Craving Fish? – But When Does Fishing Season Start?

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Fishing season is the only season during which it is legal to catch fish. Though only 56 percent of the American population consumes seafood, fishing is one of their most favorite pastimes. Most of them eat fish only once or twice a month. And when they’re in the mood, it’s fish party time.  

Imagine yourself lying on your couch on a lazy Sunday morning. Out of nowhere, the aroma of fresh tuna sandwiches creeps into your nose. The neighbor is doing a good job with his imported canned tunas, and all you can do is keep sniffing. 

You want to catch them fresh, but you don’t know when the fishing season starts. Don’t ponder much ‘cause we’ve got you hooked at the right place. Now let’s dive in!

When Is The Best Time To Get Your Fishing Rod Out?

1. The Right Time

It is always important to fish at the right time. The right equipment and the right fishing spot do not determine a good fish catch. Always give emphasis to the time of the day. 

Unless you thought otherwise, fishes are said to be coldblooded, so their activity depends on the water temperature they live in. They tend to be inactive when they are cold. Most of the small fishes feed on bugs, so it is always best to go fishing during the high-buggy time.

During warmer seasons, mosquitoes are seen quite a lot. This is also another apt time to get your fishing rod rolling.

2. The Right Season

Considering the seasons contributes a great deal to your fishing plans. Like animals, fishes also wait for the right season to come out in clusters. This will vary based on where you live and the fish population there.

  • Summer

Summer is the most preferred season for fishing. You can set out on your fishing kayaks either when the first streak of gold appears in the sky or when the sun goes down. Make sure to avoid the hottest times of the day because then the fish retreats to cooler and deeper areas. 

  • Winter 

You don’t want to fish with an iced fishing rod, do you? It will be quite a herculean task to distinguish between the fish sounds and your teeth chattering! So winter is pretty much not preferred for fishing. Well, obviously!

  • Spring

Fishing is done during the warmer times of spring. The winds carry the food, filled surface water towards the shore. Where there is food, there is fish. So always keep in mind to position yourself along the shoreline during spring.

However, bugs are seen less when the sun is up, so fishes feed less during the spring mornings. It is always good to fish during the dusk. Remember, when the sun goes down, the fishes come up.

  • Fall

This can be an inconsistent time for fishing. But the right fishing spot and the right time of the day can prove Fall to be an awesome time to fish. Fishes love pink skies, so get fishing during dusk.

3. Tide Chart 

Keep account of the tide chart. You would have seen videos of mass fishing during tide rise and tide falls. It is because when the tide is rising or falling, fishes move in masses. So this is considered a favorite fishing time for fishers. 

Nonetheless, fishing will be comparatively harder during low or hide tide.

4. Weather 

Keep an eye out for the weather. Fishes being coldblooded, are deeply affected by the water temperature they live in. It is always better to fish during warm fronts than during cold fronts. 

5. Wind

 Winds are a good sign. Winds always fulfill fishing wishes of anglers. They push the surface water to the shore. Along with the water, many small fishes are also brought in. You’re sure to have a good time fishing from the shore during windy days.

If you’re fishing from a boat, make sure to throw the cast in the wind’s direction. To withstand corrosion, choose the best fishing boats. All the best with a good catch.

6. Clouds

Clouds are a game-changer. When the sky is overcast with these fluffy marshmallows, fishes feed heavily. This makes it easy for fishers to spot them. Have fun fishing on cloudy days.

7. Rain 

Friend or foe? Light rain washes lots of bugs and insects into the water – a fish’s favorite food. This means supper time for the fishes. Due to the blurry surface, fishes can’t spot the fishers easily unless they have goggles on. 

Whereas, heavy rain stirs up the mud making it harder for fishes to find its prey. This eventually makes it harder for fishers to catch their prey. But we think it’s best not to venture out into the sea when it’s raining cats and dogs.

So, when does fishing start? We can hear you answer now!

When Are You Ready For Fishing?

Along with the climate and weather conditions, it is vital to hold possession of the best fishing equipment. Awesome and strong fishing rods, reels, lines, boats, kayaks, apparel, etc. and the list goes on. All of this plays a huge role in fishing.

It is equally important to keep your equipment in good shape as well. This keeps you unburdened from all the tackle before you set out for fish hunting.

Other Factors

  • Always Ask Around

Before you go fishing to a new spot, always consider asking the locals there. This makes you more informed on the fishing conditions and the best time to fish at that specific place.

  • Physical Fitness

You don’t want that good, big fish to escape just because you had a muscle spasm. If you want the fish in your basket, then you better work on your shoulder and arms more. Physical fitness is a must-have for a pro fisher.

  • Moon – a Fisher’s Best Companion

It is always good to keep an eye out on the moon. The presence of the moon determines high and low tides. So don’t forget to make Ms.Moonie your friend.

If you keep these factors in mind, you are all ready to hook up folks!

Grab Your Rods Already!

We know how much you love taking your good old fishing rod out to the blue waters. Now you know when to go catch your prey, fisher! We can already smell the tuna sandwiches on your table. Don’t forget to save one for us!

Happy fishing!


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