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Having a long history, programs and events are a common sight at Catskillfishing. We have programs all year round in which thousands of people come and participate. These programs become a forum for fishing enthusiasts to connect with each other.

This not only fosters a healthy environment for exchange of information but also allows them to take a break from their daily routine. The events see great participation from the fishing communities, everyone from experts to the beginners, take part in our events. While there many programs and events being held throughout the year, here is are the two main events which are held annually.

1) Season Opener 

This event is held early in the year in the month of April. It is generally held between 15-20th of April. It begins with the welcoming of the new community members and a welcome to the fishing season by everyone!

Followed by events throughout the day across the bridge. Refreshments will be arranged all through the day by our staff, all you have to do is remain an active participant in our events and just have fun. This is not only restricted to fishing enthusiasts, everyone is welcome.

Special tours and demos to the center are also available, this can be an exciting experience even for the kids. They can also take a trip to the Gift shop and may be surprised with some gifts too. We welcome all to this event and request you all to make it a grand success.

2) Fly Fish Festival

The Heber Valley Fly Fishing Festival and Kids Fly Fishing Derby, is hosted annually by Allen Fly Fishing and Streem Outdoors. The fly fishing festivities are completely free to the public. It warmly welcomes Anglers of all skill levels.

They also encourage the anglers to attend the various events organized as it will help them learn the new techniques and also polish their skills through the free classes, clinics and demonstrations provided during the weekend by the local fly fishing guides and industry specialists.


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