The first thing you’ll need is the perfect magnet. There are various types of magnets like ceramic and samarium cobalt magnets. The one you will need for magnet fishing is the Neodymium magnet.

A Neodymium magnet is the most suitable for magnet fishing because it has a very strong pull force despite its compact size. It has two types – one-sided and two-sided. Two-sided magnets are great for searching in deep waters. As a beginner, one-sided magnets are preferable since they latch on stronger. This makes heavy-lifting easier.

Invest in the best magnet for a great magnet fishing experience.

b. The Rope

The next thing you need is the perfect hard rope. Ropes made of synthetic material like nylon are the best choice since they don’t rot. Some of these ropes are dry-treated. This keeps them from getting heavy upon getting wet.

Make sure your rope is of the appropriate length.

c. Safety Gloves

You will pick up a lot of rusted stuff. Using gloves is a must for your hands’ safety.

You don’t have to invest in any expensive gloves. Just the regular ones available at any hardware store will do.

d. A Grappling Hook

Having this in your fishing kit is not a compulsion but it is very helpful at times. This hook comes in handy when you’ve latched on to something huge.

You can tie your rope to something sturdy on the boat to hold your catch in place. Then haul it with the hook. It is also useful when your catch is not solid metal.

e. A Magnet Storage

Carrying a super-strong magnet with you can be difficult since it will keep sticking to metallic things. You can invest in a plastic box or a small icebox to nullify the magnetic effect. This will make it easier to carry around.

2. Tips & Tricks For Magnet Fishing

Once you are clear with what is magnet fishing, what all can you catch, and what you need to magnet fish, you are all set to get in the waters.

Here are some tips for first-time magnet fishers.

Any water body that is situated among a settled locality is sure to have a lot of metal to hunt. The most common places are bridges, canals, piers, and popular places. Do some research for a better result. Historic places are supposed to have the most interesting finding but they are apparently all cleaned off by other treasure hunters. But they are still worth a shot. River mouths and spillways are a great place to treasure hunt since a lot of stuff keeps getting washed downstream.

  • Be a master of tying the knot you need to tie the magnet with the rope. The most popular and easy knot for this purpose is the Palomar knot. Practice it with smaller threads and needles and perfect yourself at tying it.
  • Unsticking your magnet can be very difficult at times. Try pulling it sideways since that way you’re not going against the magnet’s entire pulling power. If all your tries fail, don’t hesitate to ask for help from fellow anglers.

Dangers Of Magnet Fishing

The answer to what is magnet fishing can be very intriguing. Before you set out to try it, there are a few dangers of magnet fishing that you should be aware of.

  • You might catch explosives like grenades and other bombs. It is quite dangerous as you never know when they can go off.
  • You are also prone to cutting yourself. The dirt and rust can infect your body. Consider getting a tetanus booster if you haven’t had one recently.

Have Patience And Enjoy It!

There may be chances when you find nothing at all in the waters. In that case, don’t be disappointed. Get a good kayak for yourself and keep exploring until you succeed.

If you do get bored of not finding anything, fish are always there. Try other types of fishing and catch a troop of fish. Be patient with yourself and have fun while you’re at it.

We hope this article answered all your questions about what is magnet fishing. Take care.

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