Best Bass Lures 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Tbuymax’s 2. Truscend 3. LotFancy

If you are someone who has ever tried their hand at the sport of fishing or even know a dedicated fishing lover, you must be well aware of the attachment that people tend to create with fishing. This admiration for the activity doesn’t just come from the happiness of catching a fish; it is regarding the new adventures and memories that you carry home with yourself. It is a new experience every time you grab your tackle box and throw your fishing lures into the waters.

We will look into an important fishing gear in this article, yes, we are talking about the best bass lures.


Why Is Bass Fishing So Popular?

Now, for anyone even a little in touch with the world of fishing, there must have been endless incidences of stumbling across the term ‘bass fishing.’ When you try to search ‘bass’, the majority of results will lead you to bass fishing and its equipment; that’s how popular this sort of fishing is. There are various reasons why bass fishing is talked about so much, adored in the fishing community, and has advanced to become a full-fledged sport:

• The bass fishes are found 48 states of the United States, parts of Canada, parts of Mexico and in Cuba as well. Due to its abundance and easy availability, you are not required to travel for hours just to enjoy the joy of fishing and can catch your bass fish within a short distance from home.

• Though these are not the biggest fish in the waters, they truly put up a great fight to resist and are immensely strong. Due to their strength that even breaks the surface of the water or your very own fishing rod, they give you a good competition and keep you on your toes, addicting you to the activity.

• The eating habits of largemouth bass are diverse. They can eat anything and everything. This makes it easier for the fisher to decide their lure medium. If you don’t succeed in catching a bass in one region, go ahead and try somewhere else, there are always many hungry basses in the waters.

• Though conventionally, you will get better luck at catching a bass jackpot at dusk and dawn, any time of the day is suitable to practice your bass fishing skills. Whenever you get some leisure time to free your tensed mind and relax, bass fishing is there to relieve your stress.

• Bass fishing provides you with a great way to connect with nature. Nothing brings on the sense of being alive better than reconnecting with the raw beauty of nature as you indulge yourself in this free-spirited activity.

• Due to the widespread popularity of bass fishing, there are many tournaments that you can participate in, and fish alongside professional anglers around the country to gain an experience of a lifetime.

Because of its strength and competitive nature, the bass could be tough to catch for many fishers who have just set foot into the cold waters of fishing. Bass fishing requires some special equipment in your tackle box. There are many aspects of the bass fishing lures that you need to study before you throw your lure into the water for a pleasant and relaxing fishing experience. They are:

• Size of the lure
• Colour of the lure
• The movement of the lure
• The sound that the lure makes

Kinds Of Bass Lures

There’s a variety of bass fishing lure that attracts the bass fish instantly. It isn’t rocket science to study what will win you a great victory at the waters. With a few right decisions, you can go home contented, and your bucket full of bass.

• Crankbait: These lures can go down to different depths in the water and are light enough to float well so that it doesn’t end up getting stuck between cracks of rocks.

• Buzzbait: Like the name itself suggests, buzzbait creates a ticking sound as the lure travels across the water’s surface, grasping the nearby basses’ attention. They are easy to use and are versatile in nature.

• Jig: Equipped with a paddle tail, the jig is an ultimate bass fishing lure, it can go down to 2 feet deep or drag the bottom in 40. Many experienced anglers classify this lure as one of the best bass lures.

• Crankbait: Another lure that is on people’s best bass lures list is crankbait. Its wobbly movement attracts the bass instantly, and when retrieved aggressively will keep the bass biting onto it.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Bass Lures

With numerous lures available in the market, it could be tough to decide the perfect one. Buying a bass lure isn’t similar to shopping for your everyday necessities. You need to examine multiple aspects of the lure, and pick the one that fits the best according to your requirement. Since the ability to attract the bass fish is the ultimate goal of the bass lures, you have to keep the following categories on your fingertips the next time you go shopping for the best bass lures:

1. Good color contrast

If you observe the fish in the waters, you would find how they come in different color contrasts, it is something that the bass fish are used to finding in their prey. If your bass lure parallels the same sort of contrast, it will attract more bass fish and will increase your chances of catching a good amount of fish.

2. Pick the colors according to the season

The eating habits of bass fish switch according to different seasons. If you are fishing in the initial months of the year, make use of peach-colored patterns since they eat crawfish during that season Meanwhile, for the seasons of fall and summers, bass like to feed on shad, thus, it is always clever to use silver or chrome baits.

3. Small size

The bigger the lure is, the easier it gets for the bass to identify between artificial bait and real food. Smaller lures attract more bass throughout the day, especially in clear water since it enables them to see the bait better.

4. Natural sounds

Anything that doesn’t fit well with the natural environment of the fish might alert it and prevent it from approaching the bait. If your lure makes artificial noises, it will send the bass away. Lures such as a jerkbait- one that exhibits random clicking sounds similar to that of a crawfish- has higher chances of being bitten by a bass than any other lure that makes unnatural sounds.

5. Retrieving speed

If a bass catches a lure moving at a fast speed, it would imagine it to be a prey trying to get away from being eaten. This quality of the bass attracts them towards lures that retrieve faster than the rest.

6. Creating random actions

Bass will instantly get attracted towards a bait that carries out random movement, practiced by the fisherman rather than being performed by the lure itself. Since most preys carry out random movements as they swim across, bass fish will aim to catch them and thus, get caught up by the lure.

Even after discussing all the important aspects that must be considered before purchasing a bass lure, the diverse variety in the market might confuse even the professionals. It is always better to get some advice on the best bass lures before making a purchase. This, we bring you some of the best bass lures of 2021!

Top 12 Best Bass Lures 2021

1. Tbuymax’s Fishing Lure Spinnerbait

Tbuymax’s Fishing Lure SpinnerbaitJust a quick look at these lures can attract even a human eye, let alone a wandering fish under water. Charmed with vibrant colours, these baits fulfill the contrasting aspect of good bait. The structure of the baits is large and strong so that it is able to withstand the restraint developed by the bass and catch as many big fish as possible.

Their blades cater you with continuous flash and vibration that mimics small preys in an attempt to catch the fishes’ attention. Each of the lures in the collection comes with a sharp treble hook to keep the bass in place once it bites the bait. The bait is said to have life-like movement underwater; something that could appear like a natural fish to the bass.

By studying the experience of past customers, it is safe to say that these baits are best lures for bass for their price. There are a few areas that are yet to be looked into. For example, many complained of a non-functional blade, but for the amount it is priced at, this lure set is quite an offer. It might not be the best deal for a professional bass angler with a lot of previous experience, but for a beginner, these lures provide good service with a decent price.


2. Truscend Fishing Bass Lures Crankbaits

Truscend Fishing Bass Lures CrankbaitsThese crankbaits have 3D printing on their surface; its colours resembling the natural shades of fish underwater, thus increasing the realistic appearance of the bait. Their lifelike S shape mimics actions similar to that of an injured fish. This aspect of the bait attracts the bass instantly since it is easier to catch an injured prey. Its body has been divided into different sections and then joined together with a textured fabric, making its movement even more realistic and fish-like from the point of view of the bass.

The bait comes with a sharp trebles Mustad hook that won’t allow the bass to get away from its grip and retrieve back to the shore. It showcases perfect simulation fishtail shows to provide you with the ultimate fishing experience.

These baits deserve to be entered in the list of the best lure for bass of all time. With their detailed surface and extraordinarily real movements, these baits are good for both experienced anglers as well as for the new and learning fishermen and women.


3. LotFancy Fishing Lures Crankbaits

LotFancy Fishing Lures CrankbaitsWith a variety of sizes ranging from 1.5 to 3.6 inches, these baits are smaller in size, which makes them blend into the environment better than the much larger lures. They have good contrasting colours on their bodies, which easily grasp the bass’ attention.

The bodies have been made from stainless steel and carry great detailing to achieve the most realistic appearance. The bait fish in this collection are equipped with 3D lifelike eyes which adds into their realistic display. The speciality of these baits is that they come with an in-built gravity ball. These balls emit a low-frequency rattle which mimics real life baitfish, a fish that is a favourite of the basses.. The ball also helps to increase the throw distance of the bait and make decent noise to attract the bass’ attention.

The customers of this lure have appreciated its hard plastic body with internal bearing rattles and the realistic element. The aspect that might have prevented a few from gaining the best fishing experience was its size that many found to be on the smaller side, which did not suit their preference. With a decent price, these baits are useable and prove to be a good fishing tool to be added in your tackle box.


4. Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing LuresThis bait comes in a classic lipless design. It is an extra-loud, shallow-running crankbait that is equipped with two full sized VMC black nickel hooks. It establishes great movement, from slow to fast actions, and can switch between movements very swiftly without alerting the bass about its unnatural being. Its swift retrieval quality makes it one of the best bass lures.

The lure even has secret sound chambers equipped into it. Sound triggers the need for the bass to investigate the source of the noise, hence, bringing it in the direction of the bait easily. The sound frequencies that this bait produces are uniform, harmonic and “in tune” with nature. This helps it to blend into the natural environment underwater and at the same time, catch the bass fish’s attention. The sound accompanied by wobbles is something that gains the bass’ attention immediately.

Its lipless design makes the lure last-longing and dependable to be used anywhere, anytime. Whether you wish to retrieve it quickly or run the lure slowly while taking in the peaceful atmosphere around you in the company of your family and friends, this bait can do it all for you.

With the company’s reputation attached to the performance of the lure, the customers had decent feedback overall to give to this collection. If a few minor details are overlooked, this bait can truly be one of the best bass lures of all time.


5. Lixada Fishing Bass Lure Crankbait

Lixada Fishing Bass Lure CrankbaitEquipped with seven multi-joint segments, this bait carries a very lifelike feel to it. Its S-shaped structure enables it to move swiftly and remain flexible in all states. It is the design, realistic appearance and lifelike motion that evokes the attention of the bass. One of its best features is that it can withstand high pressure and can hold up to 17 kgs of weight, hence enabling the fisher to catch the bigger fish.

Lixada aimed to create a lure that is completely eco-friendly and durable in water,irrespective of how frequently it is used. These baits are odour-free which helps it mingle well with the environment . Its streamlined design reduces wind resistance as you throw it in the air. The bait is equipped with a solid metal material inside which has a durable effect of gravity.

Its past users have found this lure to be going great through the water at a quick retrieval speed, and were impressed with its performance. While some had issues with the hook not being strong enough, on an average the responses werewere extremely positive, making it a tough competitor for the title of the best fishing lures for bass.


6. wLure Minnow Crankbait

wLure Minnow CrankbaitThis bass lure by wLure comes along with the company’s special RealSkin technology, giving it a complete lifelike display and patterns that look like a real fish with a body that lengths up to 3 1/4 inches.

The bait’s surface is decorated with contrasting colours. This feature of the lure makes it easier for the bass to see it as a prey and thus, get caught in the hook. Speaking of the hook, this lure by wLure has an eagle claw-shaped treble hook, which makes it 125% sharper than the rest. They also come with a rattle, which helps in catching the attention of the basses swimming nearby.

Some experienced users found that this bait offered them with a hook that was strong and had great hold, not letting the fish get out of grip. Its movement brought criticism from a few users but the rest were satisfied with its performance and managed to have a great time with this beautiful lure that got them quite many catches. Due to its satisfying results on an average, it proves to be one of the best lures to catch bass.


7. Soljer Blue Gill Sun Fish Panfish Talipia

Soljer Blue Gill Sun Fish Panfish TalipiaThis four inches long lure comes with a beautifully designed body that glistens in the water. Its body has been divided into 6 different segments. This structural strategy is conducted to provide the bait a very lifelike movement and help it to swim through water without any trouble. This division gives it a very natural motion, mimicking that of a potential prey, and attracting the eyes of the bass.

It is a slowing sinking bluegill bait, different in the category as compared to the rest of the lures in the list. This lure can be termed one of the best fishing lures for bass of all times, and its past customers have some good words to speak about its realistic body and motion that looks better than a real fish!


8. Yo-Zuri 3DB Crayfish Slow Sinking Lure

Yo-Zuri 3DB Crayfish Slow Sinking LureThis lure is a slow sinking freshwater bait that can be used for flipping or as a swim jig. This feature of slow sinking gives it a butterfly stroke motion. This bait grasps the bass’ attention immediately with the help of their lateral lines and it’s molded legs provides it with distinctive wave-motions and vibrations.

The lure even emits a flash created by the internal 3D prism, luring the bass towards its presence. Its double hook is fixed firmly to the body and succeeds in catching the fish. It comes with a joint tail which offers it extra support and flexible movements.

While talking about the best bass lures, this lure can’t be missed. Customers have often praised how it looks in water and have said that it appears so realistic that it can be easily mistaken for a real crayfish. On an average, most of the customers found this collection to be quite great with catching bass and would recommend it to others too.


9. Sougayilang Minnow Fishing Lures Crankbaits

Sougayilang Minnow Fishing Lures CrankbaitsThis lure is available in unique and vibrant surface, and is equipped with contrasting colours. To add to its display, it has reflective scales embodied on its surface to increase its visibility when under water. Eyes with 3D effect enhance its realistic appearance.
It exercises a steady wiggle motion underwater at a high speed. The lure even comes with metal balls inside to give it structure and produce sound.

We studied the past customers’ experience and many of them weren’t so sure about its efficiency. Criticizing its lack of movement, the experienced anglers complained of a a not-so-good fishing experience. However, keeping the negatives aside, majority of the users found it to have a very lifelike appearance. This lure proved to be quite good for beginners. So, if you are looking for a decent lure with decent pricing, this could be your best lure bass.


10. Sougayilang Fishing Lure Whopper Plopper Bait

Sougayilang Fishing Lure Whopper Plopper BaitThis bait performs both subtle and violent tasks. Divided into two sections, the front section is like your usual pencil-shaped walking bait. The back section is also quite similar to it, except for a cupped molded plastic tail equipped along and the fact that it’s able to spin around the wire harness of the front half. Due to this, when jerked or retrieved swiftly, the hind end of the tail creates turbulence in the water, mirroring the similar actions of a buzzbait and causing the bass to be attracted towards its fish-like movement.

It covers the water effortlessly. When you speed it up, the bait throws water like a real swamp buggy with the same deep, hollow whopper-plopping-fish-catching sound. It comes with a strong abrasion resistant feature that helps it to hold a tight grip on the fish gaining success with the bass. It has a soft and pliable tail that rotates on a harness, making enticing rumbles and creating varying sounds to engage the attention of the bass wandering around the area.

Talking about the appearance, this bait provides you with the ultimate visual experience, making it suitable to catch a variety of fishes. It has colours that are well selected to attract as many bass fish as possible. Its multi-layered reflective body completed with natural colours helps it to mingle well with the natural underwater environment, and its 3D lifelike eyes attract all the basses effectively.

Since most of the original whopper ploppers are quite expensive, this product proves to be a cheaper alternative for the people who wish to try this type of lure. The customers found it to be a good investment for beginners and as a suitable alternative for the much expensive original bait. Its efficiency to catch fish and its beautiful appearance allows it to be one of the best fishing lures for bass of all time.


11. Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Jigs Worms Weights

Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Jigs Worms WeightsThis tailored tackle bass box is filled with various lures of different kinds; spinnerbait, lipless crankbait, weedless skirt jig, square bill crankbait, swimbait, stick bait worms, tube baits, grubs and jerk shads.

To provide you with the perfect recreational experience and ensure that you catch as many bass fish as possible, this tackle box is equipped with 77 different pieces which include:
• 20 Soft Plastic Lures
• 20 Terminals
• 15 Bass Hooks
• 12 Sinker Weights
• 6 Bass Fishing Lures
• 4 Jig Heads

This tackle set is another great competitor for the title of the best bass lure of all time. If we study the experience of its past users, they seem quite satisfied with its functions. Since the box comes with a diverse variety of baits, it works well in all situations for bass fishing. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a set to start you off, or an experienced fisherman looking to expand your tools to these ripping lips and expand your horizons even further, this set provides you quite a lot at just one stop.


12. Untapped fishing Premium Fishing Lures for Bass

Untapped fishing Premium Fishing Lures for BassKeeping the popularity and love surrounding bass fishing in mind, Untapped ultra-fishing lures have been specially designed for the purpose of catching smallmouth and largemouth. However, it helps to catch many other sorts of fish as well. These baits have been made in a specific manner so that it imitates a fleeing baitfish with an erratic action. These lures have a large wobble that causes major vibrations throughout the water, helping to attract as many bass fish as possible.

In the kit, the user gets 5 different colour variations which have been specifically designed to help you gain a successful experience at the waters. Each piece is effective in all weather conditions; from low lighting dusk to bright sun rays, these lures are visible at any time of the day.

The lures in the tackle box have been made from superior material. They are equipped with hooks that are 6 times sharper than an average W-hooks. Its quick clip allows the angler to control the actions and movements of the bait pretty well.

This kit is quite a bargain for its price. Customers have found it to be an effective addition to their tackle kit. Due to the variety of baits available, it works well in all sorts of lightings and weather, never hindering you from spending a fun time outdoors with your loved ones just because of unfavourable weather conditions. It definitely qualifies to be one of the best fishing bass lures present in the market at the moment.


Fishing has a way of fulfilling a never-ending want of catching and pursuing.

Bass fishing is for everyone. It can be enjoyed with the laughter of your friends as you open the pandora box of old memories and with the warmth of the whole family gathering together as you pass on your acquired fishing skills to your next generation. Bass fishing holds more value than just a sport, it becomes a way to reconnect with nature and your loved ones.

While it might become tough to pick the perfect equipment for the task of bass fishing, any lure becomes the best bass lure only with the right set of skills and enthusiasm to learn the art of fishing. There is no perfect answer to the question ‘what is the best bass fishing lures?’, because there are plenty of amazing lures that exist in the market. But the preference for the best lure bass highly depends on the angler himself or herself. Though the experience of catching big bass is extremely satisfying and takes you to cloud nine with a sense of accomplishment, yet the true spirit of bass fishing lies in the immeasurable life lessons that you will experience along the way.

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