Best Aluminum Fishing Boat 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Aluminum Fishing Boat

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageAlumacraft Classic 165 Sport
  • Equipped with tons of storage and facilities
  • Consists of various amenities
  • Perfect for family getaways or even going solo
ptsntbl-table__imageLegend XTR Series
  • Navigator Console
  • Split Converta-Bench
  • Room to Fish
ptsntbl-table__imageCrestliner Commander Elite
  • Provides exceptional stability
  • Ultra tough all-welded windshield
  • Unforgivingly durable
ptsntbl-table__imageLowe FM 1800 SC
  • Offers quality and high performance within the budget
  • durable aluminum V-shaped hull
  • Can be customized for your style of fishing
ptsntbl-table__imagePrincecraft Platinum SE 227
  • Can tackle anything the weather throws its way
  • Extensible cargo nets
  • Extremely durable.

Are you a professional fisher who is on the lookout for the best aluminum fishing boat or perhaps a beginner looking to invest in a new hobby? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. We understand that making a decision becomes slightly confusing due to the tons of best aluminum boats that are available in the market. After all, this requires you to invest a good amount of money and hence, you need to make a smart choice.

If you’ve always imagined fishing in crystal clear waters under the blue sky and the rising sun, then only the best aluminum fishing boat can help you realize this dream. To help out, we’ve done our homework and extensively covered all the information you will need to make a choice. We have highlighted all the important factors that you should know and also reviewed the 10 best aluminum fishing boats. We hope that you stick with us till the end for this buyer’s guide to help you finally purchase the aluminum fishing boat best suited to your needs.


The fishing industry has become a multi-billion dollar business over the years and has changed considerably with time. The fishing market was once dominated by the fiberglass fishing boats, with the aluminum ones not even close to competing with them. But due to advancements in technology and design, we can now see that the aluminum boats are certainly giving the fiberglass boats a run for their money. There is no denying that aluminum and fiberglass have their pros and cons, so let’s dive deeper into this so you make an educated decision and buy the best aluminum fishing boat.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Aluminum Fishing Boat

Buying an aluminum fishing boat is a huge financial investment, so you don’t want to make the wrong guess here. To be able to fully enjoy fishing, you require only the best aluminum fishing boat, as anything less just won’t do. Getting the best aluminum fishing boat is essential for a great experience but figuring out which one to buy from the tons of options in the market can be overwhelming. To make it easier, we’ve provided a list of some of the major factors that you might want to consider in order to pick one of the best aluminum fishing boats out there.

1. The Motor

The fishing boats of today are equipped with advanced features and enhanced functionality to suit your particular needs. This includes modern motors that provide more control over speed and turns. The latest type of motor in the market is troll motors which offer special gears, tools, trolling motor batteries, and many other features.

You may want to look out for a fishing boat that has advanced motors which solve many common problems faced by anglers, like the uncontrollability of speed and turns. Due to this issue, using a baitcasting reel as well as a spin cast reel was made tougher.

2. The Center Beach Seat Live Well

The best aluminum fishing boats come with a live well fixed into the center beach seat. This live well is filled via a hole at the bottom from the weight of the angler’s gear. If you opt for a boat with a single hole system, then you might face minimal water circulation if the boat tips to one side, with most of the water running out of the boat. A live well provides more security while fishing for longer periods of time.

In case you’re unable to afford an aluminum fishing boat with an installed live well, then you can always construct one by employing simple tactics. If money is not a problem, then we recommend that you buy a boat that comes with two holes in the live well to ensure sufficient water circulation. Using a two-hole system means that even if water enters through one hole, it will spill out from the other hole as the boat sails from side to side. This ensures that the water level always remains high. The live well is an important feature, so you need to choose wisely when buying the best aluminum fishing boat.

3. Interchangeable Boat Seats

The best aluminum fishing boats offer interchangeable seats which can prove to be very useful. These type of seats have plastic bases, snap-in tabs, and several additional benefits over traditional seats in other fishing boats. This is why a majority of anglers are on the lookout for these seats due to their customization options that allow you to easily change the seating configuration to suit the number of passengers on board.

However, there arises one problem with these seats as they tend to stick strongly, which makes detaching them from the base a laborious task, even for a really strong person. If you’re thinking of spraying the interchangeable seat with a lubricant so that it lifts easily, don’t make that mistake. This will only result in the seat coming out of the base which leaves the passenger lying on the floor.

Overall, interchangeable seats are ideal if you plan to go fishing with a group of friends.

4. The Size of the Boat

You need to carefully decide the size of the fishing boat based on its purpose and intended use. If you want to engage in family fishing expeditions, then the size of your boat needs to big in order to accommodate everyone within the capacity.

Generally, an aluminum fishing boat ranges from 8 to 24 feet in size and has a maximum capacity of 8 people.

5. The Type of Hull

The hull is more or less the body of the boat and is located below the deck. It comes in varied structures depending on the kind of boat it is made for. Listed below are a few common types of hulls you might want to consider.

(i) Flat-bottomed hulls – These are a great choice for high-speed activities but not ideal for rough or turbulent conditions. The design of flat-bottomed hulls is such that it makes controlling them a bit difficult.

(ii) V-shaped hulls – These hulls are flatter in the back and more stable in turbulent waters. The ‘v’ of the hull can be constructed at different angles without compromising on stability for the deeper cut.

(iii) Multi-hulls – These comprise several vee hulls and can surmount even the most turbulent of waves with absolute ease. However, multi-hulls occupy a lot of space.
(iv) Round-shaped hulls – In this type, you will see that fuel efficiency is quite impressive but the speed levels are not that high. The stability is also not that good as there’s always a risk of the boat rocking from one side to another as the waves get bigger.

6. The Engine

The engine is your way of getting around and the boat that you buy comes with different variants. Each type of engine offers differing speed levels and has a strong impact on the appearance of your fishing vessel. You can go for an outboard motor which is fixed to most models or opt for a sterndrive placed inside the water.

There are many other types available, but the outboard and sterndrive engines are preferred when buying the best aluminum fishing boat.

7. Additional Features

A few models of aluminum fishing boats offer additional features such as GPS tracking or a fish finder that are designed to make your task simpler. However, there is a cost to all these extras, so you can expect the price of the fishing boat to go up as well.

In case you are low on budget but still wish to enjoy these features, you can always purchase and install them separately.

8. The Cost

The cost of the fishing boat is probably the most important aspect which ultimately influences your decision. Everyone wants to buy the best aluminum fishing boat from the best manufacturers, but this demands a higher price to be paid.

So before sealing a deal, you need to explore all your options depending on budget and preference.

9. The Water Type

Aluminum boats that are used in salty water have different specifications compared to those that are primarily used in freshwater. Salt water is extremely corrosive to aluminum and may cause substantial damage to the boat, possibly even rendering it useless. This is why many aluminum boats are specifically optimized for saltwater usage to help reduce the damage.

However, this doesn’t mean that your aluminum boat won’t incur any damage in freshwater. You need to be wary of algae stains and growth, so it is important to consider the environment you will be fishing in.

10. Maintenance Requirements

Buying the best aluminum fishing boat also means that you will have to put in actual efforts to maintain it and ensure that it remains one of the best. This is why it is a good idea to estimate the level of maintenance your boat will require and whether you are willing to go that extra mile. Being realistic before making the choice would probably be best.

11. Storage Costs

Storage costs contribute to the overall budget and can be a sneaky expenditure that adds up over time. Whether or not you incur these costs depends entirely on your location. If you live in a place with a warm climate all year round, then there are no issues with keeping your boat outside in the water for most of the time. On the other hand, in colder climates, you will probably have to find a place indoors to store your boat during the winter.

Top 10 Best Aluminum Fishing Boats in 2021

1. Alumacraft Classic 165 Sport

Alumacraft Classic 165 SportThe Classic 165 provides the experience you need due to its many amazing features. At 16 feet 4 inches with a modest 82-inch beam, the boat is equipped with tons of storage and facilities. With a dry weight of 955 pounds, it can easily be towed on a single axle trailer behind your bicycle.

This fishing boat consists of various amenities that give it a good feel. The interior courtesy lights, live well lights, and stowable running lights all provide ample lighting to illuminate the boat. There are grab handles for the seats on each of the gunnels and in front, with storage provided on either side.
The helm on the Classic 165 Sport is well-appointed with a gauge cluster to the left of the wheel and a single row of system switches to the right. These switches are mounted on a slight angle for easy access.

You will also find a massive 34-gallon live well on the bow which acts as the biggest bow platform storage. There are also two storage hatches flanking the center seat base to tuck away gear that may not be in use at that moment. A fire extinguisher is also provided in case things take a wrong turn.

All in all, the Classic 165 Sport is perfect for family getaways or even going solo. With wondrous features such as Dual 7′ Locking Rod Storage Compartments, Aerated Livewell with Timer, and 12 Volt Trolling Harness, we advise you to not miss out on this boat.


2. Legend XTR Series

Legend XTR SeriesEver wanted to take your family out on a comfortable fishing trip? If yes, then this is the best aluminum fishing boat for you. It has enough room for your family, friends, and all of their gear too.

Equipped with the advanced Mercury Pro XS motor, this boat consists of a sleek and modern exterior, topped off with a splash of red. The Dura-Deck vinyl makes for easy cleaning and a massive 30-gallon live well means you never fall short of space for your fishes and the bait. The control gauges have bright backlighting which means they are very easy to read. For your safety, EZ-reset circuit breakers, which are a step ahead of the outdated glass fuses, need only a single press to reset.

For excellent boat control, custom-molded designs have been mounted on strong aluminum sub-frames that provide a rock-solid foundation. All of this is possible only because of H34 PerfectFlex aluminum which provides the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Everything about this boat screams quality, so don’t miss out on this one.


3. Crestliner Commander Elite

Crestliner Commander EliteThe Commander Elite is specially designed and built to confidently guide you through challenging waters. With the Crestliner’s legendary hull design and high-quality, the Elite provides you with exceptional stability due to its 94” beam. For increased safety in rough waters, the ever-impressive 30” cockpit and the Space Saving Transom offer enormous space for fishing and maneuvering.

The ultra-tough and all-welded windshield allows you to take control of the elements, with the durable all-aluminum console and optional wipers enabling you to keep water at bay. For easy drainage, the diamond plating is welded to the bow to fully seal the deck, which includes 3 heavy-duty aluminum cleats, a live well, and bow drain holes positioned on either side of the deck floor.

The Commander Elite employs the strongest of hulls and continuously welded seams for unbeatable strength and durability and a watertight fit that ensures the structural integrity of the boat. This makes the Commander Elite our pick for the best aluminum fishing boat for rough waters.


4. Lowe FM 1800 SC

Lowe FM 1800 SCIf you crave for a fishing boat that offers quality and high performance but are worried about your budget, then fear not. The FM 1800 SC is a mid-sized fishing boat that reinvents what amenities, features, deck space and fishability you normally expect in the best aluminum fishing boat.

One notable feature is the driver’s side-console consisting of tip lit toggle switches that offer tournament-level performance. At a length of 17’ 10” and a width of 95”, it is designed to be a top performer in the medium format design with ample storage provided in the bow, stern, and starboard. This boat can house a maximum of 6 people.

The FM 1800 SC features a durable aluminum V-shaped hull, 4 flip-up stainless steel mooring cleats, and a wide-open deck with an aerated live well. Available with a range of fishing options, the FM 1800 SC can be customized for your style of fishing.


5. Princecraft Platinum SE 227

Princecraft Platinum SE 227Princecraft specializes in manufacturing fishing boats which combine functionality, comfort, and beauty. That’s exactly what the Platinum SE 227 offers. It is a high-end luxury fishing boat that leaves no detail overlooked.

It all starts with the extra-wide gunnels from the secure casting deck. Thanks to ultra-deep hull sides, the Platinum can tackle anything the weather throws its way, which makes it extremely durable. There are two foldable jump seats which, when folded, appear flush with the deck and fully support it. In situations where mother nature calls, there is a small area under the port side flip-up seat where an optional chemical toilet can be fitted.

With great features like bow-and-aft-raised casting platforms, plenty of storage, rear fold-down jump seats, and a pop-up privacy enclosure, the Platinum SE 227 is a boat in high demand, so act fast before it’s too late.


6. G3 Sportsman 1910

G3 Sportsman 1910The Sportsman series by G3 is a collection of serious fishing machines that are specially dedicated for hardcore fishing enthusiasts. All of their fishing boats have huge casting decks fore and aft with a centrally positioned helm. The Sportsman 1910 is here to augment your fishing experience and make it a memorable one.

The Sportsman’s all-aluminum construction is enhanced by superior features such as a 92″ beam, exceptional lockable storage, a 33-gallon live well, and head-turning graphics which really put it onto a different level. This fishing boat also comes with a dash-mounted Lowrance Hook 2-5X GPS, a 24-volt trolling motor, and a 3 bank battery charger. So you could say that it really is the complete fishing package.

The stylish hand console allows you easy access to quality gauges, with the Lowrance Hook 2-5X GPS and Yamaha controls giving you total command. A cup holder and tool slot are also provided for convenience. Ultimately, the Sportsman 1910 is a wonderful purchase for those looking to get their hands on the big ones.


7. Crestliner Fish Hawk

Crestliner Fish HawkThis new model from Crestliner dubbed a ‘proven winner’ features a modernized gunnel design, a lot of rod storage, a few jump seats, and a redesigned console, which makes it one of the best aluminum fishing boats in the market.

The all-welded strength of Crestliner’s aluminum hull ensures a successful outing. There are have been some new additions in the configuration, a premium console being one of them. It consists of a sleek design that fits the 12″ electronics and also comes with illuminated toggle switches, two drink holders and a 12V power outlet.

There is no shortage of space as the locking center rod storage can hold up to ten rods. The Fish Hawk makes use of the strongest of hulls and continuously-welded seams for unbeatable strength, durability, and a watertight fit for top-notch structural integrity. The advanced MOB+ Wireless Man OverBoard system and four-stroke Mercury engines get you an unparalleled fishing experience.


8. Ranger RT198P

Ranger RT198PThe Ranger’s RT series is a flagship collection of the best aluminum fishing boats. With the RT198P, the company has taken it up a notch. The RT198P is a high-end fishing boat that combines all-around performance with comfort and capability.

It consists of an advanced pad-bottomed hull which enhances performance handling. With an integrated Mercury 115 FourStroke CT engine with a 150-horsepower rating, you will truly stand out in the RT198P. This boat also excels in terms of comfort due to unparalleled craftsmanship. It is fitted with marine upholstery, a retractable rod strap, a durable marine-grade carpet, and to top it off, a splash of metallic urethane paint which adds a stylish finish.

Ranger’s signature closed-cell flotation foam solidifies, strengthens and completes the design for a solid one-piece feel. Considering all that this fishing boat has to offer in under $30000, the Ranger RT198P is an apex predator and our pick for the best aluminum fishing boat for the money.


9. Lund Renegade Mod-V

Lund Renegade Mod-VThe Lund Renegade series features some of the best aluminum fishing boats that set high standards for bass boats all around. The Mod-V is rich with features and is very effective if you’re out to hunt a shallow water bass and crappies.

This boat provides you with your very own bow casting platform for landing bass and multiple seat bases for panfishing so you never fall short of any options when you decide to go solo. The more storage you have when out on the water, the better it is. With innovative storage compartments, you can keepall of your gear and anything else you deem important on a fishing expedition.

There are three different forms of live wells that you can choose from too. The first is the most basic aerated live well, then comes the Prolong with Max-Air injection and recirculation, and finally the ultimate Prolong Plus Livewell. This ensures that every type of angler has a live well that suits their fishing style.


10. Smokercraft Pro Angler XL

Smokercraft Pro Angler XLThe Pro Angler XL is a classy fishing vessel with tons of feature to go with it. The twice-baked paint finish just adds to its beauty.

It consists of a deep, beamy hull which provides a lot of interior space. A large elevated bow casting deck covers deep storage lockers where you can stash bulky gear with more than enough room for a livewell. The lockable rod storage compartments keep your expensive tackles safely out of sight when not in use.

The Hydra Lift reverse system provides superior lift that allows you to exit the hole and get on the plane in no time. The rolled-in spray rails in the side panels, when combined with the Hydra Lift, delivers an incredibly dry ride. Overall, the Pro Angler XL is a great performer and won’t disappoint in any way.


Types of Fishing Boats

1. Aluminum Fishing Boats

Aluminum boats come in a variety of styles and sizes, with each model being lightweight and strong. These boats are equipped with a tiller-mounted engine and a steering-wheel console which offer more storage capacity and act as an alternative to the more expensive fiberglass fishing boats. Aluminum boats not only last for many years after being used in freshwater but are also quite budget-friendly, so they tend to give you the best worth of your money.

2. Bass Fishing Boat

Bass fishing boats are low-profile sleek boats meant for shallow waters. These boats offer ample storage and are also very comfortable during long hours of fishing. This type also has a provision for a live well that can be used to keep your catch alive for some time. Electric trolling motors are commonly used in such models. These boats cost from around $10,000 to $50,000 depending on size, traits, accessories, the motor, etc. The engine is sized from anywhere between 25 horsepower to 250 horsepower.

3. Fish And Ski Boats

These types of fishing boats are best-suited for fishermen who require a dual purpose. They are equipped with a deeper V-hull and skies and tubes for the purpose of efficient banking and turning.

You can find ski-friendly features such as trolling motors, swivel-mounted seats, and a live well to keep the fish alive. The one disadvantage of the fish and ski boats is that due to the V-hull, you are not able to access shallow water areas, meaning that your fishing is limited to deep water areas.

4. Seiners

Seiners are fishing boats that make use of seine nets. These nets hang vertically in water with their bottom edge held down by weights and the top edge buoyed by floats. They can be deployed from the shore or from a boat and are mainly used in oceans. These fishing nets are singular in shape and haul fishes that are found near the surface of the water.

At first glance, the seine fishing nets resemble a huge floating device. The lower portion of the net closes down when fishes make their way into it. With such state-of-the-art technological gadgetry at our fingertips, the returns of the catch are now even higher.

5. Longliners

Longliners are fishing vessels used in the commercial fishing technique of longlining. These fishing boats resemble another variant of troller fishing vessels. However, one major difference between the two is that trollers employ numerous fishing cords whereas longliners employ just one really long fishing cord containing around 1,000 lures. This long line, deployed from the rear end of the boat, is called the main line and consists of baited hooks attached at intervals by means of branch lines called snoods.

6. Gillnetters

This type of fishing boat employs the technique of gillnetting, which is a method majorly used by artisanal fishermen. Gillnetters have the option to be manually operated and are composed of vertical panels of netting which hang from a line with regularly-spaced floaters. The purpose of the floaters is to hold the line on the surface of the water.

7. Crabbers

Crabbers are those types of fishing boats that are extensively used when the fishing target consists mainly of crabs. These vessels are also referred to as ‘fish trap’ boats since they are outfitted with specific entrapping aids to catch those slippery crustaceans. Automated windlasses are installed to help you target your catch.

8. Trawlers

Trawlers are one of the common forms of fishing vessels used for trawling – a method of fishing that involves actively dragging or pulling a trawl or fishing net through the water at the required depth to haul and trap fishes. These fishing vessels allow you to catch a wide array of fishes in almost every country across the world.

9. Drifters

Drifters refer to those fishing boats that are used to catch fishes using special drift fishing nets. The nets, when thrown into the water, fall just like drapes and are majorly used to capture herring fish.

Benefits of Aluminum Fishing Boats:

1. Lightness & Resistance

Aluminum has the property of being light in weight and resistant to corrosion, which allows for the efficient construction of hulls and superstructures. Due to the material’s exceptional properties, an aluminum hull can take more of a beating than polyester, which makes it safer and better-suited to water sailing.

2. Durability

Aluminum is highly durable, which allows the user to take advantage of incomparable longevity. With a little maintenance now and then, the structure’s deterioration can be avoided to ensure that it holds strong over the years. The remarkable resistance of aluminum to corrosion further contributes to the long life of an aluminum boat.

3. Comfort

The aluminum hull is designed in such a way that it adheres to the user’s convenience and comfort. For example, the hull does not creak at sea and doesn’t even smell, which may not seem like a big deal but could still play a part in your decision.

4. Customizable

By using aluminum, you can customize your boat in a way that you desire. As aluminum offers a lot of freedom and flexibility, you will have no difficulty in modifying the layout of your boat to suit your needs.

5. Safety

Safety should be your utmost priority when buying the best aluminum fishing boat as you never know what may happen at sea. This unpredictability should be enough for any owner to only settle for the most secure choice. A form of safety offered by aluminum is that it does not burn in the atmosphere, which decreases the risk of a fire.

6. Resale value

Since the structure of aluminum boats is sustainable and does not deteriorate over time, they tend to keep their value in the event of a resale, which proves to be beneficial to the user in monetary terms.

7. Environment-Friendly

Aluminum can be fully recycled, which is really good for the environment. Furthermore, very little secondary pollution is generated due to minimal maintenance, so fewer products that may have generated waste are used.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Fishing Boats:

1. Repair

While small dents in aluminum hulls can be easily repaired, it is the larger damages that make the boat difficult and costly to repair. So if a huge chunk of the hull gets damaged, be prepared to pay a good amount of money.

2. Corrosion

Aluminum hulls are characterized by their durability and strength but have been known to suffer in salt-water environments due to corrosion. This is why one needs to pay attention to electrical connections and other metals touching the aluminum as they can react and corrode.

3. Cold

Aluminum boats tend to be colder than their fiberglass counterparts as they dissipate heat more quickly. This might be more relevant during the winters when they give you the shivers.

4. Anti-fouling

Anti-foul is the paint on the bottom of a boat which is usually submerged in water. The anti-foul helps in preventing marine growth under the vessel. However, anti-fouling an entire aluminum boat is a tedious procedure and is also quite expensive.

Cleaning Your Aluminum Fishing Boat:

A. Spray and Scrub

The basic method of spraying and scrubbing your boat involves steel wool and a cleaning product of your choice. It consists of three simple steps –


Apply your preferred cleaning agent on the part of the vessel that needs cleaning and allow it to settle and form a coating on the area.

Step 2:

Using a ball of clean steel wool, scrub gently on the sprayed area and then wait for a few minutes before washing. Make sure that you follow the instructions provided at the back of the bottle housing your preferred cleaning agent.
Step 3:

Once the washing is done, wipe the area with a clean cloth to be able to fully see the effect.

The main advantage of using steel wool is that you don’t have to worry about scratching the finish on your boat. You should also keep in mind that cleaning isn’t a one time job and needs to be done on a regular basis to make your boat a pleasurable sight.

Another point to note is that you may want research various cleaning products as some of them aren’t always as effective as advertised.

B. Spray and Rinse

The spraying and rinsing method requires less effort and the steps to follow are quite similar to the ones in spraying and scrubbing. Once you are done with scrubbing, you need to rinse off the area using a power washer. The whole procedure takes approximately 1 hour but once done, you will start to see the shine on your boat. If you are using diluted hydrofluoric acid as a cleaning agent, then make sure you get the dilution levels right since undiluted hydrofluoric acid is extremely corrosive and is able to dissolve glass.

Other things to keep in mind is to use fresh water with the cleaning agent. This is suitable for aluminum and when cleaning the inside of the boat. Remember to wash the hull to remove any algae.

C. Before Launching

Before you go out fishing, you need to ensure that your boat is in the right condition. This involves checking if all electrical equipment is functioning in order, closing all drainage caps, etc. Leave the rainwater drainage cap open. Any oxidation on the cable connectors or breaker must be removed using an abrasive polish of fine grade. Also, check if the hoses are in a serviceable condition. Never forget to keep a safety kit on the boat too.

D. Off-season Maintenance

The off-season is very important and is when your boat requires detailed care and attention, especially if you store it in humid conditions. Pay attention to the minute aspects which allow you to keep the boat in top shape. Check the hull for any damage and cover your boat while allowing for enough ventilation inside the cover. If you keep your boat in a dry dock, then see to it that the bow is slightly higher than the aft.

You might want to keep equipment such as tools, anchors, canvas items or textile in handy to deal with any mishaps. The battery also needs a warm, dry place for storage and you might want to charge it at least twice during the off-season period.

Maintaining Your Aluminum Boat:

Maintaining the best aluminum fishing boat should be on the to-do list of every fisher. Listed below are some things you can do for the same.

1. Washing the Boat

As we mentioned above, the first and foremost priority is to keep your boat clean with regular washing. If you fish in saltwater, then you must rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing in order to remove any leftover salt residues. This is important as salt not only corrodes the aluminum metal, fasteners and other hardware but can also mar them if left on for too long.

The most effective way to remove the salt is by using a long-handle, soft-bristle boat brush and some quality soap. This not only gives your boat a thorough cleanse but also formulates it for a gel coat.

2. Changing the Oil

Just like any vehicle, even the best aluminum fishing boat is rendered useless if it does not have its oil changed. The frequency of oil changing varies from one model to another but a good thumb rule to follow is to do it every 100 hours of operation or at least once a year.

Every good angler should know how to change their boat’s oil, which is quite easy to carry out. For this, you need to have the right tools such as an oil extractor pump that removes the oil via the dipstick tube, an oil wrench, and a large number of rags to catch normal drips. It is good practice to have an absorbing pad under the engine as added protection against messy oil.

To make your job easier, we have covered the entire process below so you have no doubts and are able to do it efficiently. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

When your boat is in the water, start the engine to warm it up. In case your boat is stored on a trailer, you will need to supply cooling water to the water intake at the gearcase. This can be done by placing ‘earmuffs’ over the water intakes. ‘Earmuffs’ consist of two suction cups on a V-shaped piece of tubing which help in supplying water to the engine.

Step 2:

Turn the cooling water supply off after 5 minutes and remove the dipstick.

Step 3:

Insert the oil extractor suction tube into the dipstick tube and slide it all the way in until it stops and then start pumping out the oil.

Step 4:

Hold a rag around the oil filter and remove the filter using a wrench. Get a new oil filter and screw it on after rubbing oil on the sealing gasket.

Step 5:

Once this is done, replace the dipstick and fill the engine with new oil through the oil fill port. If you can’t locate this port, just look for a cap marked with “oil”. This marks the end of the oil changing process.

In some boats, the engines consist of a special drain tube fixed to the oil pan. All you have to do is pull this special drain tube out of the bilge drain and empty out the engine without spilling a single drop on the bilge. To know whether your aluminum boat is equipped with this drain tube, you need to check the owner’s manual. Another thing to note is that marine grade oil should be used instead of automotive oil. This is because boat engines work much harder than car engines, so using automotive oil increases the risk of damage.

3. Checking the Propeller

Before setting sail with your aluminum boat, you should check the propeller as part of a pre-launch routine. During the fishing season, it is good practice to use a deep-well socket to remove the propeller to make sure that the discarded fishing line hasn’t wrapped around the propeller shaft. If it has, then there could potentially be gear case leaks which need to be fixed immediately. Contact your boat dealer for this as it certainly isn’t a do-it-yourself job.

While you have the propeller off, make sure to inspect it for nicks, dents and other signs of damage. You should send your propeller for repairs even on the slightest sign of impact. The smallest of dents can cause your boat to lose performance and burn excessive fuel which might result in unnecessary expenses. A damaged propeller also vibrates a lot and these excessive oscillations put too much stress on bearings and seals, causing additional damage.

To prevent the propeller shaft from corrosion, use a liberal amount of waterproof grease and then re-install the hardware in the same order that you took them off in. Tighten the nut and secure the locking tabs against it to prevent it from backing off the shaft threads.

4. Painting the Hull

One simple way to avoid wear and tear and galvanic corrosion is to paint the hull of your aluminum boat up to the water line. Doing this will help alleviate any potential fouling from corrosion. In order to appropriately paint an aluminum hull, there are a few important steps to follow in order to properly carry out the job.

Firstly, your aluminum boat needs to be completely clean and washed. Then, using a tack cloth, rub down from the waterline and below the vessel. The next thing to do is prime your boat with a primer specially designed for aluminum oxide surfaces. Once this is done, you can lay down a couple of coats of a paint of your choosing.

Our Verdict

Purchasing an aluminum fishing boat is a major financial investment, so you need to make a wise decision. There are tons of fishing boats that come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the best one is no easy task. The priority should be your needs and desires to ensure that in the end, you are self-assured and satisfied. We hope that this guide has provided you with all the required information for you to
get the best aluminum fishing boat. Happy fishing!

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Ronald Nieves

Roland Nieves is a kayak and boat enthusiast who has been a rower since his time at college and has always loved the sport. He loves to write articles on topics he has a great interest in. Roland’s work is well-researched at all times and he works dedicatedly to provide the readers with the most authentic information.

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