Best Travel Fishing Rods 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Travel Fishing Rods

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imagePlusinno
  • Perfect elasticity
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Suitable for Sea fishing, boat fishing
  • Convenient nylon travel bag
  • Shock-resistant
  • Included Tackle Box
  • Durable Ugly Tuff
  • Strong, yet balanced graphite and fiberglass construction
  • Clear Tip design
  • High Density Carbon Fiber Mixed
  • Light Weight and Portable
  • Easily Fits in Car Trunk, Boat or Backpack.
  • Perfect combination of fixed and floating guides
  • Ultra smooth and durable
  • Superior quality

Fishing is an activity that you can get started with, anytime and anywhere. Carrying one of the best travel fishing rods is an integral piece of fishing gear that every angler must have in his or her gear arsenal. This will not hinder any opportunity you get to fish and have fun!

This is because you never know when an unexpected chance to go fishing might arrive at your doorstep. So, rather than longingly gazing at the pond and wishing you carried the fishing rod along, it is highly recommended that you invest in a travel-friendly fishing rod.

We know that the idea of purchasing a fishing rod that you can take anywhere might come off as somewhat vague to you initially, but we promise, that getting your hands on these timeless utilities would reap you amazing results!

Owning a fully encased fishing rod equipment gets pretty invaluable if you are a die-hard angler. Moreover, there’s nothing better than a fishing rod that does not cause you any trouble while taking along.

This is the world of new advancements, and every brand aims at making things more and more compact for you. Fishing rods are no different! Moreover, it is great to be fully ready with your surf-fishing rods when you are backpacking, hiking or camping.

Although these fishing rods are not specific to any particular species, their length, power and stability direct the size of fish they are perfect for, along with their suitability for factors such as the fishing environment.

Finding a fishing rod that would suit you and match your preferences can be quite a daunting task, but fear not! We have done all the tiresome research for you and assembled all the bits and pieces together.

This article will acquaint you with all the information you need while hunting for the best travel fishing rod for different bass fishing techniques.

If you have ever wondered how to choose the best traveling fishing rod for the money, then there are a few things that you need to know. One of the most convenient ways to find the ideal rod for you is by matching the same to your preferred bait-angling techniques.

Top 11 Best Travel Fishing Rods 2021

1. Plusinno Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Plusinno Best Travel Fishing RodsOur first contender is the Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. This product offers you an option amongst two different models. These are the fishing rod and reel and a full kit with carrier case.

This fishing combo has the ideal amount of elasticity. This one is made up of a high-density carbon fiber, mixed with fiberglass. This combination makes your fishing pole extremely hard and durable, which means that you do not need to worry about getting a new one anytime soon!

The real-seat is made up of stainless steel and is anti-seawater corrosion free. The handle is layered with an EVA Fore Grip that provides you with a better grip. Now, you can hold onto your travelling fishing rod, for as long as you want to!

The best thing about this fishing rod is that it is easily portable. You can carry it anywhere painlessly! This is because the Plusinno Fishing Rod is built with a closed length design that makes it very easy to be taken along.

It also comes with added features like an instant anti-reverse system, power drive gears that deliver high strength. The spool of this fishing rod is made up of aluminium. It also offers you a warranty of 12 months which is a plus point.


2. Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel KitNext up is Okuma’s ever-so-convenient Voyager Spinning Travel Kit that has been specially curated you give the angler within you wings. It features a dynamic ball-bearing drive system within an anti-corrosion graphite frame, a brass pinion gear and a one-piece aluminium spool.

The length of this travelling fishing rod is 6-feet. The best thing about this one is that you can detach it into five separate pieces for compact storage and easy travel. The handles are outfitted with comfortable cork grips and long-lasting guide inserts.

The entire fishing kit is encased with its very own padded, travel-sized kit along with zipper closure and carry handle. It is extremely spacious and all the products can be kept in their very own padded compartments. This makes it look very organised and easy for you to lay your hands at.

Okuma aims at delivering to you, more than just fishing gears. They also inspire you to hit the water and maintain the focus required to be a class-apart angler, with the help of their efficient kit. With all these features and the extra touch of personal care, Okuma’s Voyager Spinning Kit is indeed, a very strong contender on our list of the best travel fishing rods and reels.


3. UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod

UglyStik GX2 Spinning RodDon’t go by the name, as this one has been designed exclusively to make the angler within you, soar high up in the sky! UglyStik has been one of the most eminent brands to product highly-useful travelling fishing rods, that are not only affordable but also work amazingly well!

This one is a 6.6-inch, medium-sized fishing rod. The best part about this one is that it can be separated into four pieces, which means that you can take these for fishing all over the world, without having to worry about their maintenance.

The GX2 Spinning Rod is constructed with ultra-strong, yet balance graphite and fiberglass that is meant to provide you with durability. You also get a clear tip towards the end of the rod that not only gives it strength, but also, the sensitivity that you require while catching any species of fish.

This travel fishing rod would last you for almost seven years! Just spend a petty amount on these and you are good to go! Moreover, this rod also looks sleek and stylish which means that the divas can channel their fashion even while angling!


4. Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combos

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel CombosWe absolutely love bringing you unique options to choose from, while searching for your best travel fishing rod, and the Sougayilang Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is definitely one of its own kind!

Loaded with features, this one resembles anything like a machine gun. It’s elaborate design gives you a feeling of luxury, but at a budget, as this one is priced at a pretty decent cost. Built to make your travelling-game easier, these are constructed like that of a telescope that can pop, in-out and completely collapse for easier storage and travel.

These rods contain CNC Machined, reel seat components made of aluminium along with stainless-steel guides and ceramic inserts that offer 100% resistance to corrosion. It also has a fully-adjustable cast control with rotary switches to make your fishing experience as swift as possible!

The entire kit is extremely lightweight, portable, effortlessly fits in your car trunk or backpack. Now, you can travel to your favourite fishing spot (regardless of the distance) and enjoy fishing the way you want to!

Sougayilang presents you 90 worry-free days warranty!


5. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods

KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing RodsOur next favourite is KastKing’s Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod that delivers unmatched strength, durability and performance. Although this one can be detached into six separate pieces for a more comfortable storage and trouble-free travel, this one gives you a one-piece performance that is almost, next-to-impossible to beat.

The multiple floating guides enhance casting performance. Snug-fit ferrules allow the rods to perform and feel like a one-piece rod. The best thing that Kastking has to offer is its dynamic variant-list, all 14 of them which are available in different lengths and actions. It is an ideal baitcasting rod that is a must-have for every angling-enthusiast.

They not only make travelling easier but also save your valuable time as with these, you can get back to your fishing within seconds without re-rigging! These telescopic rods are portable and designed specially to make your lives easier!

To collapse the and transform it back to its miniature form, all you need to do is to start from the bottom of the rod, twist each section till you work your way to the fishing rod. It is also a great option to invest in if you are tight on a budget!


6. Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos with Telescopic

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos with TelescopicOur next best travelling fishing rod is the Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combo. This rod and reel kit comes with a carrier bag and the accessories essential for fishing. These are, one Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod, one fishing reel, fishing lures and lines along with a multi-storage kit that includes spacious compartments to fit in all your fishing tools in one place.

This is a high-density carbon fiber rod, mixed with fiberglass. What it does is that it makes the fishing rod quite hard and durable enough to last for a very long time, without giving you the trouble of replacing your rod too often. It has an Internationally advanced Epoxy Resin Adhesive that makes the guide ring even more rock-solid.

This travelling fishing rod comes with an amazing Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Honeycomb design Spool that provides it with strength. The EVA knob attached towards the beginning of the rod makes it easier for you to hold onto it for long.

This ultra-portable rod easily fits your car-trunk and allows you to travel to your favourite fishing spot, no matter how far off it is! You also get a worry-free one-year warranty on this product.


7. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods

KastKing Crixus Fishing RodsAmidst being surrounded by a universe of options to select one from, the quest to find your eternally best travel fishing rod can seem a bit too much of a task. Worry not, as our next contender is here to allure you with its authentic design and efficient functioning.

These fishing rods deliver an incredible performance at a budget. The rods are composed of strong graphite and are perfect for all kinds of species in freshwater and saltwater fishing. Its SuperPolymer handles are durable and ultra-comfortable.

The best thing about these is that you get maximum slip-retention, which means that you no more have to go through the tedious process of holding onto fishing rods that keep slipping and cause you pain!

The KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods offer you 20 different power, action and length options to choose from, so that any purchase you make, becomes worth every single penny! All the fishing rods are built in two-piece for convenient storage. All those fishing-enthusiasts who love angling across the globe can take it anywhere and everywhere, without any hassle!

The Crixus range is loaded with so many features that are only found in fishing rods priced at a much higher rate. KastKing not only offers you durability and quality, but also designs its fishing tools in such a way that they look stunning!


8. Fiblink Portable Saltwater 3-Piece Travel Graphite Heavy Boat Rod

Fiblink Portable Saltwater 3-Piece Travel Graphite Heavy Boat RodNext up, we have Fiblink’s portable Saltwater Fishing Rod. This one is renowned for its high-quality material selection. The rods are constructed with a durable carbon fiber which ensures that the rod lasts you for a pretty long time. The blanks of the fishing rod are also built with fiberglass and provide it with sensitivity and strength.

While looking for the best travel fishing rod, you must always pay heed to the features and reviews. And this one is not only full of special attributes, but is also our best-reviewed products. The length of the rod is around 34inches. It can be adjusted into a rod case that can be carried anywhere- on the flight, at the back of the car-trunk, hiking and many more!

The guides are made up of stainless steel mixed with ceramic, which, in turn, help you get rid of any friction or resistance. With this, you no more need to worry about having corrosion-stains over your fishing rods as the reel-seat attached to them ensures that they do not persist.

You also get EVA foam handles for a smooth, swift and convenient fishing experience that doesn’t break your arms into two! You can take the Fiblink Portable Heavy Boat Rod for saltwater or inshore fishing.

These rods can be detached into three pieces which is a great feature for those who like taking their fishing equipment while going out on a trip! In order to provide customers with a good shopping experience, they even offer you a 12 month warranty!


9. Jekosen Portable Travel Fishing Rod

Jekosen Portable Travel Fishing RodA fishing rod should be lightweight, travel-friendly, strong and sensitive. Jekosen brings to you one such product that will become your ultimate-favourite fishing tool to use this summer! The pole is constructed with strong and solid carbon-fiber.

This fishing rod is embedded with High-quality ceramic guide sets and offer a friction-free experience while fishing. The reel-seats are made up of rock-strong nylon for all-day comfort.

The three-piece design ensures a comfortable journey in case you wish to carry your fishing rods along. It is also an amazing option to take while going for a backpacking or hiking trip. It has a length of 1.3 metres which is a decent size to purchase.

The Jekosen Portable Travel Fishing Rod is medium-powered, carries a fast action and is corrosion-resistant. You also get a fishing rod case that offers maximum protection outdoors. They also deliver to you, a 12 month warranty service which is pretty cool!


10. Goture Fishing Rods – Casting & Spinning Fishing Rods

Goture Fishing Rods - Casting & Spinning Fishing RodsThere’s nothing better than a highly affordable product that matches any high-end fishing rod, and yet does the job amazingly well. Designed with a 30-ton carbon matrix, the Goture casting and spinning fishing rod is the best balance between power, strength and sensitivity.

The reel seats are constructed with high-quality material. The EVA split grips provide you with comfort, even on the days when you are fishing all day long. You can detach these rods into four different sections, and we all know that this makes it ridiculously easy for you to travel with them! All you need to do is keep little sticks in your bag and you are good to go!

The rod is very lightweight, but also gives you the balance that every angler needs while aiming for his or her next big catch. You also get highly-efficient corrosion-resistant guides along with ceramic inserts. These reduce the friction and make your angling time a smooth activity.

Hands down the best thing Goture has to offer its customers is its lifetime-warranty. Yes! You read it right. With this fishing rod, you do not need to worry about replacing it with something better, as this is the best travel fishing rod in town!


11. Daiwa ARDT763MHFS-TR Ardito-TR Multipiece Travel Spinning Rod

Daiwa ARDT763MHFS-TR Ardito-TR Multipiece Travel Spinning RodOur last favourite for this article is the Daiwa Multipiece Travel Spinning rod. Although it is slightly pricier than the others, it offers you truckloads of features and looks amazing, which make it worth purchasing.

The high-volume fiber construction with a graphite built ensures flexibility, strength and virtually zero blank twist. The V-Flex ferrule joint system gives you a feeling of fishing with a one-piece rod and makes sure that the pieces do not detach while you are using it.

The multi-piece travel design is a great feature when it comes to taking it around the world without any hassle. You also get a travel case along with the fishing rod that protects it from any external elements that might disrupt its functioning.

These features make it the best travel fishing rod and reel, under its price range!


2 Most Common Adopted Styles

1. Slack-Line Fishing

Slack-line fishing is a unique technique that uses attributes like jigs, plastic worms and dragging tubes. With such a kind of technique, it is advised that you use a lengthy and versatile rod that gives you a fast-action functioning.

Generally, most anglers prefer using stiff rods. The reason is that these rods enable you to enforce a larger amount of pressure on the fish. This way, it becomes way easier to get your catch out of their deep-delved spaces and underwater vegetation.

2. Tight-Line Fishing

In tight-line fishing, you can use buzz-baits, crankbaits and much more. These have to be used quickly in order to keep the line as tighter as possible.

If you prefer pursuing this kind of fishing, then it is advised that you use a rod with a soft tip that can be softly moved inside the water. Also, buying a rod that delivers you an increased casting distance is essential as it allows deep-diving plugs to get the maximum depth.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Travel Fishing Rod

1. The Material

The second factor you need to consider is the material that these fishing rods are made from. Generally, you have three common options to choose from. These are graphite, composite and fibreglass.

Graphite rods are priced at an expensive range. Although they are quite pricey, the best feature that they have to offer is their lightweight composition. What it does is that it makes it much easier for you to sense nibbles at the end of your fishing rod. Most anglers prefer using these on days when the weather is not in favour.

Next, come the Composite rods, which are a mixed combination of Graphite and Fibreglass rods. These rods deliver to you, low-weight and sensitivity, which are the features of a Graphite rod and the durability that is somewhat absent in Fibreglass rods.

Lastly, we have Fiberglass rods. These are highly affordable and probably the cheapest kind because they do not possess a lot of power or sensitivity. Moreover, these rods also tend to flex from the end-tip while you attempt to lift the fish up. Fibreglass rods are not very popular amongst anglers.

2. The Right Rod Length

The length of sorter travel fishing rods usually varies between six to seven feet long. The three major things you must consider while choosing the length of the travel fishing rods that suit you the most are the casting distance, kind of bait and where you are casting from.

Please note that the length of the fishing rod is directly proportional to the casting distance. This means that, if you go for a shorter one, then the casting distance will automatically be lesser.

Moreover, if you aim at getting your hands at medium to short-sized lures that would help you catch a bass that is confined to a similar size range, investing in a shorted travel fishing rod would be a wiser decision. But, if you want to go for heavier lures and hence, bigger bass, then the length of your fishing rod must be large.

Lastly, the place you are casting from makes a huge difference in the rod-length that you must purchase. For instance, if you are fishing from a dock, then a smaller rod can work well. But, if you do not have the advantage of being at a high-altitude place, then you should go for a long fishing rod.

3. Action

A rod’s action refers to the intensity of the fishing rod at which it flexes when pressure is applied to it. Generally, the pace of these rods vary between extra fast or slow, but if you are sure to go for bass-specific rods, then you must look out for those which either deliver an extra-fast or a fast action.

Extra fast rods bend, only at the top of the fishing rod, while fast rods generally bind in approximately 25% of the entire rod. This means that the slower action you go for, the more your fishing rod bends. These factors determine some things such as the sensitivity of the rod, firmness of the hook and so on.

You should also choose a rod that is sensitive. Bass is known for spitting out baits that they do not like. Hence, a fishing rod having more tip-movement will assist you to get a strong hook set. This is a significant attribute if you intend to use bigger lures.

Benefits Of Finding The Best Travelling Fishing Rod

Acquiring the right travel fishing rod can definitely make you a better angler and help you step up on your fishing game! Such rods work best with any kind of lure that you have chosen to tempt the fish with.

A good travel fishing rod also works to alert you by creating certain vibrations and radiating energy that gets transmitted to your hands through the line. It not only signals you to prepare yourself but also allows you to get the lure as far as you want it to go, without having other fish notice it.

We believe that there are quite a lot of perks when it comes to owning the best travel fishing rod and reel. Nobody likes carrying a long stick with them wherever they go, and taking it along would certainly become extremely tiresome. P.S. It will also add to your check-in weight limit if you decide to take a flight instead!

That is why investing a travel fishing rod that makes your task relatively easier is highly recommended. These are compact, easy to use, swift and work exactly the same as your conventional ones would do.

Now that you are well acquainted with all the nitty-gritties of an efficient traveling fishing rod, let us directly take you over to the best travel fishing rods around you! The best thing about having a lot many options to choose from is that you can carefully analyze what each has to offer and make your choice accordingly.

This article is a one-stop destination for all the amazing deals that you must have a look at. All come with an impeccable range of features and an easy-to-comprehend functioning that will amaze you on a whole another level!

So, without any further ado, let us head over to the best traveling fishing rods!

To Conclude

If you are yet to get a great travel fishing rod, now is the time. Generally, people look for cheaper options before buying their first decent product. Our top 11 fishing rods, on the other hand are not only affordable but also work like a pro and leave you amused!

Fishing is an activity that not only instills pleasure and joy into one’s mind but also makes a fishing-lover become more focused, relaxed, calm and stress-free. Nothing beats the feeling of being dedicated towards one hobby (for example, fishing), and investing in the best travel fishing rod would only make your experience even better!

Most of the best rods come with a warranty along with a casing that secures your fishing rod. With a little care, your fishing rod can even last you an entire lifetime!

We hope that this article was of help to you. We have done our bit.

Now, just sit back, analyse, compare, choose and then SPLURGE!

Happy Fishing!

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