Best Trout Fishing Rods 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Okuma 2. Troutboy 3. Kastking
Okuma Lightweight Trout Rod Troutboy Black Warrior Fishing Rod Kastking Ultra-light Spinning Fishing Rod

“Fishing is more than fish, it is the vitalizing lure to outdoor life” – Herbert Hoover

Fishing has been an essential source of food in prehistory and became a commercial activity in Antiquity. It was the 15th century when deep-sea fishing first emerged but really took off with the arrival of with the arrival of steamboats in the 19th century. In the 18th century, recreational fishing which was reserved for the wealthy classes became more accessible as technological advances enabled much better equipment, that too at lower prices.


Also called angling, fishing is the sport of catching freshwater or saltwater fish, typically with the help of gears such as a rod, line, and hook. Similar to hunting, fishing originated as a means of survival and has now become a hobby. Despite increased number of demands on rivers and lakes due to human population, fishing for sports remains as one of the major forms of outdoor recreation across the globe.

If you also someone who loves fishing or would love to fish with friends and family but do not really know what it takes to fish and how to actually fish, then you are at the correct place. Here is a handy guide to everything that you need to know about fishing, its equipment, fishing process, factors to consider before buying fishing rods, and some of the best rods reviewed to make selection easy for you.

Necessary Fishing Equipment

If you are planning to go fishing with your friends or family, you need to equip yourself with the following –

1. Fishing Rod

What’s fishing without a fishing rod? It’s a major tool needed for fishing. It is basically a kind of a rod which is flexible and long and the length of the fishing line is attached to this rod. The rod is used along with a hook, sinker, and line to catch fish. Bait is attached at one end of the rod.

Modern fishing rods are generally made up of carbon fibre, fiberglass or bamboo and have a reel for line stowage and line guides. There are various fishing rods available which vary in size and length as well as the way they are used in. It is important that you have a best trout fishing rod and reel combo before you go for fishing. Some of the types of fishing rods are –

  • Fly Rods – These rods are made of a variety of both shape and sizes. They are premeditated for fly fishing which means they are flexible enough, light in weight, and small as compared to other rods. Due to their variation in size, they are made to pull small fish such as neon tetra and the smallest trout fish in the ponds or small mountain streams to the larger fish such as tuna and marlin in lakes.
  • Casting Rod – These rods are specially designed for accuracy as it allows the angler to place the bait accurately and lure the fish. Casting rods are categorized into two – the bait casting rod and the spin casting rod. Although modern rods have no differentiation and sold merely as casting rods with the eye on top.
  • Ice Fishing Rod – Ice fishing rods are shorter to ensure lack of space available while ice fishing. It is quite similar to the spinning rod but have fewer eyes. It is also the most ancient fishing rod available as it has no reel but instead makes use of two hooks which are opposing hooks attached on the rod for so that one can wind the line about by hand.
  • Spinning Rod – It is similar to the casting rod, nevertheless, it is mostly lighter and shorter than the casting rod. However, it comes with a large eye which reduces friction on the casting line while casting. The major difference between casting rod and spinning rod is how they are used. With the casting rod, reels are mounted on the top when being used whereas spinning reels suspend underneath. Spinning rods are the most widely used rods.

2. Fishing Reel

Fishing reel is used for deploying and retrieving fishing line with the help of a spool attached to an axle. It is used together with a fishing rod. Thus, it is an essential fishing gear.

3. Hooks

Hooks are used to catch the fish either by hooking into the mouth of the fish or its body. Generally, a hook is attached to a lure device or line. Various types of hooks are available which vary in design, material, size, and shapes.

4. Lines

A line is a cord designed for fishing. Fishing done using lines and hooks is known as angling. These days, the lines are made from artificial substances such as nylon, polythene, and dyneema.

So now you are well acquainted with the necessary fishing equipment, let’s have a look at some of the advantages of shipping and why it is such a popular outdoor activity.

Benefits Of Fishing

Hobbies are indeed great extracurricular activities to fill your spare time that not only boosts your happiness but individuality too. The best part about hobbies is that different people can choose different hobbies according to their personalities and preferences. There are various hobbies that you can enjoy, no matter if you are a 15 year old kid or a retired person. One of such hobbies is fishing which has always been associated with health and happiness.

An activity which started as a means of survival has now become on of the most loved outdoor activity performed by so many people. In the modern technological world where we have hundreds of games on our laptops and mobiles, people still go fishing. Here are some of the benefits of fishing and reasons why people still choose fishing over other modern ways of entertainment.

1. Relief From Stress

Many people go for fishing and if you ask them why fishing is their favorite hobby, they will probably say that it gives them relief from stress, and get a sense of freedom. While fishing, you experience an environment that is totally different from your ordinary life. This helps to appreciate the nature and get lost in it for a while which makes you forget all the worries of life.

2. Helps In Social Bonding

Another important that you achieve with fishing is the opportunity to develop and enhance the bond with your family and friends. In our daily lives, even if we get the time to bond with our loved ones, we are often frustrated by the tensions that come due to various reasons. On the contrary, while being in nature and doing an activity with friends and family, relations and bonds can become stronger.

3. Health Benefits

In our daily mechanized lives, we don’t even realize how disastrous it is to sit and one place all day without any activity. More and more people are suffering from obesity which has various further implications such as heart diseases, high sugar levels, etc. Fishing is a great way to become active and feel encouraged.

4. Fishing For Food

We have easy access to food but the most natural and healthiest food comes from natural sources such as streams and rivers. This is why most people prefer fresh meat rather than preserved meat.

5. Not To Miss The Thrill And The Challenge

Most people love fishing because of the thrill it offers and the challenge it imposes. And it surely is thrilling to sit in a boat with the anticipation of a fish snagging your lure. Challenges lie in the ways you catch fish. Fishing is not only about how many fish you can catch in a day, it rather is about the challenges that come along and what you learn from them as an individual.

Factors To Consider Before Buying the Best Trout Fishing Rods

There are various important factors that you must consider when choosing the best trout fishing rod for yourself or your loved ones.

1. Construction

Most fishing rods are made from graphite. However, there are some blended rods also available in the market. Most of them are blended with fiberglass to provide durability and sensitivity.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a foam or cork handle. It depends on you which one you prefer as it has little to no effect on the casting performance of the rod.

You can either go for a two piece rod or a one piece. One piece rods are a lot more sensitive and you will feel much more comfortable while fishing.

2. Length

It is one of the most important factors to consider while looking for a fishing rod. You will require something between 4 to 6 or 7ft in length. You will also notice some other specifications written like light action or ultra light action. No worries if you don’t know what it means as any fishing rod that is between 4 to 6ft falls in light or ultralight category.

3. Action

A fast action rod is preferable for better sensitivity and more accurate casting. Slow or medium action rods are generally used for large crankbait fishing and is not suitable for light trout rods.

4. Sensitivity Test

Checking for sensitivity of a rod is really easy. The trick works best with two people. You need to start by holding onto the handle of the rod and then have somebody else put the tip of the rod on their neck and have them talk.

You should feel the vibrations of their voice at the bottom of the handle. This makes it a lot easier to know when a fish is biting. If you can feel the vibrations of voice, you are also going to feel the fish bites. While finding a best trout fishing rod, looking for sensitivity of the rod is really important.

5. Price

It’s an old saying that you get what you pay for. This is how it works for fishing rods as well. Some fishing rods can be as cheap as $10-$15 while some can cost you more than $500. Go with what suits your budget best .

Very cheap rods as not as sensitive as fishing rods should be. So we recommend you to not go for very cheap rods as they won’t solve the purpose.

Top 10 Best Trout Fishing Rods 2021 

1. Okuma Lightweight Trout Rod

Okuma Best Trout Fishing Rods

The trout rod by OKUMA is crafted with high quality material to ensure quality and durability, never giving customers the chance to complain. Made in the USA, the rod has a sensitive graphite black construction.

As per customer reviews, the 6’6 length of the rod is perfect for casting distance and also has 7 guides. The two pieces of the rod hold tightly together and hook holder seems pretty good. The cork handles are smooth and the color of the rod is a nice burgundy giving it an attractive look. Overall, it is a pretty good buy if you are finding best trout fishing rod under the price range of $35.


2. Troutboy Black Warrior Fishing Rod

Troutboy Black Warrior Fishing Rod

If you are looking for the best rod and reel for trout fishing, then this is a great option to consider.This rod and reel combo is not just affordable but makes fishing fun for the angler.

The rod has perfect elasticity and great power. It is made up of high density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass which makes fishing pole hard and durable. The telescopic design of this trout fishing rod makes it easy to carry and store.

The reel has latest unique main body design and is made in the company’s most popular black and blue color combo. Its high strength T6 double anodized aluminum spool provides a lightweight construction along with additional stability. The 13+1 double shielded stainless steel ball bearings add a whole new level of smoothness.

The precision matched gears and a powerful 5.5:1 gear ratio has different line capacity. Suitable fishing gear is very important for professional fishermen. This combo is perfect and can also be gifted to boyfriend, fiance, husband, or as a birthday gift to someone who loves fishing.

The rod and reel is perfect for freshwater bass trout salmon fishing, saltwater freshwater srf river lake reservoir pond fishing or inshore fishing.

The best part about the combo is that the company provides full month worry free warranty. Customers can avail 24-hour customer service support.

After analysing customer reviews, it can be said that the combo arrives in a well packed nice travel nylon bag. The rod works really well at the saltwater and in river. It is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a decent rod and reel combo. It is a great buy if you are looking for the best trout fishing rod and reel combo under the price range of $60.


3. Kastking Ultra-light Spinning Fishing Rod

Kastking Ultra-light Spinning Fishing Rod

Fishing rods by KastKing are specially designed to be the lightest fishing rods on the planet. Stating with an ultra thin, 30 million modulus, micro polish IM7 graphite blank that has a strain rate of 650k, these extremely light spin rods are perfect for panfish, trout, crappie, smallmouth bass, and many other warm water species.

To keep the weight to an absolute minimum along with increasing sensitivity, KastKing uses titanium guide frames and rings and weight reducing, 2 pc graphite reel seats. The high density and comfortable EVA perfectly wraps the handle and split fighting butt which provides perfect balance and support.

Kastking’s calamus fishing pole series is available in 9 models, ranging from an ultra light 4’6” 1 pc rod that is mostly suited for small trout and panfish to the 7’2 pc MH rod that can handle any trout, walleye, or bass that swims.

The rod is to store and take for travel because of its 2 piece design. KastKing makes use of modified spigot ferrules which deliver exceptional performance and sensitivity, making travel and storage extremely easy.

Starting at just 2.5 ounces, the rod looks great performing with the light gray metallic blank, black EVA handles and metallic green aluminium components.

According to customer reviews, the rod looks amazing and its sensitivity lets you feel the right time to hook. The rod is pretty solid and well made. Not to miss the impressive customer service provided by KastKing in case you face any difficulties with your rod.

Overall, it is surely one of the best trout fishing rods priced affordably.


4. Trout Boy Casting Spinning Fishing Rod

Trout Boy Casting Spinning Fishing Rod

The rod by Trout Boy has a lightweight and ergonomically design for all day comfort. Its lightweight and durable EVA grip offers firm and comfortable handhold that you need to overcome hard-fighting fish. The lightweight design feels balanced in your hand, helping to improve your range of movement and keeping fatigue to a minimum.

The rod is exceptionally versatile as it can be used with all types of line, including braid. It features a one-piece stainless steel ugly tuff guides that eliminate insert pop-outs and minimizes the slippage line so that you can reel your catch without interruption.

The rod also features a clear tip design and delivers extra strength, responsiveness, and performance when you need it. It’s clear tip allows you to detect even the faintest nibbles which helps you to perfectly time your hook set and improve catch rates.

It is crafted with a composite of 36 ton fiberglass and carbon fiber. This baitcasting rod by Trout Boy withstands harsh conditions to deliver dependable performance with each cast. It also delivers strength that you need to subdue your prey, no matter whether you are angling for channel catfish or hunting for a record-setting bass.

The rod is suitable for saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, kayak fishing, and for bass, trout, and various other species. The company provides 6 months warranty and in case you don’t like the product, a refund can be claimed.

According to customer reviews, it is one of the best trout fishing rods because of its appearance, comfort, and functionality. Customers even say that the rod must have cost two times more than what it is sold at due to its lightweight, and strong built. Overall, it’s an amazing option to consider under the price range of $45.


5. Redington


The fishing rod by Redington is a fresh water, moderate action rod. It comes in a dark clay brown blank with matching rosewood reel seat insert. The rod casts easily and pleasantly at practical fishing distances.

Anglers usually consider it a beginner or back-up rod, opting instead for expensive rods that barely bend at ordinary fishing distances. People assume that the price of the rod always correlates with its usefulness as a fishing tool. But that’s not the case.

The trout fishing rod by Redington loads smoothly and its fluid bends run nearly all the way down to the cork which communicates valuable information to the caster.

Weighing only 2.9 ounces, the rod is lighter than some of the advanced technology top dollar rods. Its titanium-oxide stripping guides are both durable and sleek. And prices so affordably, buying this rod is a total steal.

As per customer reviews, the rod looks great and casts like a dream. It is great for small and medium dries and nymphs. Customers truly love this fishing rod and call it a steal deal. Overall, it is a great product priced under the range of $170.


6. St. Croix Trout Spinning Rod

St. Croix Trout Spinning Rod

St. Croix believes in creating fishing rods that gives anglers the upper hand. They have built the most advanced fishing facility in the world and with it, a world class brand that has earned the love and respect of anglers all across the globe.

The rod by St. Croix provides performance options for all anglers. With rods for every application and technique, their complete collection offers choices in size, power, and action.

Their trout pinning rod is constructed with SCII graphite backed up with SCVI graphite which makes it extremely lightweight yet powerful. The fishing rod features a premium grade cork handle which provides a good grip and is comfortable to hold for a longer period of time without it slipping off or tiring your arm.

The rod boasts of a five year warranty and the reel seat is from Fuji. The thread wraps of the rod are coated with two layers of Flex-coat slow cure finish which makes them highly durable and can withstand the wear and corrosion. The rod provides fast action and has the ability to cover quite quickly after handling heavy weight.

As per customer reviews, the rod is an amazing everyday go to rod with great quality. Overall, it is one of the best trout fishing rods under the price range of $140.


7. Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod

Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod

Fishing rods by Fiblink features technique specific actions that match your fishing style and targeted species, solid cork handles sized and shaped for comfort, feel and to match every model. The materials are carefully chosen to match the technique, action, and species. The rod by Fiblink provides durable performance even in the harshest of weather.

The rod is light, strong, and durable aluminium oxide guides. Their 24 inch ice rod is ultra light power rod, the 30 inch is the medium power rod and the 32 inch rod is medium heavy power rod.

You can buy this rod for gifting it to your boyfriend, fiance, husband, son, or to someone on birthday, Halloween, or christmas. The best part about the rod is that Fiblink offers one year warranty and full money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the fishing rod, feel free to contact the seller and your problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

After analysing customer reviews, the rod is well made and can hold up a lot of abuse, but still light in weight and provides an action that gives plenty of power on the biggest trout. The reel set, guides, cork, and blank are simply amazing. Customers also call it affordable yet powerful. All in all, it is a good option if you are looking for sturdy and lightweight fishing rods under the price range of $27.


8. Okuma Sst Ultralight Trout Spinning Rod

Okuma Sst Ultralight Trout Spinning Rod

The ultra light trout spinning rod by OKUMA is made of highest quality material and tested both for reliability and quality. The rod is used by professionals worldwide due to its excellent quality.

It has a sensitive IM-8 graphite construction and durable stainless steel guide frames. The zirconium guides insert reduce friction from braided lines. The stainless steel guides protect the line and in this process, it enhances durability. from wear and tear The rod is extremely sensitive, which means that you will easily feel and react to the smallest bite by a fish. It can handle both big and small fish.

The rod is backed by a 1 year warranty and will serve you for a long time to come. After analysing customer reviews, it can be said that the eyelets are strong and durable. The cork is high quality and offers a solid feel to the angler.

Substantially, the rod with its custom reel seats, premium grips, and a gorgeous metallic copper finish is one of the best trout fishing rods priced under $50.


9. Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod

Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod

The ice fishing rod by Fiblink is super light, strong, and sensitive. Fishing rods by Fiblik features technique specific actions that matches your style of fishing and targeted species. They have solid cork handles sized and shaped for comfort. The materials used in each blank are chosen very carefully to match the technique, action, and species. These rods provide durable performance even in the harshest of weather.

This rod features lightweight and durable aluminium oxide guides and the line flows effortlessly through the stainless guides.

According to customer reviews, the rod is sturdy and comes without any flaws. Being sturdy, it can handle a lot of abuse and gives plenty of power even on the biggest trout. The best part about the rod is that it is priced affordably. All in all, it is a great option if you are looking for the best trout fishing rods under the price range of $25.


10. Yongzhi Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

Yongzhi Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

It is the best rod and reel for trout fishing and offers exceptional value and true performance. Fishing rods by YONGHZI are specially designed for anglers looking for an incredible spinning rod and great spinning reel that already come packed together.

This combo is ideal for gamefish including freshwater fish like bass, trout, and walleye as well as popular inshore species including red fish, speckled trout, and flounder with a rinse after fishing.

The rod is specially designed for superior performance with premium quality graphite which helps to minimize the overall weight of the rod along with enhancing sensitivity. The rod features strong and corrosion resistant guide system. It has lightweight EVA handles and cork handles so that the rod feels great in your hand and provide all day comfort and good grip.

The spinning reel that comes along have 13+1 corrosion resistant ball bearings with CNC machined gear which makes it more smooth and durable. The lightweight graphite frame, aluminium spool, and a unique protection water resistant design for its spool, body, and rotor helps to keep the water and dirt out.

The combo is often valued for its increased sensitivity and accuracy in a variety of conditions. Whether you are a beginning angler or a seasoned pro, having the right fishing gear is essential and can make a huge difference in having a successful fishing expedition.

This 2 piece rod has both lightweight and portable design which makes it easy to fit it into a car trunk, boat hatch or backpack. The combo allows you to travel to your favorite fishing spot and enjoy fishing whenever you want.

The best part about the rod is that the company provides great customer service and will respond to you within 24 hours. After analysing customer reviews, it can be said that the combo is affordable, and is truly made with carbon graphite, and high quality material.

The 13 barings makes reeling flawless and the rod makes casting action very smooth. Overall, it is a very good option if you are looking for the best trout fishing rod and reel combo under $40.


Trout Fishing Tips

Trout fishing is the 4th most popular fishing in North America besides bass, panfish, and catfish. Trouts are native to most cold water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean. The West Coast is one of the best places to find trout of any size, color, or species. Here are some tips so that trout fishing becomes an easy activity for you.

  • Trouts can be mostly found in cold water and often live in moving water as they run up and down rivers and creeks. Trouts can also be found in lakes and are of course one of the more commonly stocked game species, where they are dropped in streams, ponds, and anywhere in between.
  • There are a few main types of lures to imitate the creatures trout eat. Make sure to pack at least one of each of these while going for trout fishing. Critters, tubes, swimbaits, warm imitators, spoons, and salmon eggs are some of the most common baits used.
  • When starting, it is essential to focus on your back cast as it is the basis of a good cast providing the platform for shooting forward again.
  • Make sure that the rod tip is along a straight line.
  • Adjust the speed of cast according to the length of the line.
  • Always select the fishing equipment on the basis of the size of the fish, type of water, and kind of fishing.

Best Trout Fishing Rods – Conclusion

It is good if you carry multiple rods while going for fishing. You can carry two or even three as different rods mean different length, different power, as well as different possible actions.

No doubt, there are various rods available in the market in different price range but is very important to know what type of fish you are fishing for and where will you go fishing.

As mentioned above, there are various benefits of fishing and every person must go for fishing with his/her family and friends. Going for fishing means you need to have the right fishing gear. Keep in mind the above mentioned factors while purchasing a fishing rod. Consider going for a combo as it is more affordable.

Have a look at the trout fishing tips which will make fishing easier for you and set out for fishing.

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