Best Fishing Boats 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Fishing Boat

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageAvenger 24 Bay
  • Stable fishing platform
  • Features an 89 gallon capacity fuel load
  • Dual lockable rod storage boxes
ptsntbl-table__imageBoston Whaler 230 Outrage
  • Core confidence
  • Easily accommodate about 7 crew members
  • Include twin in-built fish boxes
ptsntbl-table__imageContender 39 FA
  • Cabin for overnight and weekend trips
  • Features a lot of accessories
  • Super comfortable cabin.
ptsntbl-table__imageEverglades 273 CC
  • Famous for its high quality fishing boats
  • 82 gallon in-floor fish box
  • The hull offers maximum stability
ptsntbl-table__imageJupiter 25 Boca Grande
  • Features extremely comfortable seats
  • Offers a lot of storage space
  • Provides space for storing rods

Are you a professional angler looking to buy a brand new fishing boat? Or perhaps a beginner who wants to invest in a new hobby? At first it is easy to get confused when buying a product about which you have no clue. Even if you have been fishing for a while and earlier owned a boat which had disappointed you, it is always good to know more about some of the best fishing boats so you don’t make the same mistakes this time.

What is important to remember is that spending money on a fishing boat is not an easy task because it involves a huge investment. It is different from buying other fishing equipment like a fishing reel or a rod. If you have been dreaming about fishing in inky-smooth water under the blue sky and rising sun, only the best fishing boat can fulfill that dream of yours.


We are here to help you realize that dream so that you can comfortably step into the deep waters and enjoy your angling experience. In this guide, we will be highlighting a few important factors that you need to know before purchasing the best river fishing boat. We will also be reviewing boats from some of the best fishing boat brands which are available online. You will be reading about boats made of aluminum or fiberglass; models intended to be used in saltwater or freshwater areas, and a few other related factors. All these factors are crucial for you to know.

So we hope you will stick to it till the end, because this guide’s purpose is to help make it easy for you to shortlist the kinds of models you want. Thereby, finally you can buy a model which suits your demands. Every kind of brand manufactures models which cover different price ranges – from low to high, depending on the quality of material used to make it and on sundry features it flaunts. There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before making the final decision and the next section highlights those factors.

Important Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying The Best Fishing Boat

As suggested before, a proper fishing boat is an essential buy for a great fishing experience and figuring out which kind of boat to buy can be overwhelming if you have no prior information. Some basic considerations include: where will you be fishing (saltwater or freshwater), how much space you will need, how much gear you will require, etc. Mentioned below are a few points that will help you go through all the options.

1) The Material Of The Boat (Aluminum Or Fiberglass)

If you are a beginner or a new angler, you may be perplexed about which material to choose when buying a boat. Both aluminum and fiberglass come with their own pros and cons which we will be underlining here. The material of your boat is one of the most basic and important factors to consider when buying the best fishing boat for the money. Boats made of aluminum are more affordable, with advanced technology and design. It is a better option if you have a low budget.
When it is about choosing the best fishing boat for you, having your heart set on a single type of option does not mean that you shall not explore other options. Both the options offer you their own set of pros, and similarly, an entirely distinct set of cons.

Aluminum boats have been improving since the beginning, especially in matters of design and quality. These fishing boats are suitable for both novice and veteran anglers. Now, these boats do not even make much noise. They offer a quiet ride as opposed to their previous models.

New aluminum boats will offer you better material, balanced flotation, more width, and increased levels of quality. More width is equal to more space, which also means better stability, reliability, and maximum riding surface which rivals even the most expensive fishing boats.

Even increased market competition plays a big role in the change in quality of materials used. Brands like Lund, G3, Ranger, etc have taken the game to another level altogether. Therefore, the specifications with regards to the creation of aluminum boats have tightened up. The best part about these boats is that they are lightweight. So if an angler is looking for a lightweight option, aluminum boats are the ideal ones.

Another feature which makes them one of the best fishing boats is the paint scheme, which makes this a reliable option. Ultimately you don’t have to bother about replacement or buying a new one due to overuse. Aluminum boats offer other subcategories as well. They are available in different options like an inshore boat, a lid-range level boat, a hunting boat, etc. In short, you will be able to find a model which best suits your requirements.

On the other hand, we have a fiberglass boat, which is an embodiment of a professional level boat and can stand up to the elements of nature. They have been regarded as an industry standard for some time; hence, making them one of the best ocean fishing boats. As we had previously mentioned, aluminum boats are quite light in weight, but fiberglass compensates for its weight by providing maximum durability. Fiberglass as a material is quite flexible and sturdy, and offer high-performance adaptability.

These boats are made out of resins, which are constructed specially for boats. They can withstand high speeds and remain stable at the same time. The best thing about these boats is that they are made out of great quality material which helps increase the life of the fishing boat. A fiberglass boat will not wither and hold up against water. If you make sure to take care of the boat pretty well, then it will last you for a number of years. It can even shine like new if taken care of properly. To make it more shiny, first you need to know if your sealant is porous or can be affected by dirt.

Regular cleaning plus a good sealer can save your boat from wear and tear caused by extreme water waves. Fiberglass boats do cost more and are not as budget-friendly as aluminum boats. However, they for sure offer various options, as well as, great storage systems to keep your tackle and rod boxes.

Latest additions to these boats include ventilation systems. It is fair to say that these boats are one of the best freshwater fishing boats. If your priority is keeping up with what is latest and owning boats made of high-quality material, then you will probably want to invest in a fiberglass boat.

2) Determine The Kind Of Fishing Boat You Require

Before you invest in purchasing a new boat, take out some time to consider and evaluate how you plan to use your new fishing boat. If you are an angler who prefers to indulge in fishing only once in a few months and prefers solo fishing, then a single-person float tube will be all you need. You may also want to consider smaller rafts or pontoon boats which are specially built to carry minimal weight.

If you are a professional angler who indulges in fishing as a sport, and like to spend your weekends fishing on a lake or a river with some company, you shall consider buying a larger, high-performance fishing boat. For example, a cruiser or a surfboat, as these boats are bigger in size, and can accommodate your friends who share a similar hobby, as well as, give you the power needed for a crowd of anglers.

3) Compare Your Shortlisted Options

After you are done considering the kind of fishing boat you require, the next step is to shortlist some of the best models offered by different brands. Some of the best fishing boat brands which offer the same features in a particular type of boat may differ in price. Make sure you check that and narrow down your search to a few models. After that, you need to get to the brand’s personal websites to get more information on the models you’ve chosen. Compare the features and research the differences between them.

It is better not to consult fishing boat sellers and engage in a transaction only to find out in the end that the boat that you’ve bought doesn’t fit your demands. You can use certain online tools which help you to read the information for each type of model you have selected. The necessary factors include the number of passengers it can accommodate, the length of the boat, the type of engine it is equipped with, the transportation options it offers (docking or trailering), etc. After gathering all these details, you are ready to compare and choose the most ideal one from your list of best fishing boats.

4) Check Who Is Selling

If you are willing to purchase a fishing boat online, then you need to check which retailer is selling you the boat. Popular sites like eBay and Flipkart allow for other retailer to make accounts and then sell models of renowned brands. However, you still need to be careful with regards to fake products. There can be online retailers who sell low quality fishing boats in the name of popular brands. You surely do not want your money to be wasted on a poor quality product.

We recommend that you always check before you buy, read the reviews and check the return and exchange policies, if by chance a wrong product is delivered. Amazon offers some of the best return and exchange policies and you can go on their site to find some of the best fishing boats of the year.

5) Motor Of The Fishing Boat

Even though, today fishing boats are equipped with advanced features and made more functional to suit your particular needs, you need to check out other important parts for a good fishing experience. The modern motors are constructed in a way that they provide more control over the speed and turns of the fishing boat. The latest in the market are troll motors for fishing, which offer special gear, tools, trolling motor batteries and other features.

These new types of motors are helping to solve the problems faced by anglers. The control over speed and turn was the most common problem, but now that has changed and more and more companies are coming up with advanced features. Earlier an angler was not able to control the speed and turns of a boat; this made, using baitcasting reel, as well as, spincast reel, tougher. So you need to check all these new features and make a list of features that you want the most. The improving and advancing motor technologies provide brilliant benefits and solutions to anglers who had been facing these issues.

6) Consider The Center Beach Seat Live Well

Some of the best fishing boats now come with a live well fixed into the center seat. The well is filled via a hole at the bottom from the weight of anglers and gear. However, there are some disadvantages associated with a single hole system, as it allows for minimal water circulation and if the boat tips to one side, most of the water runs out of the boat. With a live well you can have more security on water while fishing for longer periods of time.

If you do not already have a live well built into the boat, you can always construct a live well by employing simple tactics. If you want to ensure good circulation and a sufficient water level, we recommend that you buy a boat which comes with two holes in the live well.

When there are two holes, the water can enter through one hole and spill out from the other hole as the boat sails from side to side. These two holes ensure that the water level always remains high. The live well is one of the most important features of a fishing oar which cannot be ignored, so learn more about it to choose wisely.

7) Interchangeable Boat Seats

Many types of modern fishing boats offer interchangeable seats for some of the most useful purposes. The seats come with plastic bases and snap-in tabs. This seat option has benefits over the classic type of seats offered in other fishing boats. More and more anglers are looking for these types of seats as they provide more customization options. These are preferred the most because you can easily customize your seat configuration to suit the number of passengers you will commonly have plus the type of fishing you will be indulging in.

There is just one problem with these seats;they tend to stick and even a very strong person cannot pull hard enough to detach the seat from its base. We suggest that you do not, in any case, make the mistake of spraying the plastic seat with WD40 or any other kind of lubricant so that it can easily be lifted.

If you do so, the seat will come out of the base, leaving the passenger on the floor. In the end, it all depends on how many passengers you have on the boat and if you like to fish with others or alone. If you like fishing with your friends who share the same hobby as yours, interchangeable seats are ideal.

8) Consider Where You Will Be Using It (Saltwater Or Freshwater)

Another important thing that you need to consider before buying the best fishing boat is, whether you will be using it in freshwater or saltwater. A boat made to be used in a river or a lake is very differently built from the ones used in the ocean. If you include water sports and casual sailing, then you have a huge variety of options to choose from.

Where you intend to use the boat is going to have an impact on all the specifications on the list. Everything from the size of the boat to the kind of motor will dictate the kind of boat which will be best for you.

If you are a professional angler who likes to fish and sail in saltwater bodies like the ocean, it is better to go for fiberglass fishing boats, because these boats will last long and are saltwater resistant too. If you are sure that you will be fishing in freshwater areas like a nearby lake or a creek, then you can go for other affordable options and not invest in expensive boats. Mostly, novice buyers tend to look for best freshwater fishing boats, and only after some practice, move on to buy boats for saltwater bodies. You need to be very sure about where you want to fish as it will also determine the amount of money you will be spending.

9) Consider The Size Of The Boat

Your intended use will regulate how large a boat you need. If you want to engage in family fishing expeditions on the water, you will obviously need more space than what you will need for a single man fishing trip on a lake. Some anglers like to go together for fishing expeditions and therefore require more space.

Generally, an aluminum fishing boat ranges from 8 to 24 feet in size, it can hold up to 8 people at the same time. A speedboat which is designed for fishing and day cruising can accommodate 7-8 people comfortably as it ranges from 16 to 22 feet.

To know more about the types of fishing boats available and how much space they provide, you should go through one of the last sections of our guide where we will be listing the types of fishing boats available in the market with their specific features. When you are looking into particulars, select occupancy which is the most common one. Lastly, go according to what you plan to do.

10) The Type Of Hull Of The Boat

The hull is also referred to as the body of the boat and is located below the deck of the boat. It comes in various different structures, depending on the kind of boat it is made for. Listed ahead are a few common hulls which you can consider:
Flat bottom hulls- These hulls are great for high-speed activities, but they are not ideal for rough or turbulent conditions. Plus, the design of these hulls makes them difficult to be controlled.

Vee hulls- These hulls are flatter in the back, but definitely more stable in turbulent waters. The ‘vee’ of the hull can be constructed in different anglers, compromising stability for the deeper cut.

Multihulls- These are made of several vee hulls and can surmount even the most turbulent of waves with utmost ease. However, there is usually less space.
Round hulls- These hulls offer low speed levels, but are very fuel efficient. They are at the risk of rolling from one side to another as the waves get larger.

11) The Engine Of The Fishing Boat

Your way of getting around will also determine the kind of boat you decide to buy. You can surely go for an outboard motor which can be fixed to most boats, or opt for a sterndrive, as it resembles an outboard in the water but is placed inside.

There are many other types available too, but these are the ones you should only consider if you want to buy the best river fishing boat for the first time. Each engine offers differing speed levels and can have a strong impact on the appearance of your craft.

12) Consider The Features That You Want

The more the features a boat offers, the more is the price of the model, it is as simple as that. Some models come with a GPS or a fish finder and some with a trolling motor or a trailer if you plan on towing your boat. All of these features raise the price of the boat. However, if you are low on budget and still want some of these features, then you can buy and install them separately. By doing this, you can drastically lower the overall cost.

13) Cost Of The Boat

It is really hard to give you an exact estimate, but you shall expect to spend at least $10,000. The price can even go up to $70,000 and more for a new boat. The popularity of the brand also play an important role in the way the models are priced. Some of the best fishing boat brands like Ranger or Boston Whaler almost always cost more than a boat by Lowe. Funnily enough, both Ranger and Lowe are quality boat manufacturers.

So you have to check before you seal the deal as you can get a good quality branded boat for a low price too. It all depends on your personal budget and preference. If you still do not want to spend that much, you can consider buying a used boat, but that comes with its own drawbacks.

Types Of Fishing Boats

There are many factors which determine the kind of fishing boat you ought to buy. If you plan on going for fishing trips and want to cover bigger water bodies, then you will require more horsepower and a larger boat for more space, safety and comfort. While the type of hull employed in a fishing boat plays an important role in maneuverability, listed below are the most popular fishing boats:

Aluminum And Fiberglass Fishing Boats

We have discussed these boats in the earlier section in much detail as these are the most common types of fishing boats. Aluminum boats are lightweight and come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are equipped with a tiller-mounted engine and a steering-wheel console. They offer more storage capacity and an alternative to expensive fiberglass fishing boats which are not that budget-friendly. Aluminum boats can last for many years, and are ideal for use in freshwater areas like lakes and ponds.

Fiberglass fishing boats are some of the best ocean fishing boats as they provide resistance against saltwater and can last up to decades. These sure are more expensive than aluminum ones, but they offer more durability and better quality engines.

Bass Boat

This is a general term used to depict low-profile sleek boats which can access shallow waters and offer a lot of storage. These boast are very comfortable for longs hours of standing fishing. These are also equipped with a livewell to keep the catch alive for a some time. They also usually have electric trolling motors. These can cost from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on the size, features, accessories, engine etc. The engine size can vary from 25 horsepower to 250 horsepower motor.

Fish And Ski Boats

These are best for anglers who require a dual purpose boat. They are equipped with a deeper V-hull for banking and turning with skies and tubes. Almost acting like transformers, these boats offer ski-friendly characteristics like trolling motors, and swivel-mounted seats. These are also equipped with a livewell to keep the fish alive.

There is only one problem with these kinds of boasts, you can for sure fish in deep water areas but because of the V-hull, you cannot access shallow water areas.
Now, when you have considered all the listed 13 factors, the next big step is to make a list of your requirements. You will have to give certain things more priority, and other factors can be compromised if you have a low budget. The fishing boat you buy, totally depends on your personal needs, where you will fish, and the way you fish. All these factors are crucial for sure, but there are other features also that may be important to some and you can read more about them.

Our next section will deal with some of the best freshwater fishing boats manufactured by renowned brands. We have made a list of the top 15 models which are available online.

This section of our guide will list reviews of some of the most popular and reliable fishing boats. We know you want to buy the best fishing boat for the money and therefore, our list consists of a variety of models, ranging from the most affordable to the expensive ones. You surely do not have to worry about the quality of the products, as we assure you that every fishing boat we have listed here is manufactured by the best of brands and is made of top quality material.

If you like some of the models, we encourage you to shortlist them. However, if you want to explore more options then you do not have to restrict yourself to these options or this list. You can check out other similar products on Amazon. To get more details on the products, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and read up on the model’s features detail. Here are the top 15 fishing boats that we have selected.

Top 10 Fishing Boats 2021

1. Avenger 24 Bay

Avenger 24 Bay

The first fishing boat on our list of best fishing boats is by Avenger. It holds the first place on our list for its various features which will be highlighted below. Following the launch of the brand’s Avenger 26 model, the Carolina-based boatbuilder introduced another Avenger model with lower- freeboard sheer and brand new cap.

It has a deck layout which has a spacious forward casting deck. It flaunts a roomy compartment with added cradles for bow and stern anchors. It is equipped with twin rod lockers, a 180 quart insulated box, a 260 quart fish box with pump out, a twin 27 gallon livewell, a 12 gallon well under the console seat and a 96 quart cooler near the transition step. The livewell which it accommodates is very well built and is located in the transom of the fishing boat.

It has an aluminum leaning post, a four rod launcher, as well as, a cooler. The folding transom bench is specially made to accommodate more people. If you are an angler who likes to go on fishing expeditions with your family or friend, then this fishing boat provides you with all the space that you need to accommodate a few extra crew members. Extra features include, flush mounted rod holders, trolling motor wiring harness, Atlas jack plate, Lenco trim tabs, hydraulic tilt steering, and LED lighting. Other available options are a T-top hardtop with an extra control station or a flip back bolster post with livewell, as well as, a tackle center.

The total length of the boat is about 24’8”, which means that it can easily accommodate 6 to 8 people on its spacious deck. It weighs about 2,800 lbs and is rated for about 300 hp. This model for sure is worth investing your money in, because of all the features it embodies and the quality of the boat. If you do not have any budget issues, then we recommend you to add this to your list, as it does fall on the higher end when it comes to the price.


2. Boston Whaler 230 Outrage

Boston Whaler 230 Outrage

With a total length of 23’ and weight of about 3,800 lbs, this fishing boat by Boston Whaler can easily accommodate about 7 crew members. This brand is also one of the most renowned brands in the United States. It has a fuel capacity of 110 gal and a deep-V hull with lifting strakes and considerable flair at the bow. It is a center console boat which features an in-console main compartment, wraparound forward seating, a cooler which can be doubled as dry storage, and an optional detachable table.

Two people can easily sit on the forward control seat and it comes with extra storage underneath. You can keep extra fishing gear, rain gear, other equipment or personal stuff. It also features another storage area which is located in the floor, underneath a hatch, in front of the console. When it comes to more storage, Boston Whaler 230 Outrage will not disappoint you at all. The brilliantly constructed leaning post can be converted into a bench style seat and the backrest of the seat carries a counter which can be flipped down to prepare some snacks or baits. It also is equipped with a 54 gallon cooler, which is huge, and is located at the foot of the powder-coated leaning post frame.

Other features include twin in-built fish boxes to store bigger fish, a 16 gallon livewell placed on the transom, a foldable bench for rear seating, a transom door to approach the swim platform easily, vertical rod holders, and under gunwale rod racks. The speed levels which this model provides are unmatched as it can reach up to 30 mph after 11 seconds of sailing. It can even reach up to 52 mph at large open throttle.


3. Contender 39 FA

Contender 39 FA

Contender 39 FA is probably the most expensive model on our list of best fishing boats. The most unique feature of this boat is that it comes with an added cabin for overnight and weekend trips. This feature and many others are the reason behind its increased cost. It offers 360 degrees of fishability, and can accommodate more than 10 people due to its size. The length of this model is nearly 40”, with a fuel capacity of 500 gal and weighs around 15,000 lbs.

The cabin is quite luxurious and features a lot of accessories which can make your weekend with friends enjoyable. It features an enclosed head and shower, a microwave to make popcorn and heat up a pizza, a working sink to wash dirty dishes, a galley with a 3 burner cooktop, 2 isotherm drawers, a flat-screen television, a queen sized berth to chill on and watch movies all night. There are also electric rams that can be lifted to access the storage space which is located underneath the berth.

The dash of the boat is equipped with 3 huge MFDs, gauges, switch panels, VHF radio, as well as, trim-tab switches. It even has a pullout storage dustbin under the helm seating to get rid of all the plastic chips’ packets and other disposable material. The helm seating also contains a leaning post, and 3 Llebroc helm chairs on electric slides. The bin that the leaning post supports, is large enough to accommodate a lot of disposable packets. It also has a lid which can be doubled as a rigging station.

Extra features include tackle drawers, frigid-rigid cooler which works by pressing a button, 2 deck-in insulated fish boxes located in the cockpit, a transom door, full coaming pads, and two livewells located on the transom. We had earlier mentioned in the important factors section that we highly recommend that you go for a fishing boat which features 2 livewells for better stability. Well, this one features 2 of them of 50 gallons each.

It features a stepped-hull, which delivers excellent performance and handles rough water conditions very well. The hull also carves turns at speed, as well as, maintains stability while drifting. It can reach up to 70 mph because it is powered by triple Yamaha F350s. So if you have a high budget and want to buy a boat for both fishing and partying overnight with friends or family, this boat is an ideal choice because of its super comfortable cabin.


4. Everglades 273 CC

Everglades 273 CC

The next model on our list is by another popular brand called Everglades, which is famous for its high quality fishing boats. It offers forward seating like previously reviewed models. The forward seating helps to reach the bow without any obstructions.

Underneath the seating is a storage compartment, which can be easily locked if need be. The storage area consists of racks for up to 16 rods. This fishing boat features an 82 gallon in-floor fish box, as well as, a 97 quart cooler which is located under the console seat. It has another 45 quart cooler aft, but you can use the larger one for dry storage.

It features two hatches which offer access to gear stored inside gunwale sections and the racks can hold three rods on either sides of the cockpit. You can store your rods in the rod or cup holders, which are mounted on the covering boards. There are 4 rod tubes located on the hardtop frame.

The center console of the boat consists of a hydraulic sliding tempered glass windshield which can be pulled down with the press of a button. Other important specifications are the length of the boat, which is 27’, it weighs about 6,400 lb, can accommodate 20 gal of water and has a fuel capacity of 157 gal.

The twin bolster seats are placed in a helm-seating module, the back of the seats offers a tackle storage space plus a bait-prep section. It also features a sink with pull-out sprayer, lighted 31 gallon livewell, folding stern seats which help to create an elevated deck that can be lifted to tend to fuses, batteries, switches, pump, etc.
It consists of a deep-V hull which lessens the impact of turbulent waves when the boat sails. The hull offers maximum stability, greater acceleration and better fuel efficiency. It can reach up to 54 mph with the twin Yamaha F250s.


5. Jupiter 25 Boca Grande

Jupiter 25 Boca Grande

This fishing boat by Jupiter Marine was earlier called Jupiter Marine’s 25 Bay. Itt can even float in very shallow water, such as water which is just about 14 inches deep. Some of the unique features that this boat flaunts are, a broad layout with higher gunwales, spacious cockpit area (fore and aft), and a seating for at least 5 crew members or anglers.

It also offers a lot of storage space, like a pair of in-deck storage compartments, along with nearly 1,000 quarts of storage. It is also equipped with a 135 quart cooler for dry storage. The cooler has round corners and is placed beneath the console seat. The backrest can also be lifted to get access to more storage space inside the console.

It also features extremely comfortable seats with fold-down bolsters, armrests and backrests. It comes with a 40 gallon livewell, coaming pads, trim-tabs and a console tower with a remote helm station. It also provides space for storing rods. There are about 6 flush-mounted rod holders located along the gunwales, as well as, a drink or rod holder on either sides of the console which serves dual purposes.

It has a 300 hp motor, a large open throttle, can surpass up to 47 mph and weighs about 3,700 lbs. It offers a fuel capacity of 91 gal. With all these features, it is fair to say that this model by Jupiter is one of the best fishing boats of the year.


6. Mako 414 CC

Mako 414 CC

This is one of the largest models manufactured by the brand to this date. The length of the fishing boat is 41’ and it weighs about 16<840 lbs. It has a fuel capacity of 566 gal and can easily accommodate more than 15 people at a time. It is equipped with deep-V hull, and it features a 24 inch dead-rise, lifting strakes, set-back transom and extra storage space.

It boasts of storage compartments that are 59 quarts and can be used for dry storage, and a chamber equal to 824 quarts to keep buckets and other large equipment or fishing gear. There are about eight flush mounted holders for keeping rods which are placed along the gunwale. It offers more storage space too; 511 and 455 quart in-floor fish boxes.

It features two 50 gallon livewells with clear lids. It also has a hardtop with electronic boxes which are built in and extend up to the cockpit. The seating space is very comfortable, specially made to provide comfort during long fishing expeditions with many other crew members. The seats contain extra cushions, detachable backrests, detachable tables, armrests and a 275 quart cooler underneath the seat to extend up till the console. The table when detached, makes more space for social interaction and the removable backrests transform two compartments at the bow into extremely comfortable lounges.

It also contains jump seats which can be pulled from the starboard gunwales and the port. Another feature is its stand-up head compartment, which is located inside the console. It has a pull-out shower, sink, toilet, bunk and more storage to keep personal items. If, one day you accidently plan on staying overnight, then you will face no problem at all due to all these features. Thus, you can comfortably extend you fishing expedition to a whole weekend.


7. Pursuit S 328

Pursuit S 328

This is a 32 foot center console fishing boat with double berth which can be converted to an aft-facing couch. The convertible couch also offers storage space where you can store four fishing rods and other equipment.

It comes with a pair of detachable pedestals, which helps support filler planks, as well as, join the gap between seats. The feature which makes this model one of the best fishing boats is that it offers a zone where you can chill with your friends and eat snacks. This second social zone is located in the cockpit area; you just have to pull out the aft-facing bench, the folding seat and another removable table.

Some other additional features include extra horizontal racks to store rods, two adjustable helm seats, sink plus faucet, cooler to keep drinks and water, refrigerator and more storage space. If, on a particular day you have been able to catch a big fish or too many different species, then you needn’t worry, because this boat offers plenty of storage to store your day’s catch.

It is equipped with 2 spacious in-floor fish boxes with a portside door which eases the task of keeping and pulling in bigger fish. It also has a 24 gallon livewell, an acrylic window located near the hatch and freshwater wash-downs placed at the cockpit and the bow.


8. Regulator 31

Regulator 31

Regulator is a North Carolina-based boat manufacturing brand which is famous for its versatile designs, and has been delivering best quality boats made of top-notch material. It is one of the best fishing boat brands and this particular model is also no less when it comes to the design, features and quality offered by it. Basic features include wide gunwales, spacious fishing room, center console, flared bow, and an Armstrong bracket which aids in placing the motors farther astern. The seating is very comfortable with flip-up backrests, as well as, overboard drains.

Coming back to the center console of this fishing boat; it accommodates various items, like a cooler placed under the forward set, an electric toilet, a stainless steel sink, and a folding rack to comfortably store 3 rods at a time. It has 4 helm chairs which come with armrests, 4 rod holders and a built-in radio box.

It offers a regular livewell in the transom, but there is also an above-deck livewell. Although, it is optional and located under the seat. Other features include a tackle station, a spacious cockpit area with side doors, a roomy bench-style seat in the transom, and a bait box placed along the transom livewell.


9. Robalo R302

Robalo R302

The second last best fishing boat on our list is by Robalo. It comes with a center console, built-in LED spreader lights, electronic box, and a leaning post. The console boasts of a 38-inch dash, switch planes, as well as, a rack to securely place your mobile phone where you can still observe the screen. There is also a pair of small shelves located atop the console, where you can store small items like chargers earphones and sunglasses.

It comes with a helm-seating module which has armrests and flip-up bolsters, plus angled footrests to provide maximum comfort. It comes with a 20 gallon livewell, as well as, a stainless-steel sink for bait-prep. If you plan to spend your weekend on the boat, then you will face no problems at all because it is very spacious, offers another compartment inside the console where you have a porcelain toilet, a faucet and a shower.

It also offers a removable table which transforms the bow into a dining area. So you can comfortably go ahead with all your party plans; stay for the weekend and enjoy your meals while fishing with your friends.

Additional features include under-gunwale rod racks to store 5-6 rods, stainless-steel toe rails, a transom door, six rod holders, a pair of fish lockers, and a foldable 5 foot bench on the transom. This model is indeed one of the best, and is powered by Yamaha F300s.


10. Sea Hunt BX 25 BR

Sea Hunt BX 25 BR

This model by Sea Hunt is the last one on our list of 10 best fishing boats for the money. It may be small in size, but it is built for sailing in big water bodies. It has a 50 degree bow entry, 15 degrees at the transom plus 20 degrees amidships. The deck of the boat features tackle boxes, as well as, a separate storage area to keep other fishing equipment.

It also flaunts an anchor locker a cradle, as well as, folding racks on both gunwales to store multiple rods. It offers an 18 gallon livewell and comfortable helm seats.
This model also boasts of an aluminum leaning post which offers backrest and more rod holders near the helm seating. The leaning post provides a bait tank, bolster seats, a rocket launcher, footrests, extra storage compartments, etc. It is powered by Yamaha F300s, and can easily reach top speeds equal to that of 55 mph. The total length of this fishing boat is 25’3”, and the weight equals 3,400 lbs, with a fuel capacity of 68 gal.



Here we are, at the end of our best fishing boats guide. We hope that you have learned a lot about fishing boats, and how to buy one which is perfect for you. Just remember to keep in mind all the crucial factors listed in this guide, to help you invest in what you want. You can simply check out the products which we have listed in this guide, but we, of course do not want you to limit your options. You can check the websites of popular boat manufacturers to review other similar models and read up more on them before you make any investment.

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