Best Fishing Lures of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Rose Kuli 2. Plusinno 3. Truscend
Rose Kuli Fishing Lures Lifelike Bass Fishing Tackle Kits Plusinno Fishing Lures For Bass Baits Kit Truscend Fishing Lures For Bass Fishing Tackle Kits Lifelike

An artificial bait to attract the attention of a predator fish is known as a fishing lure. Fishing lures are mostly designed in a way in which they look eerily similar to live bait. The lure showcases movements in the water, vibrates, reflects flashes of color, and produces sound. All of this in addition to its realistic graphics, make for an amazing bait to hook onto fishes.

Fishing lures are attached to fishing rods, which are placed inside the water. A fisherman, or any person who likes fishing, may further regulate the fishing rod and move the fishing lure, as deep into the water as they want. Gears like the fish lures have hooks attached onto their ends, which grabs on to the fish and thus, capturing of the fish is made easier.


Good fishing lures may cost up to $15- $20. They are cheap and serve their purpose. Fishing lures are readily available at retail stores. Along with that, multiple options are available online as well.

It is important to know what kind of fish one would be targeting and buy their fishing lures accordingly.

Factors To Look For When Buying the Best Fishing Lures

1. Appearance Of The Lure

The main purpose behind buying a fishing lure is that it should be able to catch as many fish as possible. This can only be done when the fish are attracted to the bait which is thrown in the water. To ensure this, the lure should be well constructed.

The colors of the bait should be in contrast to the color of the water body it is going to be used in. The graphics on the lure should be realistic. The design of the scales, the mouth, the fins, the tail, everything should be top-notch.

The colors should be flashy but shouldn’t look fake. It should be easily traceable by the predator fish. Appearance and the look of the fish plays a very important role while buying the best fishing lures.

2. Size Of The Bait

Different sizes and different weights of fishing lures are used for different fish. Not all the baits may have the capability to catch or hook onto a bigger sized and heavy weighed fish. One should always go for a medium-sized fishing bait so that it is visible in the water body by the fish.

If there is a specific species of fish which needs to be attracted to the bait, the lure should be in proportion to the weight of the fish. It is interesting to note that fish that live in cold temperature water are always attracted to bigger looking baits for foods.

The size of the bait should be considered, keeping in mind factors like the season you opt to do fishing in, the kind of fish you want to catch, the color of the water and the surroundings, the distribution of weight throughout the body, and any other factor. The size of the fishing lure should not restrict the movement of the bait.

3. The Hooks

A good hook in the fishing lure makes or breaks the deal in making it the world’s best fishing lure. Numerous kinds of hooks are available such as treble hooks, octopus hooks, jig hooks, and many more.

The most commonly available hook on the fishing lures is the treble hook. These consist of three bants and points, all in one single hook. The advantage with a treble hook is that it provides more coverage and the catching of the fish becomes easier.

It is important to ensure that the hooks are strong and durable. They should be sharp enough to hook onto fish for long periods of time. Hooks made out of stainless steel material are the best as that material reduces the chances of it getting rust or corroded.

Top 15 Best Fishing Lures 2021 

1. Rose Kuli Fishing Lures Lifelike Bass Fishing Tackle Kits

Rose Kuli Best Fishing Lures


  • BRAND: Rose Kuli
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 0.64 ounces
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: ABS Plastic and steel
  • LENGTH: 12 cm or 4. 72 inches

The Rose Kuli is fishing lure makes it in the race of some of the best fishing bait. The body of the fish comes with intricately designed scales and a pair of 3D eyes which make it look incredibly life-like.

The bait floats on the top of the water because of its large sized tongue, which makes it visible to the fish. The material of the body of the fish and the bait is environmental-friendly and made out of the highest quality ABS plastic and steel wire.

The lure has the power to resist against strong winds because of the streamlined design of its body. One of the best lures that can dive up to 4 ft. under the water, with an amazing swimming action,t can be used to catch fish such as bass, walleyes, pike, etc.


  • The treble hooks are very sharp which makes it easier to catch the fish.
  • The graphics and the design of the fish is very realistic.
  • This lure can wiggle from side to side, similar to a real fish.
  • It comes with a built-in gravity ball which raises the throw distance and also produces a sound, to which predators are easily attracted.
  • It comes in multiple color options, making it easier to adapt to any fishing environment.


  • It can tilt slightly when thrown into the water, giving an impression of a dead fish.
  • Hooks are difficult to remove from the fish bait.
  • The material used at the joints can easily wear off.

2. Plusinno Fishing Lures For Bass Baits Kit

Plusinno Fishing Lures For Bass Baits Kit


  • BRAND: Plusinno
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 4 grams to 12 grams
  • LENGTH: 5.5 cm to 8.5 cm or 2.16 inches to 3.35 inches

One of the best lure and best bait for lake fishing, the Plusinno fishing lures have been a favourite among customers, receiving high ratings. They come with 10 pieces of attractive, high-quality spinner lures. The product also comes with an additional portable bag which makes it easier to carry the lures outdoors.

The bright colored strike-attacker sleeves ensures the attraction of the predator fishes towards the lure, making them come of the best fishing spinners available in the market. They are specifically designed to attract trout fish and bass fish. They can be used in both freshwater and seawater, making it versatile.

The treble hooks are made out of strong and sturdy metal. They do not bend easily and can grab a fish with even the slightest of effort.


  • The blades are shaped in a way which makes it function similar to a propellor.
  • The main body is made out of brass and the treble hooks are made out of steel.
  • The spinner is coated with silver paint to make it rust and corrosion-resistant and ensure its longevity.
  • The bag is an added bonus. It makes it easier for the fisherman to carry the lures around.


  • Hooks may become rusty and weak.
  • The lure is not painted. It has stickers on it. This can affect the appearance of the lure.
  • The size of the hook is bigger in comparison to the body of the lure.

3. Truscend Fishing Lures For Bass Fishing Tackle Kits Lifelike

Truscend Fishing Lures For Bass Fishing Tackle Kits Lifelike


  • BRAND: Truscend
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 3.2 ounces
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: Plastic, steel and wire
  • LENGTH: 14 cm

With eight body segmentations facilitating the lure to deliver a natural swimming action, the truscent fishing lure should be the choice when looking for the best freshwater lures. The strong body made out of ABS plastic, along with the woven fabric and the natural design on the fish lures, makes it very realistic and life-like.

The body comes with a pearl powder coating. It can be used to target fishes like perch, muskie, trout, bass, roach and many more. Besides freshwater, it can also work perfectly in saltwater.

Weighing about 26 grams, this lure is the perfect shape, size and is extremely easy to control inside the water. The treble mustad hooks are sharp and can easily grab the predator fish. A total of three fish lures are included in the package.


  • They can be used for night-fishing.
  • The bait is light-weight, has swift movements and looks very real.
  • They have multi-jointed features and an excellent life-like action in water.
  • Best gift option for fisherman who are just beginners in the field.
  • Works amazingly well in muddy water as well.


  • Works best in stationary or slow-moving water.
  • It can cast away easily. Needs a bit of practising in the initial stages.
  • Bait may not undulate, if it is not controlled properly.

4. Plusinno Fishing Lures Baits Fishing Lure

Plusinno Fishing Lures Baits Fishing Lure


  • BRAND: Plusinno
  • ITEM WEIGHT: Varies for every item.
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: Metal, plastic and steel
  • LENGTH: Varies for every item.

From crankbaits to plastic worms to jigs to spinnerbaits, this kit has them all. With more than 100 pieces, each of a different kind, serving a different purpose, this is definitely the best fishing bait which can be found with a wide variety of options. All the necessary accessories are also included in the package.

The baits are very realistic in appearance. They come with 3D eyes and a beautifully crafted painted body. This makes it easier for the predators to be attracted by the lures. Even though multiple accessories are present, the quality is not compromised on either of the pieces.

A tackle box is also included in the package. This makes the product very versatile and one of the best freshwater lure sets for gifting purposes. The steel used is stainless steel. It has the tendency to stay sharp and durable even after extensive use. It is a great option for beginners who want to try their luck with different kinds of lures and baits.


  • It has 6 crankbaits, 10 metal spinning lures, 4 spinnerbaits, 2 frog lures, 18 plastic worms in three different variants and many other accessories.
  • Plastic worms are as long as 12 cms compare to other worms in the market that are only up to 5 cm long.
  • The box that comes with the package has individual compartments to store the lures.
  • The lures work very well in muddy or dirty water as well.
  • Great option for beginners. Also, they are cost-efficient.


  • Colors are very bright on the lures. Therefore, they do not perform well in clear water.
  • The hooks may break if stuck in a tough spot.

5. 10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Tackle Boxes By Tbuymax

10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Tackle Boxes By Tbuymax


  • BRAND: Tb Tbuymax
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 4.2 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSION: 5 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches
  • LENGTH: 6.5 cm- 7.6 cm.

The 10 piece fishing lure set by Tb Tbuymax has marked its spot in the market by being one of the best freshwater fishing lures. All the lures that come in this set are large, heavy, sturdy, and long-lasting. They are made out of high-quality plastic and steel and are designed to specifically catch big freshwater fishes.

Along with brightly colored strike, the metal treble hooks are sharp – they catch on to the predator fish and do not bend or break. Along with the 10 pieces, 2 tackle boxes are included in the package. This makes it easier to store the lures as per the requirement.

The blades are designed in a way to provide intense vibration and continuous flashing of light in the water. From bass to trout to salmon to walleye, this lure can attract almost any kind of freshwater fish. The actions of the bait are extremely life-like in the water.


  • There are high quality holographic spinners with amazing graphics.
  • The main body of the lure is made out of brass and the blades are steel stamped.
  • Lures are silver plated which protects the lure along with enhancing the appearance .
  • Pocket friendly along with a high quality built.


  • The spinning power of the blades is low until lurched in a quick motion.
  • Not recommended for fish that weigh above 20 pounds.
  • The feathers do not really serve any purpose.

6. Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures


  • BRAND: Rapala
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 0.32 ounces
  • PRODUCT DIMENSION: 2 x 0.4 x 1.2 inches

Available in more than ten attractive colors, the Rapala Rattlin has made the cut in the race of the best fishing lures. The lure can move from super slow to an equally fast pace. They make enough sound to attract predators, no matter how deep within the water they are.

The best part about this fishing lure is that it comes with two metal treble hooks. This increases the rate of catching a fish. No matter how large the population of fish is in the water body, there is a sure shot chance of catching one with this.

The sound frequencies which are produced by the fishing lure attracts the fish more in comparison to any other sound produced to attract them. Along with that, they have the perfect amount of wobble or vibration.


  • It is feasible because it is constructed without lips. Fishing can be done conveniently, anywhere.
  • The hooks are made out of nickel with a saltwater coating which prevents it from rusting or corroding.
  • The lure is cheap but very effective for usage. It is great for beginners.
  • The casting done by the lure is very good.


  • Works best to catch large-sized fish.
  • The fish lure might not wobble as much as a lure should.

7. Runcl Anchor Box – Paddle Tail Swimbaits

Runcl Anchor Box - Paddle Tail Swimbaits


  • ITEM WEIGHT: Varies for each item.
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: Plastic and Metal
  • LENGTH: Varies for each item.

The RUNCL Anchor box comes with multiple kinds of fishing lures- all at the price of one. They offer an amazing deal on fishing lures of different kinds in one, including paddle tail swimbaits, curved tail grubs, soft jerk baits, and much more. From different builds to different color options, this anchor box has it all.

The most prominent feature about the lures which come in this box is that all of them are cooked in shrimp scent. The lures have a distinctive shrimp smell to them which attracts the predators very easily to the lure. This makes it one of the best baits for freshwater fishing.

They come with a sharp, curved tail which makes the lure move in the water, swiftly and close to natural, live baits. The action caused along the current because of the tails can maximise the hookups of the fish to the bait.


  • They come in multiple colors. Can be used accordingly for different water environment.
  • The lures are covered with glitter which reflects light properly and can be used for fishing in the dark as well.
  • Strong shrimp smell draws fish from long distances very easily.
  • Lot of variety in the colors and is also affordable.
  • Comes with a compact box which makes it easy to carry around.
  • This is one of the best baits for fishing available and would make for an amazing gifting option for fellow fishermen.


  • The soft baits lack color. They aren’t as attractive as the other baits.
  • 3D eyes may come off easily.
  • Jig hooks are thin and not very durable.
  • The tail of some of the lures are longer in comparison to the body. Makes it difficult to control.

8. Wlure Minnow Crankbait For Bass Fishing Bass Lure Fishing Lure

Wlure Minnow Crankbait For Bass Fishing Bass Lure Fishing Lure


  • BRAND: wLure
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 5.3 ounces
  • LENGTH: 3 ¼ inches,
  • BODY LENGTH: 2 ½ inches

The wLure Minnow Crankbait offers the most extensive color options. They come with a complimentary tackle box which makes it easier to store them and ensure that they stay safe from wearing or tearing off.

They are embedded with real skin technology which is only offered by wLure. The incredibly realistic appearance of the fish makes it an amazing fishing lure. This makes it the best option to use as a bait in all kinds of water bodies and is also among the best bait for pier fishing.

wLure ensures high quality with global standards. They make sure to release their products only after extensive quality checking and testing and controlling procedures. The lures come with high quality hooks. They are safe to be used in saltwater without getting corroded.


  • They can go as deep as 12 ft inside the water.
  • The treble hooks are eagle claw-shaped which makes it easier to hook a fish.
  • Split rings present on the fish lure is also of high quality.
  • Realistic looking bait, with amazing wobble and durability.


  • There are no protective lubes over the treble hooks.
  • The movements offered by these baits are very controlled and recessive.

9. Sougayilang Spoons Hard Fishing Lures Bass Fishing Lure Baits

Sougayilang Spoons Hard Fishing Lures Bass Fishing Lure Baits


  • BRAND: Sougayilang
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1.76 ounces
  • LENGTH: 4 inches (including the hook)

If someone is looking for the best bait for river fishing, the Sougayilang Spoons hard fishing lure makes for a good choice. It available in multiple color options such as gilver, gold, and rose gold. Along with that, they are gold plated and silver plated which makes the body of the fish reflect very clearly in all kinds of water.

It has amazing swimming actions. The S shape of the fishing lure makes it move very rapidly and swifty in the water, extremely similar to a live bait. The body is made out of rust so that even when it is constantly in contact with water, it doesn’t rust or corrode.

This fishing bait has a metal treble hook along with feathers attached to the main body. The appearance of the lure can easily attract even the most difficult of fish and predators in the water. From Salmon to Bass to Pickerel, the strong treble hooks can catch onto any fish very easily.


  • The body of the fish produces extra noise and vibrations in the water.
  • It has a unique S shape and the colors are loud and flashy.
  • The lure can drop into the water and go as deep as one would like.
  • Treble hooks are extremely strong,sturdy and durable.
  • This fishing lure can cast a long way and it is light-weighted.


  • The fishing lures are small but thick in its size.
  • Preferred to be used to catch small sized fishes only.

10. Fishing Lures Lifelike Topwater Bass Lures Swimbaits

Fishing Lures Lifelike Topwater Bass Lures Swimbaits


  • BRAND: Charm Yee
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: ABS Material and Steel

With ultra 3D looking eyes and a well crafted body which is very realistic in appearance, the fishing lure by Charm Yee is certainly among the best fishing baits in the market. All the linking parts of the fish are made of high quality with ultra-sharp treble hooks. The fishtail is flexible and designed in a way which doesn’t restrict the movement of the lure in the water.

The treble hooks are in a trident shape which grasps the fish very strongly. A bass steel ball is present inside the body of the fish which controls the movement of the fish inside the water. The carbon steel out of which the bait is made is of top-notch quality. It can be used to catch fish like bass, yellow perch, walleye, trout, roach etc.

All the fishing lures have been intricately designed and meticulously painted and drafted. The scales and the other graphics are extremely realistic. This makes it easier to attract the predator fish such as trout, salmon, bass and many more.


  • The baits are durable and functions properly even after several uses.
  • Can be used in both freshwater and seawater.
  • Makes for an amazing gifting option for all fishing enthusiasts.
  • Weight of the fish lure is equally divided throughout the body which regulates the proper functioning of the bait.


  • Costlier in comparison to other baits available in the market.
  • Treble hooks are extremely sharp. Due precaution is to be exercised before handling the bait.

11. XBLACK Hard Fishing Lure Set

XBLACK Hard Fishing Lure Set


  • BRAND: Xblack
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1.39 pounds
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: metal and plastic
  • LENGTH: 2.75 inches to 5 inches

The XBLACK Hard Fishing Lure set is a favourite among many. It is a set of 48 pieces of assorted fishing lures. The set includes poppers, jointed fish lures, frogs, crankbaits, shrimp and many more. Each bait serves a different purpose and can be used for various kinds of fish. Bass, salmon, trout, pan fish, catfish; almost any kind can be caught with it.

This best bait for fishing can be used to catch fish species of both saltwater and freshwater. From salmon, trout to bass, walleye, it can easily attract fish of all sizes; both small and big. All 48 pieces are colorful, attractive, and designed with proper attention to detail. The realistic scale and fin graphics make them a favourite among users.

The lures can easily withstand large-sized, heavy fishes without breaking. The barb hooks can easily catch the fishes. The material out of which they are made is very durable. The 3D stereoscopic eyes are an added advantage to the already existing incredible features of the lure.


  • Suitable for fishing in different environments.
  • The hooks are exceedingly sharp. Once the fish are caught, it is difficult for them to escape.
  • All the lures are individually packed for convenience.


  • The shape and the color of the lures may differ from what is shown in the pictures.
  • Hooks are very sharp. Due precaution should be exercised.
  • They do not glow in the dark. Cannot be used for night-fishing.

12. YLQM Soft Fishing Lures Fishing Jerk Baits Swimbaits

YLQM Soft Fishing Lures Fishing Jerk Baits Swimbaits


  • ITEM WEIGHT: 0.1 lbs
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: silicone
  • LENGTH: 4.3 inches

A 10 piece pack with different colors and varying sizes, the YLQM soft fishing lures are the best available option for beginners. The fishing lures are scented with a flavor similar to that of actual fish. This attracts the predator fish and they get attracted to the fish lure, just by the smell and taste of it.

The tail of the fish lure has a flat paddle. This helps in the movement and vibration of the fish, even in water. A thumping sound is produced along with loud notes of vibration. The actions of the lures seem very lifelike and they give good competition to live baits.

All the fish lures are made out of environment-friendly material, something, all the best fishing lures should have. The material consists of silicone and fishing oil. Neither of the two material causes any kind of pollution in the water body.


  • Musky, redfish,tTrout, mackerel, striper, bass, pike – it can catch almost any kind of fish.
  • The flat paddle tail makes heavy thumps which entices the fish.
  • Hooks are very sturdy. They do not come off even after rigorous usage.


  • The lures are very soft in texture.
  • Colors may fade off after prolonged usage.
  • These fish lures may be too light- weight to have a perfect motion in water.

13. Skysper Fishing Lure Sets With Tackle Box

Skysper Fishing Lure Sets With Tackle Box


  • BRAND: Skysper
  • ITEM WEIGHT: Varies for each item.
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: Metal, Plastic and Steel
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 10.2 x 2.4 x 7.9 inches
  • LENGTH: Varies for each item.

The Skysper fishing lure set comes with as many as 145 pieces of lead hook soft baits. One of the best fishing lures available, it comprises of around 53 pieces of simulation soft bait, 52 pieces of soft maggot, 40 pieces of lead hook and a tackle box to keep everything in; in an organised manner.

All the baits are equally flashy, beautiful and crafted with amazing attention to detail. The different bait shapes and sizes ensures that all kinds of fish would be easily attracted to it. These fishing lures may work both in saltwater and freshwater.

Along with all the different kinds of lures present, there are approximately 5 luminous shrimps and 7 luminous lead head hooks. This makes it possible for the fisherman to use these fishing lures at night as well. The quality and the quantity makes this fishing lure set, an amazing gifting option.


  • This set includes spinners, soft plastic worms, jigs, luminous lures, crank baits and more.
  • A clear tackle box is included in the package which makes it easy to store the lures.
  • Different kinds of fish such as bass, walleye, catfish and many more can be easily caught by the baits.
  • The hooks are strong, sturdy and don’t bend easily.


  • None.

14. ZWMING Top Water Fishing Lures Bass Hard Baits


  • ITEM WEIGHT: Varies for each type.
  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: ABS and carbon steel
  • LENGTH: Varies for each type.

With 3D eyes and realistic graphics, the ZWMING top water fishing lures easily falls in the category of one of the best bait for fishing. This consists of two fishing baits along with two tackle boxes to store them in. The addition of 3D eyes and an intricately designed body, makes the predator fish easily attracted to the lure.

The treble hooks are made of the highest quality of carbon steel. This saves the hooks from rusting or corroding even after constant use. The lures have movements very similar to live baits. They can function in both saltwater and freshwater.

A metal ball is present inside the fishing lure. This helps in controlling the movement of the bait. It can help in casting the lure as far as one would like. The metal ball also makes a noise when the bait moves, which can be easily tracked by the predator fish.


  • The bait is made out of strong ABS and environment-friendly material.
  • Helps in catching saltwater fish as well as freshwater fish.
  • Very good quality and cost-effective.


  • Not recommended for catching large-sized fishes.

15. Plusinno Fishing Lures For Bass, Multi Jointed Trout Swimbaits

Plusinno Fishing Lures For Bass, Multi Jointed Trout Swimbaits


  • BRAND: Plusinno
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 3.2 ounces
  • LENGTH: 3.2 inches or 8 cm.

PLUSINNO makes some of the best fishing lures for fishermen and fishing enthusiasts. This set is one of them. The fishing lures have 3D eyes and beautifully painted bodies which makes them look very realistic and close to live baits.

They have two mustad treble hooks attached to them which increase the chances of catching a fish. They can catch fish like walleye, bass, roach, trout and many other, irrespective of how large-sized they are.

All the swimbaits are jointed and the hooks are pretty strong. Even after catching a big fish, they do not bend or break easily.


  • Comes with a metal ball placed inside the fishing lure.
  • The lures have 6 segmented body sections which regulates the movement of the fish.
  • Very attractive colors present on the fishing lure.


  • Costly in comparison to other fishing lures.

Best Fishing Lures – Conclusion

Fishing requires a lot of precision and practise. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, with the correct equipment and rigorous practise, anyone can do it. Thus, it is very important to have the best fishing lure in order to have the best and experience while catching fish.

The adrenaline rush which fisherman get when they catch hold onto a fish on their fishing lures is something which makes the whole experience of fishing worthwhile. Fishing lures make for a very good gift to give to any fishing enthusiast or hobbyist.

Next time, when you find someone embarking on a journey of fishing, you know what to gift them!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Are The Different Types Of Fishing Lures?

There are mainly 7 types of lures available. They are:

  • Spinners: They are basically a metal shaft with a spinning blade attached to it.
  • Spoons: They are metal lures with a curved body shape. They move in a side-to-side motion in the water.
  • Jigs: They have a head made out of lead and can have any shaped bait attached to it. Most versatile in use.
  • Soft Plastic Baits: They are essentially made of plastic. Also known as creature bait, the fish can easily hang on to it for a long period of time.
  • Spinner baits: Also known as buzzbaits, they have a distinctive piece of wire attached to the head of the body.
  • Flies: They are the best kind of lure to imitate an insect. They are made out of feathers, furs, rubber and foam.
  • Plugs: They are made out of hollow plastic or wood. They come with up to 3 treble hooks attached to the body.

2. How Do You Choose Fishing Lures?

Choosing the perfect fish lure to satisfy the purpose can be a little difficult and intimidating.

Here a few pointers that one should keep in mind while choosing the best fishing lure:

  • Always match the profile of the lure to the profile of the species it is required for.
  • Lures should be able to vibrate in liquids, including plain water and muddy water.
  • The color of the lure should match with the color of the water it will be placed in.
  • Lures should have contrasting colors and patterns to easily imitate prey.
  • If the weather is windy, the lure should be strong and sturdy enough to survive without moving.
  • Fish in cold water always go for large offerings. Make sure the size of the lure is big when used in cold water in order to attract more fish.

3. Is It Better To Use Live Bait Or Lures?

Lures are always less messy than baits. They allow you to cover a larger surface area of water. The chances of catching a fish are more as you have the freedom of choosing the color, pattern and the size of the lure. There is easier access to getting lures in comparison to live baits. Lures are easier to remove and replace with other lures or baits if required. The only problem is that tacking or handling a lure requires practise and expertise. Once the person becomes used to handling the lure, it is a better option as compared to a live bait.

4. What Is The Best Time To Go Fishing?

Fishing always depends on different factors like the weather, the fish you want to catch, the kind of water body you are going to fish in, etc. Here are some general factors which should be kept in mind while planning a fishing trip:

  • In the summer, early morning, and late evening are the best times.
  • In the springtime, anytime around dusk works best.
  • Fishing near beaches depends on the movement of tides in the sea.
  • Extremely cold climates and periods of heavy rainfall may not be the best time to plan a trip.
  • Always research about the fish you want to go fishing for. Each kind lives in a different climate and water condition.
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