Catskill Fly Fishing Hall of Fame

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The Catskill Fly Fishing Hall of Fame came into being in the year 1985. And since then, the HOFC has formally introduced 70 members as a part of the core committee. These members have significantly enhanced and boosted the culture of fly fishing.

A number of individuals have been nominated by the members of the fly fishing community in good faith who have been excellent in showcasing their talent and skills.  

After receiving the list of nominations, the HOFC precisely reviews and calculates the merits of all nominees and selects the best class for the present year.  All the nominations, whether selected or not, are retained for future review and analysis.

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum is delighted to be the home of the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, The Lee Wulff Conservation Award, The International Rodmakers Gallery and the Poul Jorgensen Golden Hook Award. It recognizes individuals who have remarkable contributions and have left a permanent mark in our streams.

The admission (enrollment) into The Fly Fishing Hall of Fame is one of the biggest honors reserved for the noted and influential members of the angling community who stand tall and strong, and also whose reputations are an integral part of the fly fishing history. The criteria adopted by the Nominating Committee to select the individuals to the Hall of Fame are given below:

  • The Inductees may either be alive or dead.
  • They should have made essential contributions to the sport of fly fishing, either on a national or international basis.
  • Help to enhance the understanding or care of the aquatic habitat
  • Innovate new fly fishing techniques, tackle, flies or other elements of fly fishing
  • Help in furthering the appreciation of knowledge of the practice of fly fishing
  • The candidates might be anglers, guides, scientists, conservationists, fishing industry leaders or in other expertise in prominent roles.
  • The Committee shall decide on the number of persons to be inducted each year.
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